Welcome to the e-commerce marketing podcast, everyone. I am your host, Arlen Robinson. Today we have a very special guest, Brian Ayers who is a seasoned ecommerce entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience selling online. He is the founder of Ayers Naturals plant based medicines that has helped people worldwide maintain good health with his specially formulated plant based medicines. Welcome to the podcast Brian.

Thank you, sir. Appreciate. Appreciate it. Yes, I like that word season. Some season.

Yeah. Yeah. I think you and I both are seasoned. We’re talking offline. Most of our already listeners may not know, but me and Brian go way back. We got a long way back almost. Yeah. With a level incubator level. Yes. Our parent company, Omni Star Interactive, which is a main company that provides oversight for the software. We moved into an incubator in Hyattsville, Maryland, about two to three years after we we launched things, which is probably in about 2000, actually by 2001 or so when we moved in there.

And Brian, I think you guys came shortly after I said, if I’m not mistaken. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It was good. Times all incur a huge learning curve.

Yeah, it definitely was. Yeah. A lot of lessons learned there and yeah. Great times. So yeah, we met a lot of other kind of young budding startups, tech startups. We were just talking about some that have kind of come and gone, people that have gone on to do other ventures and it was quite an experience. But those those I guess you could say were the good old days. I always say. Exactly, exactly. Well, it’s definitely been awesome, you know, reconnecting with you, Brian.

Um, today, you know, our topic for the day that I am super excited to dig deep into is going to be YouTube influencer marketing. And, you know, you I as we were mentioning before the recording, you have really carved a pretty solid niche in that kind of arena. And I know you can bring a lot to the table, especially with the amount of experience that you had running your business. So I’m super excited to dig deep into that.

But before we do all of that, why don’t you tell us a little bit more about your background and you know specifically how you got into what you’re doing today?

OK, well, we we have two different levels to this. So the the regular business is naturals actually started that actually after experiencing my grandmother, she did a slip and fall, did the grandmother thing, went down a step. She broke her hip, so she went into the hospital on to drugs, came out on 22 drugs. And my partner at the time, you may remember Ruth, right. She went through and looked at all the different medicines that she was taking and realized there were doubling up on the medicines.

And so it was like, oh, just is obviously not a good thing. So, you know, it just sort of got my mind in that track of, like, looking for a better solution, looking for more natural solutions. And that’s I would discover tinctures, which are basically liquid formulas instead of pill form. So, you know, you strain herbs in alcohol to get the essence of the herbs out. And it’s really good medicine, powerful medicine and, you know, clients like it.

OK, and also do the thing we realized is that you need to give a lot of information because we’ve come up with this mindset that all you need to do is just take a pill, you know, just give me a pill and, you know, that’s it. And it’s like, well, no, you have a pattern of things that you were doing that led up to the point where you are right now. So if you keep doing that same pattern and I just give you a pill once, it’s just patch.

And so you’re going to have to keep coming back. So instead of the doctors telling my grandmother, hey, you really need to stop eating that, you need to move more often, you need to get better sleep, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Here’s a pill. There’s another pill. That is another pill, isn’t it? Just goes on and on and on. So that’s how we get started on that side. But as far as the coaching side, as far as getting into YouTube, that’s when, you know, for a long time I was using blogs just to research information and I give the people the information.

So it’s like, well, if you’re taking this product, it’s a supplement. It’s meant to supplement the other things you’re doing. If you’re doing the other things, then you want to run into problems. And so just doing the blogs and everything like that, it was great. Doing OK this year was working out well. And then I got the Google slap lost like eighty percent of traffic in one day, so. Yeah. And it didn’t come back.

So it was interesting because during that time I had also just did a webinar and had done a couple of videos, put them up on YouTube. Nothing really popped off. So I wasn’t paying attention. Did the webinar, which was much longer, put that on YouTube in the algorithm, kicked in for YouTube. So it was saying, hey, people are watching this long video. So what other videos do you have? And let’s watch those videos, too.

