If you are looking for the best software and platforms that can help with better performance in marketing, you might need to look a little further. We have compiled the list of 10 best options that you can take a look at and decide which one of these is the best point. Also, guess what we can help you find the best and ideal platform to enhance the performance marketing you want according to your requirements. 

But it is better to take a look at the ten best software below to ensure you are correctly considering all the best choices available. But do you know what exactly performance marketing is? Performance marketing is the way to track and analyze the bounce rate and data regarding the particular campaign or business. Most of the B2B and b2c businesses use performance Marketing software and platforms to increase their sales and revenue; it is also an excellent choice for affiliate marketing.

1. OSI Software 

OSI software is a well-known software known to the audience, and the customer is because of its excellent performance. It is incredibly significant in providing excellent performance marketing, and along with that, you will be getting a lot of other features. You can quickly analyze your data with the help of this software, and this platform will provide you the exact figure to track the performance of a particular campaign.

  • Excellent Customer Service

This software will provide you the excellent customer service 24/7 without any hindrance. You will be getting the right amount of customer support regarding the software if it cannot provide you the exact results you want.

  • Optimization

There are various Optimization tools that you can use from the software to customize the details of the campaign. You can also use the digits to work better for your campaign to increase revenue.

2. Affise

Affise the next incredibly great software for performance marketing that will help you optimize and track the advertising campaigns you have. You can use it for E-Commerce businesses and larger-scale businesses as well. There is a free trial available that you can be used and the customers love this platform for analyzing the real-time performance of their marketing campaigns.

  • Analysis and Tracking

With this software, you can quickly analyze and compare the campaign and its results.

  • Optimization and Customization

Affise is a platform that enables you to track and optimizing fraud detection tools. It will also help you to automatically transfer information from the campaigns to the software so that the campaigns are running smoothly and you have real-time data. You can also optimize the software with third-party integration.

3. Any Track

Any drag is a performance marketing software used by most people because of the excellent digital marketing strategy that it offers. You can use it to build the marketing audience and analyze the channels and digital marketing campaigns.

  • Auto Tracking

With the auto-tracking feature, you can track the submissions, and also you can crack the seamless funnel that can guarantee you more sales and revenue.

  • Smarter Campaigns

When more data regarding the advertisement campaign, you can run more imaginative campaigns by building a custom audience and targeted strategy.

4. Lead Dyno 

Lead dyno is another super popular affiliate tracking software that can help with marketing performance as well. It is an automated tool that can be ideally used for most businesses, and the businesses can be of any size. This one is an advanced tool for better tracking the affiliate businesses, and also it will compile all the information on a single dashboard.

  • One-click Integration

This offer will allow you to automatically setting up all the information. It will also integrate around 25 platforms that can include in CRM for the E-Commerce platform with easy one-click integration.

  • Automated Recruitment and Marketing Options

When you are running the appreciate the business, you might need to have automated Marketing software. It can easily send automated newsletters to the targeted audience right from the dashboard to make it easier for you to handle your business.

5. Partnerstack

Partnerstack is a marketing management software that can help you with the better performance of your business. It will quickly increase the revenue by managing several channels of your business.

  • Easily Integrate Multiple Channels

This software can help you for bringing more traffic to your business and also integrating multiple channels.

  • Maximum Performance

You can use customizable features to increase the performance of your business to increase revenue. It will also help you with easier onboarding and also to increase the marketing assets.

6. Affiliate WP

The following performance Marketing software is the affiliate WP software that will help track the reference and analyze all the data from a single dashboard. You can easily create an affiliate program from this software, and you can set up all the customizable features to boost the traffic and increase sales and revenues.

  • Easy Setup

With affiliate WP software, you can easily set up and integrate the business with the best and customizable features. It is available from the popular platform of WordPress.

  • Accurate Tracking and Analyzation

With this platform, you can accurately track the information that you want. You can use the real-time data to increase sales with the best integration options available.

7. Tapfiliate 

This offer can help you launch the affiliate program from the dashboard, and also it will boost your sales by using customizable features. You can also reward the brand ambassador is using this application or software. Moreover, you can integrate it with several E-Commerce platforms, and it can seamlessly track the data within a few seconds.

  • Affiliate Autopilot

With this software, you do not need to put in the data every day and analyze the integration. The affiliate marketing software will help you with quick integration features, and you can set up a personal filter to get the information according to your requirement all the time.

  • Easy Integration

You will be getting up to 33 easy integration that you can copy and paste. All of these integrations are customizable and worked incredibly well with your business.

8. Impact

The next incredible software is the impact of software that will help with most of the Enterprises for the management of the marketing campaigns. It can also optimize the system and help you with affiliate marketing as well.

  • Engagement Tools

There are customizable engagement tools available that you can use for the E-Commerce business to get better with time.

  • Automation Of The Partnership

This feature is incredibly significant for referral partnerships and also for enhancing the framework of referral programs.

9. Refersion 

When you are looking for easy and simple to use marketing software, you can get this one that is the easiest and the most customizable marketing performance platform you can use. It is known for being user-friendly and easily customizable.

  • Analyzing Digital Data

When you are in an eCommerce business, analyzing digital letters super important, you must integrate the sales and optimize your tools according to the best tracking options.

  • Affiliate Relationships

With this software, you can enhance affiliate relationships with partners. It will help with creating a dashboard and also help you with Commission visibility for every partner.

10. Click Meter

The last one is the click meter software that helps with maximizing the conversion rate. It is a simple and easy-to-use marketing platform that can be customized according to your particular marketing strategy.

  • Analysis Becomes Easy

The analysis of this software is accurate and straightforward. You can quickly check the dashboard for comparison of the conversions and also to check the other reports.

  • Tracking Of The Data

For all the marketing data, you can use this software to get accurate results to increase revenue.


You can check the ten best performance Marketing software platforms that will provide you with the best results. We would recommend you go for the OSI software, which is excellent in the functioning and provides the maximum features in terms of integration and easy customization. Check it now and get the required results as soon as possible.