Video advertising continues to be a necessity in the world of business. Research shows that watching video is a standout among the most widely recognized activities by people who use smartphones. This strategy is a good way to boosts company sales.

Youtube is a video-sharing site founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, former employees of Paypal. This site started to operate in the year 2005. As of today, Youtube is the third most visited site in the entire world.

With over 4 billion videos and 1 billion hours watched every day by over 30 million guests,  Youtube is considered to be an excellent expose your brand and products. Having Youtube as a channel for marketing would mean lots of potential customers. And by that,  sales are just around the corner.

Why should I market on Youtube?

Product Demo 

YouTube gives organizations a chance to demonstrate their items in real life. This is especially helpful for companies with constrained physical conveyance channels, including the individuals who for the most part offer over the web. Brands that utilize YouTube to enable clients to see their items in action before they purchase it.

Making a community 

Organizations that have a following or are a piece of a group can utilize YouTube as a way to share and draw in with clients.Through this brands are able to listen to their customers and monitor how the business is doing.

Sparing bandwidth

YouTube gives you a chance to install video content in your site without expanding your site’s transfer speed. This implies you can incorporate video into your site without backing off your clients’ download speeds.

Demonstrating your brand’s identity

YouTube is an opportunity to add shading and development to your business picture. For instance, an espresso provider can not just post film of espresso tasting occasions and video instructional exercises, they can likewise share video film from the origin of the coffee beans they use and meetings with the general population who pick the varieties they utilize.

Promotions and events

YouTube gives you the capacity to revisit occasions that are successful by demonstrating video film of them to individuals who weren’t there or who need to review what happened.

On the off chance that you run an occasion, (for example, a writer talk in a bookshop or a class for a counseling firm) you can share the features by means of YouTube, as long as you have consent from the ‘talent’.

Taking care of clients’ issues 

A few organizations utilize YouTube to give answers for their clients. For instance, they present video recordings exhibiting how should their product be installed and used.

A video can be an awesome approach to address an as often as possible made inquiry or assist investigate basic issues with your item. It is smarter to be proactive about this by recognizing an issue and demonstrating to clients best way to manage it, as opposed to giving the market a chance to do it for you and condemn your product during the process.

You can likewise utilize YouTube to offer answers for individuals who do not know about your brand and product yet. Consistently, individuals post inquiries into web engines on how to resolve issues, for example ‘my red socks kept running in the clothes washer. What would I be able to do?’ If your item tackles an issue this way, posting a video on YouTube exhibiting it in real action is an incredible approach to bring your product to the people’s attention.

Brands that use Youtube in hitting their goals

1. Red Bull

With over 6 million subscribers and billions of views in almost 10 years, Red Bull’s channel became one the popular channels on Youtube. We all know that Red Bull is a company that manufactures energy drinks. 

Red Bull started in Austria, where changes were made to a prominent famous drink from Thailand which is called Kratring Daeng or Red Bull. Be that as it may, Red Bull has turned out to be considerably more than only an energy drink. Through their promoting efforts, Red Bull has made a sports empire, supporting all games one may consider “marvelous”.

Red Bull’s marketing focuses on promoting a lifestyle that is active and full of energy. Their most well-known video recordings are brimming with adrenaline junkies, athletes and other daring individuals doing marvelous things like making a wooden bike from scratch, driving a rallycross race car or ice and even climbing the Niagara falls during the winter. Their channel only shows their customers the ideal lifestyle their customers could have when they use their product.

2. Walmart

Walmart’s first store opened in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas. They have been devoted to having to make a change in the lives of their clients. Their business is the outcome of Sam Walton’s visionary authority, alongside eras of partners who concentrated on helping clients and groups spare cash and live better.

Walmart may not have so many subscribers, however, their views go up to millions. A few people have solid responses to Walmart, yet it can’t be contended that the assortment of content on its channel is indeed very impressing. Not exclusively do they incorporate simple recipes, they likewise have testimonial in price match, tutorials for new products, and blogger that give their own item reviews.

Various contents not just give clients distinctive things to take a gander at all the time, it additionally helps feed inventiveness of staffs who don’t need to feel like they have to make a similar video, again and again.

3. Pepsi

The Pepsi-Cola Company established themselves in 1902 because of the rising prevalence and interest for the Pepsi-Cola Syrup who was presided by Caleb Bradham that time. Their company had been in rough times however through the efforts of their people, Pepsi continues to be seen here and even became more successful in the present days. Because of that they are thankful to their supporters and made a Youtube channel to entertain us.

Pepsi, having over 700,000 subscribers, is known for having very creative ads on Youtube. To complement their campaigns in marketing, they released episodes that are very entertaining. One of these is called Uncle Drew.

