Are you looking for the finest page optimization tool but can’t decide between Surfer SEO and Pages Optimizer Pro? No worries, I’m here to assist you as I am comparing two powerful SEO tools for improving your website’s rating. My objective is to help you make a well-informed choice. 

What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is indeed a content intelligence tool that employs content planning, production, and optimization to generate high-ranking search results pages. Existing pages’ ranks are also improved. In 2017, Michael Suski co-founded the SEO software, which now employs a staff of 30 techies and engineers.

Surfer is also used by over 25,000 digital marketing to improve their search engine rankings. It has an easy-to-use UI. It has a lot of functionality and connects with a lot of your favorite programs. You don’t need any prior knowledge of SEO to utilize it. Surfer will advise you how to optimize your content & rank above your competition once you put in your keywords or paste your article.

  • Keyword Research

You may utilize a feature in Surfer to do keyword research. When you input a term that you want to rank for, you’ll receive a list of keywords that are similar to your target keyword in percentage, as well as the search traffic of your specific word and related keywords.

You may search for keywords in any nation, and there’s a shortcut to the Content SERP Analyzer or Content Editor inside the keyword search function. Your keywords may be copied or exported to a spreadsheet. Although this function is basic, it might be useful if you don’t have the funds to invest in complex keywords like SEMrush and Ahrefs.

  • Language Tools 

    • The languages that Surfer supports are listed in the following order:
    • 70 languages are supported by this keyword research tool.
    • Editor of Content: Unique paragraphs are accessible in English, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, and Danish, and headlines are available in all languages.
    • NLP Analysis: Unlike Google, Surfer NLP only supports four languages: English, Dutch, Danish, and Polish.
  • Compatibility 

Surfer is compatible with Jasper AI, among the most powerful AI copywriting tools available. On Jasper’s Boss Mode Plan, you utilize it to optimize whatever long-form text you create.

It’s also compatible with Google Docs. This enables you to work with your colleagues to improve your material. You may optimize your content inside WordPress if you have a WordPress site. There was no need to cut / paste anything.

SurferSEO Pros 

  • Easy to use 
  • Well-established and popular tool
  • Offers reliable results
  • Affordably priced 

What is Page Optimization Pro?

It’s an on-page SEO tool that assists webmasters in optimizing their web pages so that they appear first in Google search results without paying for Google display ads. Kyle Roof, a top SEO specialist, developed this SEO program using his scientific SEO strategy, which has been tested against over 400 Google search engine algorithms. 

Its features provide you detailed advice on how to improve your page’s ranking in search results. POP not only tells you how to rank higher your competition, but it also gives you information about your rivals’ SEO efforts that aren’t working.

The goal is for you to stay away from them. It’s great for webmasters that know a lot about SEO. There is, however, a 7-day free trial to try it out.

  • Easy Campaign Management 

POP’s White Label Report provides in-depth information on how to rank your page higher than your competition. Follow these procedures to get your report:

Use the New Project button in the upper right corner of the screen to start a new project. Click Next after entering your homepage’s URL and giving your project a name.

Enter the term for which you wish to rank or optimize. Set the language and turn on the NLP feature. You’ll have the opportunity to add keyword variants when you click next. To guarantee that your report is thorough, POP adds certain critical keyword variants that you neglect.

Next, you need to include the URL of the page you’d want to rank. Simply copy and paste the precise URL of the page into the URL area. If you haven’t yet made this page, don’t worry. A template will be provided by Page Optimization Pro. Other items may be checked and unchecked to suit your requirements.

  • EAT Evaluation

This tool is designed to help you boost your web page’s Expertise, Authority, and Trust. When Google ranks a page, one of the variables it examines is EAT. It’s only accessible with the Agency Plan. To examine your competitor’s EAT signal, copy their URL, and paste it into the EAT Analysis. You’ll be able to tell what’s lacking on your website from there.

  • Extension for Chrome

POP offers a Chrome plugin that allows you to easily optimize your website right from your browser. When you perform a report on the dashboard, it automatically collects data from your competitor’s website and provides recommendations on how to best outperform them. After you’ve subscribed to POP, go to the Chrome Web Store, and install it to get started.


  • Easy campaign management 
  • Rich features
  • Google Chrome Extension 


  • Not the cheapest
  • First time content marketers can get confused 

What is the Most Effective Tool?

Page Optimizer Pro and Surfer SEO are top two optimization applications that come in handy in a variety of situations. Surfer is more than a page optimization tool, as you can see from the comparison I conducted above.

It assists you in planning your content and provides free keyword research. It has a more powerful SERP Analyzer than Page Optimizer Pro. If I had to recommend one page optimization tool, it would be Surfer SEO. It can help you design, develop, update, and optimize your page top rank for your desired term. Page Optimizer Pro, on the other hand, is a mid-range site optimization tool which can only improve your page.