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welcome to the e-commerce marketing podcast today’s guest is Jake Larson and Jake is a founder of video Power, and he is driven millions of dollars in sales using YouTube ads welcome to the podcast Jake.Thanks for having me Robert are excited. Yes, so if we can just actually just jump into it, so how can he comes businesses use YouTube to get more cells and lid also I think I think before I dive in that question. I’d like to discuss. How YouTube ads work because I think once you understand like the the framework of how YouTube ads work, then you can then like your eyes can be open to like seeing the possibility possibilities for your eCommerce business.Yeah sure yeah, you can go ahead and do that. So these are the ads these are the in-stream ads that you can that you can skip after 5 seconds, and I the elephant in the room is like. Oh do those ads even work there, so annoying. I mean people say there were arguably the most annoying five seconds on the internet right actually skip all right, and and and that’s totally fine like Mike the majority of the people do in fact.I got some numbers in front of me to that are kind of interesting just based on what we don’t if I clients like 80% of people skip Those ads B. 4/32 about ten percent of people make it to the very end of the of the add 3% usually click the add on the video, and you know less than 1% will turn into a leader customer down the road so like you’re right the majority of people skip that but guess what it’s that one percent of those people that actually watch it click on it and move through your final.That’s the one percent that like makes you money that makes businesses money so one of the cool things with with. Too bads is your only it’s your only charged per view and a view is if they watch 30 seconds or engage with the video, so if you like a 60 second video or a two-minute video and people skip before 30 seconds.You don’t have to pay no. It’s it’s basically free branding and free exposure up until that point and so that’s kind of what one of our strategies that we use like when you ask a calc an e-commerce businesses use YouTube has effectively it really comes down to making the right video in the first place so like I don’t let’s say that you’re an e-commerce company, and you sell trucks I car accessories or try accessories.Hey, you know. What do you guys drive a truck if so keep watching? Seen if not go ahead and skip this video. It’s not for you so like within the first five ten seconds of that video if you can call your audience and say if you are so and so person keep watching. I or even invite them to skip. It kind of just catches people off guard right.It’s not your typical ad that you see so that’s like that’s one of the strengths that we use is. Copy Pilar. Hey, are you look? Are you looking for the best? You know truck accessories online, and that way you use the creative or the video to filter people out and keep in mind if they skip the ad that’s totally fine in fact you want people to skip it because they’re just not interested in that video, and that’s totally fine because you’re not wasting your ad spend okay, and you how many people actually what was the start of the number of people who are actually?Was the first 30 seconds I guess about 80% of people skip before thirty-seconds ok ok easy so cute before thought mm-hmm, and it depends. There’s a little bit variables to like depending on the type of targeting you get but one of the good one of our strategies. Let is let the video itself filter people out and that’s kind of what we go for okay, and is that the general overview we need to understand YouTube as right.We get into creating the ads are there the things we need to familiarize ourselves with as far as you too bad. Yeah, so then and then the other only caveat is like one some once. I guess what YouTube ads it’s all done within within Google AdWords so when we talk about YouTube ads we’re really talking about true HBU ads within the average platform and that like again.That’s cool the nice thing about this is it’s guaranteed views right you’re not like. In the video to YouTube or Facebook and maybe people will see it, maybe people won’t not you you know for sure that people are watching it. That’s what you’re paying for your paying for paying for the view so and it’s pretty cheap too like the average cost per views only like seven cents, so you can get a full two or three cents to and it’s a high-quality view ibp if you’re comparing it to Facebook cry like Facebook of you is if they watch like two seconds with no audio scrolling through their Facebook feed.That’s what’s considered of you. And believe we started to catch up with the YouTube ads if the only add that you can create the one that shows up right before video, or do they have other placements within the whole of that YouTube McDermott. Yeah, so that there’s there’s two types of true view ads are you too bad zorz the in-stream ones the ones that show up.You know that once you can skip after 5 seconds, and the other one are Discovery ads and those are. Show up in the right hand side as suggested videos on YouTube. They were having some work that they show up in the search results so when you type in weight loss supplement or whatever and YouTube your your video can show up for that keyword in search results for the ads, you’re talking about so how can businesses create ads to get more leads and traffic?Yeah? I think it comes down to just there’s three important factors. One is is when you create the video you need to call your audience right off the bat within the first five ten seconds so again. I strategy we used like let’s let’s take an example if you sell some protein powder. Are you are whatever your Ecommerce business is are you looking to you know build muscle and increase your strength like you know kind of right off the bat.You’re just kind of calling out that desire your calling up the audience. Maybe you know are you a muscle builder are you? Looking to whatever that is call your audience in the first 5-10 seconds because what that will do is it will attract the right people around off the bat, and it will repel anyone who’s not interested so you want to use the active filter people out and get their attention and even that way for the people who are not interested.You know how to spend any money on them or pay for their view because there is not they’re not interested. This cave does before thirty-seconds. Yep. You’re not spending any money on that at haha for the Houston absolutely, and it kind of like it kind of takes people off guard to like people are people’s fingers.Just hovering over the skip Now button so I one of the strategies I did when I when I grew our agency was like I said hey are you a video marketer or an entrepreneur if not skip this ad I don’t want to I could I don’t always my ad dollars on you, so it’s just like this. Kind of turns people’s head and like oh, that’s I don’t hear that everyday, so you can’t use call people out call out the audience and then what ya once you’ve called out the audience also next thing so then then it’s just like then I call it.You know. What’s the problem that people are having in in their industry, and then kind of telling your story about how you how you’ve overcome that so with the protein powder. I don’t know that I’m just spit this off the top of my head, but you know a lot of other supplements do this to your body but.You know our supplement is has this this and this inside which will give you the ability to build muscle quickly. Are you just outlining the benefits the strengths and the benefits right off the bat build