And so that’s one day I’m just like, weird. All these sales come from what’s going on and just realizing that it was YouTube bringing all this traffic. And what was also very compelling about this was the conversion rate just shot up. So it was much easier to make sales when you’re talking to people, obviously for a good number of reasons. So with that, you know, just dove in and started looking at other ways to use YouTube in terms of putting out content was the best ways.

What’s the best format? You know, really researching it and looking at what you can do to make the channel better. Of course, you have to have great content, but there’s also the technical SEO type of side of things that you need to do. So just kept building, kept putting out content every week and subscribers started coming in like crazy, went over. We’re now over one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers and at that point we were getting like 500 subscribers a day.

It was insane. So just kept going with that and started building the company a little bit more around the coaching side and giving out that information. And so that’s how you really get into YouTube and then realizing that I was an influencer. OK, this is nice. And and that’s the thing about YouTube is that people get to know, like and trust you. And that last piece, that trust, that’s where you get to sales meet, because not only would you recommend products like our lead product is an aphrodisiac called African fly or tell guys about their health and the sexual health and things like that.

And so they will keep on asking, well, do you have anything for this? You have any other products? You have any other products with like, oh, you mean I can sell other products too, right? Yes, right. And so people started reaching out to me not only to actually buy the channel, which I thought was interesting, but also to move their products. So dealing with men, dealing with health issues. Let’s get checked.

Dotcom was the first company that I work with. They did a home testosterone kit, the company. And so, you know this to the test to you. So I actually did a video where I was giving information about testosterone and just went into like, OK, if you need to get your testosterone checked instead of needing to run it to the doctors and things like that, they’ll just mail it to you, prick your finger in the blood back in.

They help you out. So it was a perfect fit. And so that led me to like, OK, what else can we do? And other products actually just started working with a company that sells CMOS, which is great. So there’s so many different products and services that are out there that that approached me. And then I started looking at how can we do this with other people, you know, put our products in front of other channels.

And so we got the well rounded version of YouTube marketing influencers.

Got you. That’s some good stuff. And it’s interesting because it seems like with you, you kind of took a different approach to it. I know a lot of the listeners that are tuning into this are probably e-commerce business owners or e-commerce marketers. And, you know, everybody’s heard about influencers. Everybody’s heard about, you know, that aspect of getting these personalities or people that have a sizable following to pretty much promote their products, you know, in exchange for some type of revenue commission or whatever it is.

You know, people are familiar with that. What are the unique things that you did, though, is you rather than kind of going out there approaching other people, which I know of, coincidentally, have made partnerships, but you have become the influencer, which is very unique. I know a lot of times people are thinking that, OK, I got to go out there. I got to I got to try to find, you know, the biggest celebrities in my niche.

I got to try to find the Kim Kardashian of the world. I got to try to find the kind of areas of the world that, you know, they have all these aspirations of tapping these people, which are just like not attainable, but just by doing it was kind of your own work and research. You really became that influence. And so I guess what I want to start off is for people that may be kind of a little bit leery as to, you know, how would I become an influencer?

You know, I’m not really a personality. You know, I have an OK following. I’m a customer base. I have my social networks. How do you get to the level where you’re at, where you got one hundred fifty thousand subscribers, the steadily growing, and you really just kind of seems like you slid into it. Was there a particular path that you followed to really get there and to grow that?

Yeah, I mean it’s really a couple of things on. The first thing is really just the continent. And for a lot of people, they think that, you know, like you said, I’m not a personality. It’s like you’re human, you’re a person. So there’s a reality with that. So just go ahead and use it. You just being an individual, you have value to somebody and it’s. If you’re good with your content and really it’s all about authenticity, some people will get on YouTube and try to be like someone else and people can see right through that.

But, you know, if you have a passion for something and hopefully you’re in business, you have that passion for your product, you can really speak to it, speak to a whale, how to work with people, et cetera, et cetera. So, you know, and also you want to flesh out your content. So with my channel starting out with sexual health, you know, it’s like, OK, now we do videos all week to zinc and just not just on the product.

