If this is your first time hearing about this platform, you probably will wonder what it’s all about. Well, it is very similar to open source platforms like WordPress and Shopify. However, this platform comes with its uniqueness that intrigues both aspiring and established eCommerce businesspersons. It offers total control over your store. Magneto users can control the look, content, and functionality of their overall online store. With Magento, users can get marketing offers, search engine optimization, and lots more.

The Magento community is vast, and there are numerous developers too who are ready to help bring your dream store live. Once you start playing around with Magento, you can customize the look and feel of your site. However, it can become limiting if you aren’t a developer. In that case, you will need to hire an expert who understands how Magento works.

If you’re going to hire a developer to help set up your Magento store, they probably will enlighten you on the benefits of speed. No one has the luxury to wait for eternity for a page to load, which is why most developers would recommend using an outstanding server to host your eCommerce store. According to Commonplaces.com, there will soon be a need where a Magento user would require more than one server for the sake of speed.

Benefits of Magento

  • It is effortless to install, including plugins and some additional layouts
  • It is an open-source technology, thereby giving users flexibility over all their eCommerce solutions
  • As an eCommerce platform, it offers numerous promotions offers and allows various discounts during checkout.
  • It also offers over 50 payment gateways

What Is OSI Affiliate Software

If you have a business and you are thinking toward incorporating affiliate marketing, then you need the best referral software out there. In that case, OSI Affiliate Software will ensure you monitor your affiliate marketing progress. The software provides all the features you need to run a successful marketing campaign, without missing a thing. You can track their actions and reward them accordingly. When it comes to affiliate marketing, they are the king. Aside from being the best, the numerous features they offer are mind-blowing, leaving no stone unturned. 

Problems OSI Affiliate Solves

  • Quickly Set Up A Referral Program

It is a first problem this software resolves. It ensures that you’re able to run a referral program on your store without hurdles. You don’t need to know codes; they will handle everything from start to finish.

  • Social Media Referrals

Social media ads can be expensive, which is why this unique feature is a distinctive edge to OSI Affiliate. With OSI Affiliate software, you can integrate a social media widget on your store. That would allow your visitors to easily share or promote your business on social media without paying an extra buck.

  • Recruiting Referral Partners And Affiliates

Most companies want to hire affiliates or referral partners but lack the necessary tools to make it happen. With OSI Affiliate, you will be able to integrate a widget that allows visitors to become affiliates or partners.

  • What Is A Referral Program

A referral program is one of the most reliable ways to get your business at the forefront of potential customers. In a simple term, it is the process through which you reward customers for spreading the word about your venture or product.

For this to work, you will need to offer services or products that people want. Also, customer service is an aspect you must not neglect if your affiliate marketing campaign must be successful. With a well-set referral program on your Magento store, you will be able to skyrocket sales and double your customer base. Since you now know what a referral program is, how can Magento users incorporate it into their store?

Why Magento Users Need OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software is the best software that Magento users can use to drive traffic and promote their store. It is one of the most reliable software that will skyrocket your online business in an instant. Unfortunately, many Magento users are yet to discover this incredible software. Here are numerous reasons why Magento users should give this unique software a try.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media encompasses billions of users, with a vast percentage who will be quite interested in what your business offers. With OSI Affiliate, you will be able to integrate social media platforms into your store. It would make it easy for visitors to share your pages and drive more traffic to your store.

  • Very easy to set up

OSI Affiliate comes with an easy setup wizard. You don’t need to be a programmer or a computer guru to understand the interface or instructions. With just a few steps, you have set up the program, and it is ready to run. But in a case whereby you run into some issues, OSI Affiliate agents are prepared to guide you without wasting time.

  • Promotional Resources

With OSI Affiliate software, Magento users can get access to promotional resources that would guide them into driving traffic and doubling sales. You can use these promotional resources to promote your Magento store and achieve incredible results.

  • More Traffic

With traffic comes sales, which is one of the goodies OSI Affiliate software offers. With this great software, you will be able to compel visitors always to recommend your products to people in their circle. That act alone leads to more traffic and sales, and even doubling your customer base.

Every business aims to succeed. To make that happen, you need to implement proven marketing techniques that work for your business model. OSI Affiliate has been at the forefront when it comes to marketing, thereby making it the best in the eCommerce industry.