When it comes to doing well on certain platforms, it’s all about knowing what resonates best. For something on Facebook, it can be a clothing store, restaurant, or maybe some type of digital art being sold. This is something that has more of a corporate structure, so the niche is different. However, Etsy is more about being creative. There are niche things from jewel makers, arts/crafts, unique t-shirts and the like that would give those creative people more life into what they do. There’s a certain motif that allows one to excel in their unique products and services on there. Here are 50 ways to gain more sales on Etsy.

1.Give Some Stuff Away for Free

One of the best things to do is give away a few items to people you trust. They may like a product and you can test it on them and see if they get any feedback. Use this to decide what to do in the future for product creation.

2. Celebrate the Milestones

If you’ve sold over 200-300 products, this is a nice feat for a small business just starting out. Maybe create a customer appreciation sale to show love to your supporters.

3. Make It Easier for Customers to Find You

Think about creating a blog site or a social media page in order to create some visibility. It’ll help boost interest in your brand.

4. Follow the Customers’ Needs

This is very important, because some customers might like to get a few items together. Do something like a bundle pack to cater to their needs and save them some money.

5. Think Outside of the Box

Think of how to make a product more appealing by marketing it in a certain way or even developing something more unique.

6. List Top Sellers Often

If something works on a consistent basis, make sure to put it in the forefront of your ETSY page. This can help increase sales dramatically because you have a standout product.

7. Individualize Greetings

People don’t like getting the same mass email when marketing a product. Find a way to segment the subscriber list to see who buys a specific item. Then split different message types to add more variety.

8. Be Determined

It’s hard to become successful overnight. That’s why one needs to be absolutely determined to keep going in rough times. It’ll be a great character builder for long-term growth.

9. Get Featured in Other Places

Don’t just stick to the ETSY stores. See if one can get featured on a blog, podcast, live stream or even a YouTube channel.

10. Quality and Creativity

One of the best things is having a product that’s quality from top to bottom. Not only that, but if it’s creative – that’s another notch to add to the belt. These are qualities to have for longevity in any business.

11. Update Daily

It’s important to make even the small things feel new. It could be just going through the website and fixing broken links. Maybe there’s an image that can be made bigger.

12. Be Professional

Not only should a page have good insight into things, but everything should be done in a professional manner. From sending messages to developing a sound page, it’s important to get everything in order.

13. Find The Best Bloggers in Your Niche

This is important because this can lead to a lot of foot traffic. An influencer can help vouch for you in ways that other people can’t.

14. Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words

One of the best things about a page is the picture. There’s a lot of detail to be shown through the image that attracts people to it automatically.

15. Great Customer Service

Getting the right customer service is important because that’s what keeps people around. It also shows a bit of your character in how you make everything right with the customer.

16. Good Variety of Products

A few products are great, but to truly make sales one needs the right variety. Do something in the realm that has around 50 different items to choose just to help prospective customers gain more interest in your product line.

17. Invest in Advertising

You can’t have a good brand without advertising. Find different ways to promote the product from pay per click, posting something on a blog, or even putting the right blog entry up on a forum.

18. Appeal to Existing Customers

While it’s nice to have new customers, it’s more effective to appeal to existing ones. These will be the backbone to gaining more sales and keeping your business afloat.

19. Solid Product Descriptions

It’s tough to simply have a product there and just hope for someone to buy it. You have to breathe life into it to ensure that people truly want to get the item. A good description can help make this happen.

20. Integrity Is Key

Make sure to show integrity. If someone asked about a return or quality of something, answer it directly and give them all the details. This will make them feel more at ease knowing they can trust your words.

21. Give Some Insight About the Inspiration

A product has more magic behind it when there’s a certain inspiration or story that went in the design and make of it.

22. Customize Certain Things for Customers

Having certain things customized will make it better for the clientele. They’ll appreciate the attention to detail, which makes them want to be a customer for the long haul.

23. Stay Consistent

Come out with killer content and keep it at a high level. By setting things to a particular standard, it’ll be much easier to keep relevant.

24. Keep Things Fresh

Always make sure people are good to go by keeping the content fresh. Keep updates to your Etsy site and ensure that it has a nice look for the long-term.

25. Love What You Do

When you love what you do, it’s a lot easier to be more authentic. People will recognize this more and it’ll be more enjoyable to do the job you set to do.

