Emerson Smith is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Pushnami, an omnichannel messaging platform based in Austin, Texas that powers email, app push, and web-based push for over 20,000 websites globally. With over 11 years of MarTech startup experience, Pushnami is Emerson’s third venture in his career. He’s worked with top affiliates, ecommerce stores, and marketers to drive the thing we all care about: conversions.

Ian Sells has been growing and scaling businesses through fiscally sound leverage and proven internet marketing strategies since 2004. After selling his first Amazon brand, he launched four more product lines while also opening an Amazon consulting business, managing over $30 million in sales. He is the CEO and founder of MillionDollarSellers.com (MDS).

Matthew Montoya has crisscrossed the country over the last seven-plus years to 46 states, helping, in person, over 13,000 small businesses and non-profits to better understand how email marketing can affect growth and what design and automation can mean to the bottom line. In his 18 years in marketing, he’s worked on nearly every kind of marketing vehicle around, from print, broadcast, social, web and now email marketing, he’s seen and had a role in it all. 

Grant founded OnlineDegree.com with a purpose-driven mission: make college more accessible and affordable for everyone. After graduating college with an overwhelming amount of debt, he was determined to change how students embark on their college education. Grant has spent his entire career working in startups with nearly 15 years of experience and 2 prior exits to a publicly traded company. 

Charles Alexander’s mission in life is to help busy professionals stand out in a crowded marketplace that is filled with “me too” advisors.

He does this by creating story-based Explainer Videos for busy professionals, like Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, or anyone else that is in an advisory role, that helps them explain what they do and show personality.

Bob Berry is a principal at AnswerLab, where he’s guiding Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and many others to create new, optimal online experiences in this age of coronavirus. He’s also the founder of The Human-Computer MasterMind Academy.

Stephen Carl is the founder of Needle Movement, a digital strategy company that helps eCommerce brands nail their marketing. Stephen began his digital career as an early employee at an Amazon-funded start-up in 1998 and has been chasing online conversions ever since.

With Needle Movement, Stephen decided that his true calling was to create the next growth story. To use his digital marketing expertise to help emerging brands avoid expensive mistakes and target the big marketing wins.

Over a decade ago he beat a billion dollar company by outranking their website on Google. Since then, he knew he was onto something and has gone on to build an international search engine marketing company that’s worked with NBA teams, and Inc 5000 & Shark Tank featured businesses.

Having started his business right before the 2008 recession, Damon is familiar navigating and growing a business through times like today.