eCommerce still holds a lot of weight as a stable form of marketing. Even with the advent of social media and other forms of online promotion, eCommerce is here to stay because people can build off that platform and segway it into other areas. 

Podcasts are another great tool for people to gain knowledge. Whether you’re in the comfort of your room or on a commute, a quality podcast helps you acquire some useful tidbits in whatever subject you enjoy. Here are 20 eCommerce marketing podcasts to capture your interest.

1.eCommerce Marketing Podcast

eCommerce Marketing Podcast gives you a well-rounded look into the different aspects of eCommerce. From inbound marketing to conversions, you’ll get the real deal by listening to this podcast. Also, you’ll get exciting perspectives from numerous people in the business. Learn how to create a marketing campaign by getting sound advice from different experts.

Listen: How to Increase Facebook & Instagram Ads Return Using Sales Psychology

2. The Side Hustle Show

The Side Hustle Show is a stellar podcast that can inspire you to take your business to another level. Additionally, they encourage you to focus on that 5-9 instead of your 9-5. It’s all about creating a side income that comes from your passion. They talk about different topics in business, online/offline marketing, and stories from various entrepreneurs. 

Listen: Market Saturation, Mind Mapping, Miracle Mornings, and More: 20 Questions with Nick

3. Smart Passive Income

Having good insight into what makes a business successful can help you reach more attainable goals. Smart Passive Income does well to match its namesake. With over 60 million downloads, it’s no surprise that this podcast has been a staple since 2009. Take a look at the great advice given by some of the sharpest brains in the business. 

Listen: SPI 400: Top 10 Things I’ve Learned Since Recording 400 Episodes of the SPI Podcast

4. eCommerce Masterplan

Here’s an excellent weekly podcast to listen to during some of your downtime. If you have 30 minutes to spare in your schedule, here’s something to listen to that’s more worthwhile. Whether you’re new to business or have some experience, you’ll get useful tips to apply to your brand. Each week you’ll get some keen strategies from people who’ve built a successful online brand. 

Listen: 244: How to grow a new store fast with Google Ads and SEO with Joe & Mike Brusca

5. The Marketing Secrets Show

Of course, we always welcome a good marketing plan to fatten our pockets. However, this is much more than promoting. There’s more of a lifestyle approach to the different subjects covered in this podcast. It focuses not only on creating strategies for business but on other concepts you can apply to your life. As a result, you’ll have more of a personal perspective to improve certain qualities in your everyday tasks. You’ll appreciate the more human aspects of this podcast. 

Listen: The Framework For Your Future Based Cause

6. Perpetual Traffic

Check out this weekly podcast that teaches you excellent tips of the trade when it comes to digital marketing. Not only are they sitting down with some of the best-of-the-best, but they’re creating new and revolutionary tactics to propel you forward. You’ll get a first eye view of what’s working and the things you might want to push to the side. Whether you’re trying to add some new skills to your arsenal or just getting your feet wet in business, take a look at this informative podcast. 

Listen: Episode 231: How to Hire, Fire and Make The Most Out of Your Agency Relationship

7. Travel Like a Boss

One of the unique things about this podcast is the international appeal. We’re not just talking about business in a particular region. It’s about a worldwide perspective. Here you have different entrepreneurs across the globe or have that universal experience that transcends various markets. Not to mention, you can get some great traveling trips to apply to your international business model. All of this helps to make you more of a well-rounded businessperson. 

Listen: Ep 236 – Solo Female Traveler, Digital Nomad, Silicon Valley to Chiang Mai

8. Shopify Masters

If you’ve built your eCommerce store and need some tips to help you take it to another level, this is a podcast you want to have in your playlist. For those with a Shopify store, you’ll be even more inspired as this gives you great advice on taking more actionable steps to your future. It can be a bit challenging making your eCommerce store work, but there are some obscure stories here that help reassure you of moving in the right direction.

Listen: How Instagram Brings Ventana Surfboards a Wave of Sales

9. Afford Anything

Having the right mindset is everything when it comes to any aspect of a business. You can’t do proper business with a constantly clouded mind. It’s great how this podcast touches on the more mental and emotional aspects that can often affect the way you do business. By putting clarity first, this can help you achieve long-term success in any field of business you decide to pursue. A sharp mind enables you to identify what you need and don’t need to help you get to your goal of working on your terms.


10. Eventual Millionaire 

The focus here is not only about building your eCommerce campaign but reaching $1 million. It starts with how you think and how you approach that status. Within that is the message, “Health is Wealth.” When you’re happy, you’re already rich. This type of energy manifests in other tangible parts of your life. You’ll get some solid advice here from various millionaires. They tell their stories, goals, and tips to help out any newcomers. 

