Alex Back is the founder and CEO of, an innovative new online platform designed to help match customers with their perfect new couches. Formerly, he was the co-founder and COO of the popular furniture brand, Apartment 2 B (, and bootstrapped the company from startup to acquisition prior to his exit last year.

Yifat Baror is the Co-founder, CMO, and Chief Growth Officer at Osa Commerce. With almost two decades of experience in E-commerce, Yifat has consistently driven global growth for omnichannel retail. Her track record includes leading GTM strategy, brand building, and high-growth teams. Yifat also founded and managed a multi-million dollar retail business that distributed contemporary brands internationally. Yifat was awarded the SDCE Executive’s 2022 and 2023 Women in Supply Chain award.

Ben Billups, Founder of NOBLE Digital, boasts a decade-long career in performance marketing, emerging as a trailblazer in the field. NOBLE is the world’s fastest-growing email and SMS service provider for ecommerce brands and digital publishers. His expertise has propelled the company to redefine industry standards, leveraging a unique blend of technical proficiency and creative strategies.

Hal Smith, the Founder of H Street Digital, is an adept entrepreneur cultivating business growth through data-driven digital advertising. Focused on scaling leads and new customers for consumer brands, his leadership propels the company with triple-digit growth annually. With a track record of managing over $100 million in digital advertising campaigns and a knack for objective data analysis, Hal ensures H Street Digital empowers brands to scale customers profitably.

Over a decade ago, Damon Burton, a husband and father of three, beat a billion dollar company by outranking their website on Google. From then on he realized he was onto something great and went on to build an international search engine marketing company that’s worked with Inc. 5000 and Shark Tank featured businesses alike. Having started his business right before the 2008 recession, Damon is familiar with navigating and growing a business during confusing times, including tripling revenue during the recent pandemic.

Jason Friedman, is a serial entrepreneur who turned his passion for theater into a blueprint for business success. As CEO of CXFormula, Jason has revolutionized customer experience, applying storytelling and psychology to help companies across industries—from retail giants to financial institutions—achieve explosive growth. Recognized by Ernst and Young as Entrepreneur of the Year and leading his company to the Inc. 5000 list multiple times, Jason’s unique approach has made a significant impact.

Andy Neary is a former Professional Baseball Player, a two-time Iron Man finisher, business coach, and founder of Complete Game Consulting. Combining the skills and talents he used to compete in professional baseball and Ironman, Andy’s on a mission to help business and insurance professionals succeed in their careers and in life. He helps insurance professionals target the right audiences at the right time. His programs help people cultivate the “off-field” habits, mindset, and rituals that lead to all-star performances.

Amanda Sherry is the Director of Marketing at a Microsoft Gold partner, Western Computer, with a passion for showcasing the transformative power of data in the dynamic world of Microsoft solutions and marketing. With over 15 years of marketing experience and a Master’s of Science in Public Communications, Amanda brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical prowess to the table.