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Welcome back to the Ecommerce Marketing Podcast. Today’s guest is Dan Schoenbaum, the CEO of Coola Data, a business intelligence and behavioral analytics platform. He’s going to tell us more about the company and the importance of detailed behavioral analytics. Currently, 90% of businesses out there are still using first generation analytics products like Google Analytics, which is very useful, but only goes so far. Behavioral analytics provides the ability to go beyond just page loads and page clicks, to look at all of your data, help you understand what’s driving your shoppers to convert, to become loyal, to return, and become engaged with your business. In this episode, Dan shares how businesses can get started with this new development in business and why it’s the holy grail of sales and marketing.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Dan’s backstory and how he ended up in behavioral analytics
  • What is behavioral analysis and how is it different than regular analytics
  • Why you need to understand what’s driving the behavior of your customers in order to serve them well and in turn increase sales
  • How the data scientists gather information and get the insights into customer behavior
  • The value of behavioral analytics and why it’s the holy grail of sales and marketing
  • How businesses can get started with behavioral analytics
  • What businesses can do with the tools they currently have
  • Dan’s advice for when you’re ready to go beyond Google analytics
  • The importance of building long-term relationships with your customers and having a system to manage and nurture your leads

Where to find more from Dan:

You can find out more about what Coola Data offers at or reach out to Dan at [email protected]

Resources mentioned:

CIO magazine article

Inc. Magazine article

A Marketers Guide to Behavioral Analytics, an ebook by Coola Data


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