Listen: Making Millionaire Choices with Tony Bradshaw

11. My Wife Quit Her Job

If you’re a small business owner, here’s something that will captivate your interest. Not enough sites focus on the small business entrepreneurs, who have a family to take care of and still pursue their dreams. It takes a level of tenacity to go the extra mile when you still have family responsibilities. You’ll relate more to this blog because it gives that type of personal reach that can help you visualize your mission much better. Also, you’ll get different viewpoints on how to secure high income online. 

Listen: 283: How To Segment Your Email List The Right Way With Alexandra Edelstein

12. eCommerce Fuel

For eCommerce fuel, it’s all about the genuine connection. They cut through all of the filler and make sure that the people they interview prosper in their field. That way, you can get the best advice possible. Value is everything. Also, the conversations are more meaningful when you have something to offer, not regularly seen. You’ll get tips and strategies to get you on your way to that dream 6 to a 7-figure income. Whether you’re on your lunch break or about to head to the gym, you’ll get motivated to go even deeper with your goals. 

Listen: Predictions for 2020

13. The Fizzle Show

For the more creative person, here’s something a bit off-the-cuff. Also, the focus is taking your interests and making something out of it. Since 2013, they’ve kept a weekly podcast to inform people of different strategies of how they can build their income. It doesn’t matter if you’re a YouTube celebrity with a big social platform or you’ve maintained a great eCommerce store; it’s always good to refine your skills. 

Listen: How Thomas Frank grew his YouTube channel to 1.6 million subscribers and 91 million views (FS356) 

14. eCommerce Conversations

You got to have the real when it comes to the ins and outs of the business. Not only do you see the good things that come from innovative entrepreneurs and industry practitioners, but you’ll also understand the least pleasant parts of the business. That’s important because you want your audience to know it’s not an easy road. At the same time, it’ll help them see the extended play in case they’re already seeing some of the rough spots of building a brand. Understanding both sides of the coin can help your audience get a better glimpse of what they need to do to step their game up. 

Listen: Miva CEO on Thriving in an Amazon-dominant Market

15. eCommerce Momentum

Chances are you may hit a roadblock if you’ve kept an eCommerce store for years. You might need some new inspiration to help you think of a different mindset or a new way to appeal to your audience. When you’re able to get through this fork in the road, it helps you expand your brand to a broader audience. Think about when you’re selling on Amazon. The podcast will give you useful tips on what types of tactics are more marketable. Not only will you appeal more to different demographics, but it can set the foundation for different strategies in the future. 

Listen: 418 : Amy Feierman – Follow your framework to successfully selling on Amazon

16. Entrepreneur On Fire

Here’s a podcast with such a fitting title. Lighting the fire in your spirit can give you the strength and bravery to pursue your online marketing career. Maybe there’s a store you’ve wanted to create, but you don’t think you have the resources to get it started. You don’t have to spend over half the day just working a regular job when you dedicate time to something that fuels your passion. There are tons of interviews available on the podcast to help you in your entrepreneurial journey. 

Listen: Income Report for November 2019: KBB Bonus Mastermind, Family Time, and More!

17. Cha-Ching

It’s always important to get different takes on business. The more advice you have, the better off you’ll proceed in developing a sound eCommerce brand. You might have a variety of questions in specific aspects of eCommerce. The great thing about Cha-Ching is you may have a whole podcast about drop shipping while another focuses on getting a higher conversion rate. All of these sectors of marketing are very important to understand. It’ll help you excel in your eCommerce site. 

Listen: 17. The Complete Start story with Jon Margalit 

18. 2X eCommerce

Here’s a podcast that helps you grow your eCommerce site. Not only do you have brand advocates that can give you personal stories, but a more direct approach. Let’s say you have a business that focuses on a direct to customer motif. You may need to change your method of appealing to your target audience. You might need to think more about customer service. Put yourself in their shoes and see how you can add value to their shopping experience in your store. 

Listen: ‘No one shares ordinary’ • Shifting your Direct-to-Consumer Brand Ahead 

19. Duct Tape Marketing

Duct tape marketing is another solid podcast that helps small businesses make a splash in the big leagues. For over a decade, they’ve interviewed many experts in regards to marketing. They share their stories to not only inspire listeners but show them they can excel in entrepreneurship. They show you how to thrive in your niche, so you’re able to stand out from everyone else. 

Listen: How to Integrate Chat Into Your Marketing

20. Niche Pursuits

In a society that focuses on the latest trends, it’s essential to have some originality. Here’s a podcast that encourages websites to have their niche. Being unique can help you get a leg up on other businesses. Additionally, more customers will come to you because you have different products not offered in the market. Listen to this podcast to help you make your next move in your business.


These are some of the top podcasts to help you reach a new level with your brand. What are some tactics you like to use for your store? Are there any podcasts that you recommend? Please drop a note below.