Kyrie Irving, the famous NBA player from the Cavaliers, plays the role of uncle Drew. He is disguised as an old man picking up basketball games in different areas in America.  It is amid these games that Uncle Drew releases his crude ability and continues to teach individuals on the basketball court that puts on a show for the people who are in participation.

The person who came up with this idea is their endorser, Kyrie Irving, himself. When they released the first episode, people began to love it for the epic storyline. With Uncle Drew being a hit, Pepsi released up to 4 chapters over the years. Uncle Drew became one of the most popular videos on Youtube that affected the sales of Pepsi very well.

4.  L’Oreal

L’oreal has over 100,000 subscribers on Youtube. For over a century, L’Oréal has been engaged with the enterprise of beauty and excellence. The little organization established by Eugène Schueller in 1909 has turned into the main cosmetic group on the planet. Their channel is popular because of the beauty videos they upload.

Some of their videos show their new products but most of their videos are tutorials on how to achieve the look you want. You can see videos from hair color to the different makeup tutorials on their channel. There are also celebrities who feature in their videos such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and more.

L’oreal is able to produce traffic and sales through attaching hyperlinks of the products they use in the description box for every tutorial they do.

5. Samsung

Samsung’s channel boasts millions of subscribers and billions of views every year. Samsung is established in 1938. At this moment it has various holding organizations joined under the brand name of Samsung. At 2006 they have opened their Youtube channel.

Their channels show the different products they have and the specifications that each product has. They also feature videos that highlight energizing video recordings transferred to their customers on their YouTube account, enabling us to encounter these astounding occasions for ourselves. By having some contents from users and showing the function of their product very well, Samsung can raise their sales without a very high budget.

6. Ford

Ford Motor Company, is American car organization established in 1903 by Henry Ford and 11 investors. Today they are one of the leading automotive corporation in the world. With millions of subscribers on their Youtube channel, Ford tops the brands with unique marketing strategies. In Youtube, they have been creating videos with various contents.

Some include reminders for their customers, product, and model comparison, demonstrating product’s functions and explaining the product’s specification. With Ford doing this, their customers and potential clients are able to see the quality of the product they have and clients can choose what product really fits for them. With this marketing technique, Ford is able to add traffic to their site and increase their profit.

Best Practices in Youtube Marketing

Be an all around reliable video content machine

  • The best successful brands have half more video recordings per channel contrasted with the slightest effective ones.
  • The best-performing brands distribute high volumes of video on a standard schedule.
  • Top total brands distribute around 78 recordings for every month. Lead brands create considerably more: near 500 recordings for every month.

Seriously take your channel’s architecture and video enhancement

  • YouTube is the second biggest web crawler, so discoverability is critical.
  • YouTube SEO takes very different guidelines than conventional SEO.
  • Inside customary SEO—Google organizes website pages with YouTube video installs.
  • Upgrade your recordings and channels, just as you keep double the quantity of playlist and video labels.

Do not overproduce; lesser quality video functions admirably, as well

  • The best YouTube advertisers create a more extensive scope of video content.
  • Recordings shouldn’t be prime-time quality on the grounds that those with a low value of production can be similarly as compelling as the one that is prime-time quality.

Apply a “Dependably On” technique to video advertising

  • The best brand advertisers on YouTube incorporate their online video techniques with the offline traditional advertising strategies
  • Fruitful video advertisers don’t falter to create video arrangement for extremely restricted, yet exceptional audience, for example, participants in events.
  • 17 of the Global Brands that made it to the Top 100  utilize under half of their channels.
  • Continuous promotions bring about sustainable channel development and subscribers.

Put branding reliably, astutely and efficiently

  • The best marketers reliably mark their video recordings in both the video content itself and in addition in metadata, which incorporates titles, labels, and depictions.
  • A suitable level of branding inside video recordings is fundamental on the grounds that successful and fruitful YouTube video recordings are regularly utilized outside of the setting of a branded YouTube channel, for example, site embedding.
  • Over-branding may restrain sharing inside the communities with different interests.

Having more content is more critical than having more channels

  • Do not forget to upload new contents for your channel. Most brand channels forget to update fresh and new contents in over 100 days.
  • Fruitful advertisers have YouTube channels that obviously concentrate on particular target crowds.

Connect with your community in web-based social networking sites

  • Facebook and Twitter are among the most critical sources of movement on YouTube. It is important to use these site for your advantages.
  • Clients much of the time share recordings on social media, and video content is alluring for sharing.
  • Watcher opinion is beginning to demonstrate unmistakable trends by industry. Luxury portions and home have the most elevated sentiment, while money related administrations and shopper products have the least.


Using Youtube platform to market your products is very beneficial for your company. Since this site is visited by millions of people every day, advertising your products in Youtube could really help your business become successful.

This can give you more traffic to your site and could also grant you, potential customers. With that being said, Youtube Marketing is really an effective means to expose your brand. Through Youtube, you can boosts sales and even increase the profit you earn.