When it comes to creating a Shopify store, you can have a great product but it means nothing without the proper promotion.  Promoting Your Brand across Amazon and Other Online Marketplaces is a great advantage. People need to be able to find out where your store is and what it’s all about. How to Run Profitable Paid Ads Campaign?. That way you’ll have a better chance of running a successful online business. You should find ways to get your brand out there so you can corner or even do some Shopify hacks to add your own section in the market and serve the needs in places undervalued. From email to social media, here are some ways to help you promote your Shopify Store. Store. Find out a little more about Best Shopify Affiliate Plugins. To track the conversion you get from your customer, friends, or even influencers, you should have a referral marketing software to make it a lot easier. Alternatively, you can have Shoptimized Shopify Theme.  It is the best  converting Shopify theme built by conversion rate expert, Bradley Long.  It loads 38% faster and is compliant with Baymard Institute, the world’s leading authority on e-commerce best practice conversion rate optimization guidelines. It has 29 conversion boosting features.

1.Snapchat Stories

Snapchat has become one of the best way to stay relevant in social media. It has very unique emojis and filters that make it that much more fun. The great thing is you can gauge who’s viewing your posts. You can regulate to who sees your posts so that you’re able to target a specific audience. You can label your friends that deal with business or you know like a specific product or service with a marketing name just to help you segment your list. Then you can post a specific product or service and say “swipe up for the link.” This is a good call to action to send them to the next page. Looking for the best optimization tool from Surferseo VS Page-optimizer-pro.

2. Instagram Profile

This is a good way to set things up for your products. Although you can only have a live link in the description. The tagging makes it a lot more powerful to get attention. Not to mention, you’re able to go live. This is a good way to direct people to your feed. You’re able to talk to people in the chat and answer any questions. This is a great method to show off any new posts. You can place a picture in your feed and put the new link in your description. Just make sure you give the direction under your captions. Offers great tools for content ideation with Surferseo VS Frase.

3. Periscope

This is a great way to kick off your live feed. It has a great connection and it’ll also tie in your Twitter audience, because they will be able to see your scopes. Periscope is great because you can label your posts. This is a good tactic to keep things organized. You can do a Q & A of certain topics you see are dependent on common factors of your core audience. Also, you can save your posts more permanently, which means residual views and engagement.

4. Online Newspapers

While newspapers seem a thing of the past, online publications are definitely worth considering. Some publications have prestige where it really helps build the presentation of your brand. Bid for a premium spot on the online newspaper so that your store can be shown. Additionally, you’ll be featured on some of the more popular pages as a way to get better traction for your growth. Try to find an online newspaper that caters around your specific niche, so that it makes even more sense to place your ad or link. Looking for the best optimization tool from Surferseo VS Page-optimizer-proThe Surferseo VS Clearscope makes your choice in content optimization tool easy.

5. Tumblr Blog

Tumblr is a great place for all of your written and visual content. It has the power to go viral. What you can do on here is create a nice post that allows you to show off a good image. Write a brief description about it and cross promote it on your Facebook and Twitter pages. By giving it the right caption and hashtag, you’ll be able to get better more attention to it. Tumblr posts typically do well on the site and through the search engine. This will enable more staying power. Find the right tool to improve your content marketing in the Surferseo VS Marketmuse.

6. Set Up Shop at Local Events

If you have a popular local event, it’s always good to have physical product ready to go locally. This is very important, because you can do more of an in-person approach. It gives you the chance to talk about your product directly. Also, people have a chance to touch and see what it looks like. These sensory details truly help you get the most of your promotion. It provides an actual benefit of Improve Customer Lifetime Value. Offers great tools for content ideation with Surferseo VS Frase.

7. Create an Exclusive Collaboration

Maybe you’re just starting out and you need more people to know about your brand. An influencer could really enjoy your brand, and allow you to sell some of your products on their site for some of the profit. This is an excellent way to do some cross-promoting and create a good audience for the long haul. Both sides will be rewarded for their efforts to promote a great brand. Additionally, you’ll find it easier to sell your product, because you’re working with an established brand. You can make high-quality content with the Best Content Generators.

8. Creating a Beta Page to Attract Viewers

Getting their first is still a big way to attract viewers. When someone feels as if he’s an early adopter, it brings a lot of traction to the page. People will brag about being in the know of something hot, which everyone doesn’t. There’s a certain bragging right that allows them to be with the cool crowd. Use this as a way to spread the word of your brand organically. This enhances your business’ mystique. It provides an actual benefit of Improve Customer Lifetime Value.

9. Giving Away Free Product

Freebies are always great. People enjoy getting a free item. Maybe you have stickers, cell phone covers, or something cool that sticks out. This is a good way to help promote your store in a subtle yet great manner. Each freebie that goes out can be a walking advertisement. This is perfect, because people will ask where did this particular sign or something come from. As a result, more intrigue will be linked to your brand. You can make high-quality content with the Best Content Generators.

10. Reward People for Reposting

One of the best ways to promote is for people to simply repost something like “get a certain amount of likes to a post” and you’ll win a prize package. Then add some directions such as like a page or post a picture and tag it. This not only helps you spread a visual, but you’ll start finding out who’s your core audience. Also, if it’s a product you regularly sell in the store, the residual effect is more people buying it. Find the right tool to improve your content marketing in the Surferseo VS Marketmuse.