26. Personalize Everything

Having a unique touch is definitely needed to separate yourself from everyone else.

27. Reinvent the Brand Every So Often

This is certainly a thing to keep your brand rejuvenated. Dust off the cobwebs and keep it looking like things continue to evolve.

28. Use Good Keywords/Tags to Get Recognized

It’s important for long-term traffic. Even if a person doesn’t buy something right away, these could be a nice lead in for a later purchase for winter or even Valentine’s Day depending on the content.

29. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

This is a good way to step out the boundaries and find something that could work for the future.

30. Think About the Presentation of the Packaging

Attention to detail makes the customer feel appreciated. It shows that one takes pride in the brand to ensure that little nuances are presented well.

31. Think About the Customer

Always think about how this is going to positively impact the customer. This is very important in order to keep some realistic expectation for your brand.

32. Answer the Questions Before It’s Asked

When it comes to having a brand, make sure the description is on spot for each product. This saves time from multiple questions in one’s inbox. Also, the prospective customer has more of a will to buy out right.

33. Have a Reasonable Price

Make sure that there’s a healthy balance when it comes to creating a price point to have room for profitability but still affordable to the customer.

34. Make Sure the Customer is Happy

Do your job to ensure customer satisfaction. The more people are happy with your services, the better it’ll be down the line.

35. Show Customer Appreciation

Always show appreciation, especially to those who are strong supporters. Send a thank you message or even a small gift or discount code to them from time to time.

36. Communication Is Important

When creating a custom item or even going with a particular theme, make sure to answer questions and messages in a responsive manner. This will be great to establish sound communication.

37. Always Aim for Future Growth

Even when the business is doing well currently, it’s always good to think about the general future of everything. This can make it easier to work towards a specific goal for prosperity in the future.

38. Take Heed to Customer Feedback

Whether it’s positive or negative feedback, always make sure that you take it in stride. This could be helpful down the road to establish your business much better.

39. Use Models for the Human Factor

If your brand sells clothing, getting real people to model for you will bring a sense of authenticity. People can envision themselves wearing particular items.

40. Do Own Self-Promotion

Always find tactics to do self-promotion. It can be wearing an item with your brand name. Maybe plugging a small ad or a sticker somewhere at a conference or event.

41. Keep Them Wanting More

Always keep them wanting to go back to your brand. This could be rejuvenating certain things on the site or releasing a limited edition product.

42. Build a Local Audience

It’s always nice to have local support. As a small business, this can be a great start by going to the community events, a conference, and other things that can speed the brand out there.

43. Establish a Quality Online Presence

Find not only a good way to build an Etsy page, but establish yourself on social media and other networks that can ultimately propel you to more heights.

44. Truly Enjoy What You Do

It’s important to enjoy doing this type of work. Of course, it’s great to gain more sales, but the real way to expand the brand is make it believable to the point where people can identify you with your brand.

45. Discounts for Referrals

Always make sure to take of the people that refer others to the brand. This can be a significant discount which would be perfect towards a holiday gift.

46. Know Your Market

It’s important to know the ins and outs of the market. Find products that are not only evergreen, but seasonal ones. This is important, because it can create higher demand for particular times of the year.

47. Comment on Different Blogs and Forums

Always make sure to spread your brand organically. By commenting blogs and forums, this keeps you active. People will respect you for actually having a valuable voice when it comes to specific topics. This can turn into leads and sales down the road.

48. Stock Up on Original Items

You can always do nuances to enhance products that actually sell. Maybe it’s a new color or a certain material that can attract customers that like the aesthetics of certain items. This will be a much smarter play to help add a bit of new to items that are guaranteed to sell.

49. Review Your Shop From a Buyer’s Perspective

Approach your page from a buyer’s perspective. Would you go there and make a purchase? Is it easy to navigate the page? Are the products more appealing looking? Also, what are some things that can be proved to make the user experience a lot better? These are all things to think about in order to provide the best service possible to clients.

50. Research Your Competition

This is imperative to do, especially if it’s the same niche. Maybe there are a few things they do well, which you haven’t explored. Also, you can look at some things they haven’t touched yet. That will be great to exploit any openings that can help you get a leg up on your rivals.

These are some of the many ways to help boost sales to your page. It’s a great start to think about tackling design, product, user experience, and social interaction for your business. What are some tactics you use to increase sales on your Etsy page? Have you thought about having a referral marketing software? Drop some feedback below.