You really don’t for the way that I approached it, it was all about giving the information and not to sell it. So I would literally get on there and talk about it. And I would just say the men’s performance coach with African fly and just keep going is talking about that. And then people just kept going into comment sessions. What does African fly? We’re going to get it. It was it was like, OK, do we have to actually put the, you know, African fly dotcom, go ahead and visit in there and still at the same time not go into it with like, I’m pushing this on people because people can see that sales job.

They really want to get the information. And it’s reciprocal. You know, people just you know, it’s like you give me information, I feel I owe you something. And so they’ll just like I said, they trust you at that point. So they want to purchase your product. I mean, I’ve had people literally tell me, well, I don’t really need your product, but I’ll go ahead and get it anyway. Just because I like you and the level of appreciation from people can be very high asking to get guys and you’re really doing God’s work and so well with me.

Oh, but, you know, if it touches people, especially when you’re talking about their health, if it touches people and they really need or like your product in the things that you’re saying and they are really down with you. So there’s the personality and the content side, but it’s also the technical side, how you present in that changes. And the thing to remember about YouTube or any platform is that it’s all about the platform. So for YouTube, they want to keep people on YouTube.

So if you’re there are two main things are it’s not even subscribers anymore. You know, that’s a vanity number for YouTube. But in terms of what YouTube is looking for, they’re looking for average view duration. So how long someone is staying on watching videos and click through rate. So, like, you know, if people you have some content that’s interesting. Your thumbnail is interesting. You click on it, then they sit down and they look at your video and some of the other metrics they have.

If they click on another video that you have and another video that you have, just like, OK, you have some some content that they’re really paying attention to. And what YouTube will do is actually push that content. So basically what I’m creating are ten minute long infomercials about my product, but about the issue that the person has. And so with that, YouTube was like, oh, OK, well, we’re going to keep pushing it. And of course, the great thing about YouTube compared to other platforms is that your video is Evergreen.

So I have a video that I did the biggest videos, like almost two years old now. I was like over a million views. And so I couldn’t possibly pay for that level of engagement and things like that. When you pay for you end up paying a lot of money, you know, it’s definitely worth it. And so the technical side, there are, you know, different pieces of software. We mentioned one to you earlier. It is a bit IQ.

There’s two buddy with those pieces of software. You can not only see how you’re doing, they’ll guide you through your tags, what type of tags you should be using. They’ll give you suggestions. They’ll help you with the thumbnail. I mean, it’s the tool is they’re very powerful and you can do it. You can see what your competition is doing. And really, you know, when it comes to YouTube, if you’re doing it correctly, you don’t have competition.

You just have people who are also on there and you can partner with other people and on the platform. And, you know, because there are people who have more views than regular TV personalities who on a regular basis. So you’re talking about, you know, there are many options out there, you know, many, many Ellens and, you know, different shows like that. So, yeah, but it is work, OK? We have to be consistent with putting your videos up.

You need to reply to people. I mean, it’s about making that connection so people notice if you’re not in the comments section. Yeah. You know, replying to questions. And it’s like they’ll notice that you didn’t show up last week or week for that or something like that. So your consistency matters, your engagement matters, responding back to people, and especially if you have a product, because people will go, they’ll purchase instead of emailing, you know, our support team, they’ll just go back onto YouTube and say, hey, you know, black and white.

Yeah. You want to be, you know, mindful of your business. But also mindful of what ends up showing up in the comment section, because people do see that and also you have trolls in the comments section, and I don’t mean like you have some with the topic that talk about you would think there’d be a lot of people just seeing a lot of crazy stuff, but actually very respectful. We have a very vibrant community, but you do have bots that’ll go in and stick in, like I’ll go to this site and blah, blah, blah, things like that.

So you have to clear that stuff out. And once again, people can tell if you’re not doing the things that you’re supposed to do.

Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Yeah, that’s great stuff. It really does sound like the core of it is really that content and making sure that whatever it is that you’re putting out, there is well thought out, well researched. And from the point of view where you’re truly just trying to inform people, you know, I think a lot of times brands and other businesses, the focus is really just to get on there and try to get as many viewers, as many subscribers drive as really sales as possible, which, you know, is good.

