Kevin Urrutia is a travel and nature enthusiast. In his spare time, you can find him hiking through Mount Fuji or booking his next adventure. 

When he’s back in the concrete jungle he is hard at work driving ROI for brands through his paid advertising techniques or through the airwaves on his Digital Marketing Fastlane podcast.

Daniel Ramsey is the founder & CEO of MyOutDesk, the highest-rated Virtual Assistant company in the marketplace with over 500 5-star reviews, and over 13 years of experience serving more than 6000 clients.

Daniel founded MyOutDesk during the last global financial crisis of 2008 to help businesses leverage the remote workplace and scale businesses with virtual assistants.

Mike Begg is an entrepreneur that has extensive experience in building eCommerce and online businesses. Mike’s first businesses, two Amazon private label brands, sold over $2 million in sales solely through Amazon. Mike then went on to found AMZ Advisers with his two partners taking his knowledge as a seller to help other brands succeed on Amazon. He and his partners have grown AMZ to managing over $10 million per year in ad spend and more than $100 million per year in Amazon sales. 

Steven is the founder of My Amazon Guy. He started his career as a TV reporter in Idaho, then was an eCommerce Director for 10 years for brands ranging from Gold & Silver Coins to Women’s Plus Size Clothing. After dozens of requests to side hustle consult for Amazon clients, he started the agency to make it easier to growth hack the platform. Steven owns MAG, My Refund Guy – a clawback FBA service, and Momstir – a Private Label FBA Wine Glass brand. 

Author of A Detailed Guide to eCommerce Accounting, Host of the Bean Ninjas podcast, Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Bean Ninjas.Wayne is a management accountant who forged a 15-year career with tech heavyweight Hewlett Packard before starting his own cloud accounting firm in Tucson, Arizona.  Fate (and the Internet) brought him to discover Bean Ninjas via a blog post. 

Emerson Smith is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Pushnami, an omnichannel messaging platform based in Austin, Texas that powers email, app push, and web-based push for over 20,000 websites globally. With over 11 years of MarTech startup experience, Pushnami is Emerson’s third venture in his career. He’s worked with top affiliates, ecommerce stores, and marketers to drive the thing we all care about: conversions.

Ian Sells has been growing and scaling businesses through fiscally sound leverage and proven internet marketing strategies since 2004. After selling his first Amazon brand, he launched four more product lines while also opening an Amazon consulting business, managing over $30 million in sales. He is the CEO and founder of (MDS).

Matthew Montoya has crisscrossed the country over the last seven-plus years to 46 states, helping, in person, over 13,000 small businesses and non-profits to better understand how email marketing can affect growth and what design and automation can mean to the bottom line. In his 18 years in marketing, he’s worked on nearly every kind of marketing vehicle around, from print, broadcast, social, web and now email marketing, he’s seen and had a role in it all.