When you run content marketing campaigns, you will need to pay special attention to content optimization. This is where you may think about seeking the assistance of an appropriate content optimization tool. Among different content optimization software available out there, MarketMuse, Frase, and SurferSEO hold a prominent place. Continue to read and we will help you to figure out the best tool out of these options.

What is SurferSEO? 

Surfer SEO is a full-featured on-page SEO tool. Depending on how you choose to evaluate reports, the tool or interface may cause a divisive response. The data nerds will adore it, but if you like rapid, practical data, you may be overwhelmed. Surfer makes recommendations using LSI and TF-IDF algorithms, with natural language processing (NLP) on upper levels. Surfer has released a content planner, which makes it easy to build subject clusters and develop a content strategy.

In a gorgeous interactive graph, you can examine how parameters like headlines, title tags, content headings, number of words, and so on differ across search results. Surfer’s SEO Audit tool is a fantastic method to receive a quick summary of your page’s SEO stats. Surfer SEO is a full-service SEO firm that offers a SERP analyzer, text editor, keyword research, content editor extension, and SEM audit among other services.

Their data-driven content editing methodology takes the guessing out of manual content optimization by telling marketers what’s working for the top-performing pages right now. Then there’s the question of how to outrank them. Furthermore, manual audits of blog posts and articles may be time-consuming & error prone, so being able to create a complete analysis of the SERPs for a particular term in a matter of minutes can be a major benefit for individuals wanting to increase their content production.

Surfer SEO’s content editor tool evaluates the importance of each word on competitor’s sites based on a subject using AI technology. The program then provides you with the most precise and competitive instructions for you to use in your content editor. To properly complete your work, you must use the most appropriate keywords and include the appropriate quantity of structural components, such as paragraphs, headers, words, and pictures. When their “Content Score” becomes green, you’re ready to publish.

Surfer SEO also has a Chrome Extension for content editing that works in both Google Docs and WordPress, so users can use it on the move.


  • Effective SERP analyzer
  • Content driven briefs
  • Direct integration with Google Docs and WordPress 
  • Offers excellent content optimization recommendations

Final Words

Now you are aware about three of 3 of the best content optimization tools available out there. Take a look at these tools in detail and go ahead with getting hold of the best one out of them. 

What is MarketMuse? 

MarketMuse is the most effective content optimization tool on the market. The Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) theory, which recognizes the relationship between words in a set of texts, is used by the MarketMuse algorithm. When compared to TF-IDF modeling, this provides a superior semantic analysis. In terms of subject modeling, MarketMuse is the finest content optimization tool.

MarketMuse uses the following method to optimize your content. First, they do AI-powered research on your subject and provide you a customized difficulty score based on an evaluation of how effectively you’ve covered a topic throughout your whole content library.

Then they produce thorough content briefs, based on machine learning analyses of previously published material on a subject to decide what related subjects are significant and how much content is required to address these topics. 

Finally, you transfer the manuscript to their editor and proceed to refine the material based on optimization suggestions. MarketMuse is indeed a content optimization technology that differentiates itself from the competition by providing tailored suggestions. It features an excellent workflow that is ideal for a content team or agency.


  • It offers excellent results with content competition analysis
  • You can get suggestions for internal link building
  • It offers detailed information on ROI tracking and topic tracking
  • Backed up with AI


  • AI support is only available for the first draft
  • You cannot fully automate with it
  • Premium plan is quite expensive

What is Frase? 

Frase is another content optimization tool backed by artificial intelligence (AI). It performs much more content optimization, but for the sake of this article, we’ll concentrate on the optimization aspect. They offer an AI-trained answer bot that turns your material into succinct responses for your visitors. You can also use the backend to good your search engine rankings by looking at the search phrases and queries.

Frase is a content optimizer that sorts through search results based on the keywords you want to rank for to get the most relevant material for your study. It then generates a “smart outline” for your content, allowing you to improve your SERP ranking. It also creates content brief that you can send with any authors working on your project so that they know precisely what to include in order for that article to rank high. You may also create your own short template with specific brand requirements.

You may use Frase platform in the same way you will any word processor and type your material straight into it. As you type, a series of “smart insights” will appear alongside your text, along with a content score that you may enhance by include some of the themes highlighted in the rankings articles. Frase also allows you to invite authors to your projects, give due dates, tag papers by stage, and publish to WordPress, enabling you to optimize your content processes.

They also have a “Frase Answers Platform” that employs artificial intelligence to assess your website’s content and respond to client inquiries for sales and support. You connect your blogs, category pages, technical articles, support docs, and Questions, and Frase Answers creates an AI assistant on your site to aid with answering inquiries, converting qualified leads, and reducing support issues.


  • AI automation for determining target keywords
  • Content strategy templates
  • Real time topic scoring
  • WordPress and Google Doc integration


  • Free accounts are capped for usage
  • Content strategy templates are not so rich 
  • SEO guidelines are not up to date

Our Conclusion on SurferSEO vs MarketMuse vs Frase

Now you are aware about three of 3 of the best content optimization tools available out there. Take a look at these tools in detail and go ahead with getting hold of the best one out of them.