When aiming for traffic that converts you want to look at three metrics. The total conversions per source, the total revenue per source, that’s if it is measurable, and the conversion rate per source. You want to make sure that you are doing more of what is actually working and stop putting in effort into anything that isn’t working and giving you results. But remember that if the absolute numbers are high, very low conversions could be tolerated. There are three tools that can go hand in hand in helping you get traffic that actually convert, let me tell you more about it below.

3 eCommerce conversion tool that would bring you more quality traffic

ClickTale & CrazyEgg

Clicktale and Crazyegg is another optimizing tool for websites that’ll give you really deep information in regards to your customer’s behavior when they get into your website. Let me tell you about how each of them work.

Crazyegg has heat map tracking- it shows you where your visitors go to most. It would show you places you should ideally sell in to. For instance, you have an image that gets a lot of clicks so you should build a link to that image.

With Clicktale, it goes a bit deeper. It offers to show you recordings of your visitors interaction with your page. With this you can literally see what they are doing on your page, you can see their cursor going from one place to another. So with seeing their actions and how they make decisions you can make business based on it. And these amazing things they offer make them highly recommended.


So with clicktale and crazyegg you got to track what your customers are doing. Now of course you have to do market research, right? You want to avoid driving traffic to your site that doesn’t convert, you also want to avoid traffic with low quality, so make sure that you know your demographic and target customer to make sure that the traffic you get is high-quality. With Quantcast you get a demographic profile for your website, or if your website is still too small, your closest competitor, therefore you get to see and have a feel of what customers should be in your target. And when you decide you should buy advertising, Quantcast can help you deicide and see which sites has your targeted traffic.

Google Analytics

Of course we should include Google Analytics, it has crucial importance in order to drive traffic that has quality. One big mistake a lot of people make is forgetting to track their results or basically not including it at all. With Google analytics you get to track your conversions, tell which traffic sources are converting best, and even allows you to segment your data to allow you to go out and find more qualified traffic. So basically if you’re trying to market online then you should really have this tool to help you out.

Let’s Go a Bit Deeper

Don’t expect to get sales without trust

If someone online sells you something but you if don’t trust them would you still buy? You won’t, right? That’s exactly how it is when someone comes across your products but sees your brand is unknown. So basically, it’s very crucial to get to make people trust your store and at the same time it’s also crucial to get sales. A lot of studies show that if you’ve never been heard off then people would try to look for signs to decide whether your website is trust worthy or not. You have to make sure that your website has credibility impact to your target audience, so start by looking for elements that your customers would favorably interpret from and make those prominent in your website.

Show them who you are

When people start buying from your brand they will eventually get intrigued on who is behind it. When you show who you are, the person behind the brand, you add credibility to your store. Eventually that will improve your conversions, and get you more and more sales. On the about us part of your website, you can tell your audience more about yourself, how you begun, is this a family business, a solo-entrepreneur, or basically stories people would like to know about. When you have honest stories for your audience, that would build and make trust stronger. Adding a phone number or a physical address could also add credibility. Also, uploading images of yourself or of your team would make build more credibility. You can add videos, and let your visitors know why they should buy from you.

Be contactable 

Customer support is another way to boost credibility. If you can’t provide chat support then make yourself easily reachable. Make sure that you make it easy to be seen and that you set when they could expect a reply from you.

Make sure related content is visible 

Information like return policies are one of the first things people check before checking out and purchasing. And a high cause for shopping cart abandonment is hidden charges such as delivery rates. So make sure to show these information at the very beginning to result in higher sales.  Places where you can add this information to on footer pages, every page header, and on a product page. And another place to make sure information is complete is on the FAQs page.

Customer feedbacks and Reviews would also help bring you more traffic

2 out of 3 people who buy online read reviews before buying and 7 out of 10 doubts it is honest reviews. So to make sure your reviews wouldn’t be doubted, use a credible third part to display reviews. Allow and even recommend people to add pictures of what they purchased into their reviews.

Make sure you have security badges

Accreditations, certificates, security badges, trust marks are very important to achieve conversions. You can definitely use them to your benefit. Privacy and security will always be the number one concern of customers so if you can increase it with security badges then why not, right?


There are four reasons why your conversions aren’t increasing even if your traffic is, the first reason would be because you’re getting the wrong traffic, What you’re offering isn’t compelling, You have an interface that malfunctions or is hard to understand, and lastly you aren’t testing and you have the wrong eCommerce conversion tools. Now with this guide, I’m pretty sure these tools listed above would do you wonders and the extra details I included could help you in the long run. I hope this article could help you drive more traffic that actually converts.