11. Promote a Seasonal Discount

Let’s say that a holiday is coming up and you have a lot of inventory left. You can create a big sale just to get rid of everything for the next season, but also do something special. Maybe you can add in a freebie for a certain number of sales.You also learn on How to Increase Sales through Affiliate Programs and Content Partners. You could create a unique Shopify theme for the holiday sale just to give your store a nice touch. This enables you to give a bit extra to those that truly support your brand, you can have the idea of Retargeting to Increase Customer Engagement and Sales. People love a great deal, and even more when it comes with an added bonus. Here’s a head-to-head analysis comparison of Surfer SEO vs Clearscope vs Frase.

12. A Live Giveaway on a Stream

It doesn’t matter what platform you use. You can set up a post and promote it saying, “5 of the first 100 people in my stream at 6 will win a $20 gift card to my store.” That will attract more people to the post, and create a domino effect. They have an incentive to just check out what you have to say. As a result, you can promote anything about your brand. Also, you have more of an audience. You can compare surferseo vs marketmuse vs frase which new keywords your competitors are ranking for. This can be a great strategy to build immediate attention to your store.

13. Create a Funny Meme

A sense of humor is a great thing, especially when you can tie into your brand. Maybe you have an interesting shirt that’s for a certain demographic. You can have a promotion with a funny message or even a cartoon character that will give people a few laughs. That will encourage more people to check out the brand. Also, people will be more inclined to share and as a result, you’ll see it posted in different places online. Use your humor to give people some joy in their lives. The Surferseo VS Clearscope makes your choice in content optimization tool easy.

14. Create a Vlog

It’s always nice to see your life or maybe even some events you go to. This is a good way to see the human factor of your life. A lot of people become genuinely interested in what things you’re into. Getting a piece of your personality on screen is a way for people to get to know the real you. Also, you can do some product placement that may entice people to go to your site and purchase product. Be a bit personal and real to get people to like you and your business as a whole.

15. Develop a Viral Video

Whether you have a funny, clever, or serious message behind everything, this is a great way to promote your brand. Capture your audience long enough so that they do something with it. When you’re able to get a certain number of views on a viral video, that shows you’re able to truly touch people’s emotions. Not to mention, they will share and engage on different platforms. This is great to help spread the word of your brand in a non-invasive way. Also, it’ll give you an idea of what platforms you should be more involved with for your product. You can also learn How to Grow Your Customer Base Using Live Video.

16. A Social Media Shoutout

Simply retweeting a person actually does a lot of wonders. Also, you can give them a shoutout in response to either a positive experience they had or just a clever line they came up with because of something you post. That creates not only better interaction, but it shows you just aren’t a page to build transactions. There’s a personality behind the door. It adds more to the cool factor of your business, which means you’ll attract a wider audience. You may be able to even do this more efficiently with Shopify social media apps.

17. Donating Towards a Cause

You can create a special product that spreads awareness to a particular issue. It’s not only a good way to draw in attention, but you’ll give back in the process. People are more willing to buy something from you if you’re not thinking of yourself. If there’s a good cause that touches you, you do something like “buy this shirt and 30% of the profits go to the cure for multiple sclerosis.” When you care about something, that just shows you have a heart. Using Influencers, Creators and Celebrities to Become Direct Sellers of Your Brand People tend to gravitate towards it. 

18. Creating Your Own Forum or Community

There’s nothing like having your own forum or community where people can discuss different things. Whether you have casual talk on a random subject or you’re talking about a specific product, people enjoy voicing their opinions. When you give people an outlet to express themselves, you’ll be able to see the type of things they like and dislike. You can even have a part of the forum that people can ask questions or address any issues or concerns they have about certain products. This shows a lot of character and you’re willing to improve the quality of your brand for the people.

19. Get Select People to Do an Unboxing of Your Product

Whether you have someone in your particular community or a brand influencer, it’s all great to get their take on something through unboxing. You can simply give them a special box of your items and they will try it on or look at the objects. They can do a video showing what they received and it’s a great visual so people can see what you have to offer from the packaging to the product itself. Also, they can tell the people where they can get some of the items seen in the video. This is a good way to promote your product. You can look for the Best Wix Referral Apps that can bring a healthy audience to your business.

20. A Free Gift Card to Loyal Buyers

There’s nothing like getting a “Thank you for supporting” message with a free gift card to do some shopping. Also, you may have someone subscribed to your list and you wish them a happy birthday and give them a small reward for their loyalty. People tend to write about the experience and show you a bit of extra praise on social media. This goes to show the caring side, and people will want to find a brand that has this quality by using Content Marketing and Seo

These are just some strategies to help you promote your Shopify store. You can listen to this podcast “Why WhatsApp is the Ultimate eCommerce Marketplace” – with Cesar Martin.

Checking out the best shopify apps and finding the one that would work great for your business would definitely help you promote your shopify store. Appreciate further information on the Best Shopify Affiliate Apps. What tactics have you used to personally enhance your traffic? Please leave some feedback below.