Everybody wants that. But if you’re in such a hurry to do that, like you said, people will see through that. They’ll see through that. You know, you’re really not truly passionate about what it is that you’re putting out there. And it sounds like you started from a true place where, you know, you really just want to educate people came from an experience that your grandmother had the hospital where you learned about the pharmaceutical and find that there was other options and you just researched that and then wanted to kind of impart that knowledge.

And then that’s when the sales started to come through. People respected you, like you said. They started to know you. They liked you, they trusted you. And then that’s when the reciprocity kind of kicked in there where they felt like, man, you know, I’m getting a lot from Brian on a consistent basis. I got to support him. I want to see what he has, and that’s when the sales kick in. So that’s good stuff.

I think that’s really the key. Take away to where you begin with this. Now, one of the things that I alluded at prior is that, of course, you could go the route of the right you took where you researched information, started your channel and just kind of grew the base organically just over time. It just grew and grew and grew. But there’s, of course, other ways that you could go about doing it. The other way is, of course, finding influencers that already have an established following in a particular nature, particular industry for those people that really were more comfortable going that route or wanted to do that in conjunction with them becoming a personality.

What are some suggestions that you have as far as finding those right influencers for the business really just comes down to, you know, obviously, you know, what your product is and everything. So just do a real quick search. You can do a keyword search like, say, for instance, you were doing you have a car wax company, you want to sell your car wax. And so, you know, just more than likely just, you know, if you put in car wax, you’re probably not going to get a bunch of people watching car wax things.

But there’s obviously a huge Carthusian out there. So you would go through and start looking for the car enthusiasts and you want to do your research. I’ll actually mention a couple of companies that can help you with this process. But in terms of looking at someone and you have to pay attention to them, sometimes people want to shortcut it because I’ve had people offer me things that don’t fit. So I talk about being natural and not needing to get stuck on using devices or pills and things like that.

But I’ve had device companies and pill companies come along and say, hey, why don’t you talk about this is like it doesn’t fit at all. And so you don’t want to waste your time. So you want to be you have to do your research and looking at it. So you do the keyword search. You can also does a Prefill piece to search engines for well, for YouTube search. So if you put in car wax, will be car wax for hot cars or car wax for, you know, certain colors or something like that.

So you can go down the rabbit hole in terms of like looking at what is a good fit for you. And some of the things you can also do is see if they are really doing product reviews. You do need to be careful. And like I said, I’ve mentioned a couple of companies that you can work with, but you have people who will they’re in there for the sponsorship game. And so they will buy followers type of thing. They’ll do some deceptive practices.

And so you need to be able to tell what’s going on with that. But, you know, you’re looking for someone who’s going to help you out with, you know, like if you’re you do the research, you find the person, their message fits, everything fits. Then you have to go through and say, hey, this is what we’d like to do. Can you do a review video or most recommended how to video tutorial videos? Then you want to sort of strategize in terms of do you want to do some joint give away?

So I’m giving away some car wax, that type of thing, or unboxing video, if you’ve ever seen those, those are pretty powerful. We had a person do a unboxing video that we didn’t ask them to do it, but he just did it and it was. Oh, that’s nice. You want to see what things out there are trending, so and basically are you going to do is, you know, if you’re doing it yourself, reach out to them and say, hey, love your channel, love what you’re doing.

We have this product that does this. We really think your audience will get a benefit out of it. Why don’t we discuss a collaboration? It’s really that simple. And the thing to remember, though, is that me being a YouTube Revesby. So you do want to it’s sort of like this from the affiliate game. You have to when you’re reaching out, especially to bigger affiliates and people who can really move your product, sometimes you get to reach out to them several times before you get their attention.

And once you get them, you get the agreement going. Everything seems like work. I want to say the agreement going in terms of if you have an affiliate link, whether you’re trying to pay them up front, maybe everybody wants to get paid up front. But you really want to go with the affiliate affiliate side of things just to make it easier, give them some talking points, say, you know, especially if you’ve been doing it. So what I would recommend is that you start with a smaller channel, so you get your feet wet.