trust, and then the most important P. I’ve the two most important pieces of the video are the intro and the out Trails like so how do you get people’s attention then you explain the benefits of the product you show up people using that you can have some testimonials in there, and then lastly is the call.Action and it’s funny because like everybody that still doesn’t know how to how to leverage YouTube properly like it’s an engaging platform. It’s not like TV where it’s a passive experience where you’re sitting on the couch. You watched a commercial, and you can’t do anything about it right. You can just watch it, and that’s it but with YouTube at the whole like the beauty of it is like you can watch it, but you can also click you can engage.And you can get people off of YouTube and onto your landing on your landing page or on your eCommerce site and so telling people to click and having a buck a clickable button there. It’s critical for the success of a campaign, and it’s crazy. How many ads I see where there’s no call to action on it it blows my mind, but it’s if you can get people to click at ports in the video.That’s where the power happens, and we the type or video ads that people have to create does it have. Be like a professional grade level type of AD like how much or can you just create something with your own screenflow, what about the quality of the ad how much you you invest in that does that matter at all I think it depends on on what you’re what you’re able to do and the brand right so like if you’re an established brand and have a big customer base in your well known I’d obviously recommend keeping the.Will quality high end because that’s the type of customer you’re trying to attract on the other side though. I like starting out. I’ve done. Just experiment. I’ve shot videos with my iPhone where I’m talking straight to my iPhone Town people story and telling them to join me on my webinar. To where I could share more information with them, and that that work that was able to get like generate leads from that too, but again.It just it depends on I think it depends on your own brand and what you want to be kind of remembered for as far as quality goes. What are some of the mistakes that people should avoid when they’re trying to create ad in YouTube some of the mistakes that I see people make I think the biggest one again is not having a specific call to action like.I remember one. I had a conversation with the with a potential client, and they’re saying yeah, we want to have this in the video and this and like they had like these these kind of Big Dreams, and that’s okay. What’s the purpose of the campaign, and they said they just want to exposure, and I said ok and they want awareness OK exposure and awareness especially when it comes to paid advertising.That’s guaranteed like. I guarantee you we will get exposure and I guarantee we will get awareness, but once people are aware of your brand and aware of your video your story, then what do you want them to do, and they said? Oh? We will we want them to go to our website and opt into this form? IMac okay, so that’s the whole purpose of the videos to get people opting the form, and you need to build that video around that click or that call to action so all the things that she was described at you wanted the video didn’t really match up with that call to action that the end, and so you kind of just I call it really no reverse engineer the video like what ask yourself the question after somebody’s done watching this video, then what do you want them to do?What action? Do you want them to take? And typically it’s you know click for more information to send them to a site click this out for a webinar click the purchase a product and then from there build the whole video around that click OK and what about three marketing and can you do remarketing are within YouTube absolutely.I call like I call it these the YouTube when you do YouTube ads with three marketing. It’s kind of like Game Genie remember Game Genie back in the day. You just hook up to your your Nintendo console. You could get it. Bennett lives and jumps super far. I just it made the game so easy to beat and so remark when you combine remarketing within stream adds, it’s like it’s like Game Genie.It’s just not even fair. How easy it is to get customers and sales select for example when it comes to remarketing to an e-commerce site. What do you say it? What’s the stat there? They say like you know. If a site has a two percent conversion rate that means 98% the people who hit the product page aren’t purchasing and so the hit that product page on your Ecommerce site, then they leave.Oh and guess what they see it your video that should showing the product. It’s showing customer testimonials and reminds people all yeah, I wasn’t interested in this product a look that person’s enjoys it, and they like have good things to say I need to go back and buy it so then it just it’s the easiest way.To stop losing sales is when you combine remarketing with YouTube ads and for the remarketing do you have to set that up within Google ads or does I draw allow you to remark it within their own place mats, or is this just with Google ads. I’ve never used Avril, but most of our stuff is with Google Adwords, so you basically just put a pixel on your website, and you can say anyone who’s hit this page and hasn’t purchased are going to see this ad and so that’s.That’s the audience you guys can eat that you can build out. I’m sure it works with a Droid so I’ve never used that so I cant expect. I can’t speak to that and have you tried out or tested Facebook video ads and competitive you tested both and seeing which one has better conversions, or success, or is cheaper.Yeah, I know we’ve we’ve used both Facebook. I mean YouTube jar primary traffic source, and then we have launched a couple campaigns with clients where. You the Facebook video ads and you know we’ve seen great results on Facebook to both platforms work really well, and there wasn’t big like when though campaigns that we launched there wasn’t that big of a difference we were able to get the same cost per lead cost per acquisition.It’s just a different traffic source so I can they Facebook and YouTube both work really well. Okay, again. Thanks for being on the podcast Jake. I know you guys have your video ad formula and in this video at formula actually show businesses. How they can create the YouTube as you go over the three main things people need to be watching for you know the intro the content of the solution then the out route the call to action and listeners can get that from video Power that are for v a f that video.Hotdogs for va:f and again we had Jay classroom from video powder com any final thoughts Jake. No. I think I think we know once you have your your offer your product or the best way is to drive traffic and sales is with YouTube ads especially free marketing, so I just takes it just takes one video.That one video can can can move mountains in your business and really get people to see see your story see the product store and how can benefit their lives, so I think if you weren’t using video Marketing in your video in your marketing, then you get you got to get on the bandwagon because it’s it’s one of the best ways to grow your business.Okay. Thank you right take care. Thank you for listening to Vehicles Mantra parka join the e-commerce marketing Partners Facebook group to land on that Allah. Grow with other e-commerce marketers at get all excited come forward slash FB subscribe to us on iTunes by searching for e-commerce marketing partners and please leave a rating and review.Thank you for listening. See you next time.