So, you know, it is probably easier to reach the person and say, hey, you have eighty thousand subscribers, whatever. Here’s what we offer. And from there you want to give them some talking points so they know exactly, you know, they don’t know your product so and so given us the talking points and have them offer the audience some discounts on buy one, get one free discounts, bundles, things like that. And once you have all that stuff in place, then you’re off and running and you know, you’re really just looking at the tracking eurorail.

That’s the best way to you know, that’s the reason why you want to do the affiliate so you can tell whether or not people are are going through. And it’s less of a risk to you.

Yeah, very true. I’m glad you mentioned that as well, because the tracking pieces is really important, because a lot of times I’ve seen agreements, especially with some of the larger influencers that influencers that are talking that are have, you know, millions of millions of followers. They’re in a different category. And I think what they can do and they’re able to command these, let’s say, per Instagram post, they’ll charge, you know, tens of thousands of dollars, one hundred thousands of dollars.

But that’s because it’s almost kind of a guarantee that whatever it is that they’re posting is going to get a certain amount of views like all of that stuff. But when you deal with people and kind of the smaller scale, you got to have some tracking in there in place to be able to, you know, find out where people are coming from is what they’re successful. And, you know, just to make sure you’re not you don’t get burned.

That’s really the bottom line, that’s for sure. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Earlier you kind of mentioned a few key things that you guys use or that YouTube is looking at to kind of, I guess you could say, kind of rank videos. But when it comes to just this whole YouTube influencer marketing in general, what are there some specific metrics that you use or in general that a brand could use to just measure success of their campaign?

Well, really, just a couple of things you have to just keep in mind before you get started. And when we were talking about true success, one is that it’s going to take time because you’re talking about not only the research to find the person. Then once again, they may be busy, may take like two or three weeks before they respond, and then you have to get things set up different. And this is why I recommend working with different companies in one is influenced logic, dotcom influence, logic.

That’s the company that got me connect with to get checked, the testosterone testing company. But there’s other companies that one is obviously and it’s obvious that L and those are the type of companies that will help you in terms of like we’ll find the people. Well, we already have people on our platform, so now let’s go ahead and get you guys matched up. I mean, obviously there’s cost involved with that, but you’re going to end up saving a great deal of time.

And also you’re less likely to get scammed because, yeah, people need to be on the up and up to get onto those platforms. So but definitely everything just comes down to that tracking. So with that tracking, you’re able to just see if it’s working, the things you want to look at. A lot of times people just look at subscribers and that can be also a false negative. So that’s a false positive. That’s even YouTube is sort of changing up the algorithm.

So it’s not just a question of like, you know, you have one hundred thousand followers or whatever. It’s like how active are these followers? So some people will subscribe one time and never come back to the channel again. And so if you watch YouTube enough, you’ll see people saying, oh, subscribe to my channels, described what channels this matter is. You know, people just going to hit the button because whatever reason, but they’re not active on it.

And so what you want to look at? What I suggest doing is going ahead, investing in product like a tube buddy or a bit IQ. And the reason for that is once you have it in. Until your browser, what it would do inside of YouTube, every time you check out a YouTube video, you can see to the right just what’s going on with that channel. You can see the number of videos that the person has put out.

You can see the keywords that they’re using. So you can sort of see, OK, are they actually professional with this? You can see their SEO score. So with this amount of information, you’re now seeing whether or not this channel is is real. And also you can actually look at the video that they sponsored and see how that video is doing. So there’s two pieces to this, because sometimes, like I said, YouTube is evergreen. So you can have people.

I can see the metrics. We can normally average like three hundred, four hundred views an hour or so or videos that are just sitting there from years ago. That can happen with your affiliate link. You can go out. It doesn’t seem like it’s doing well and then you know it just over a period of time and it’s just growing and getting more traction. So there’s a level of patience with it, but it really comes down to that sale at the end of the day.

Exactly. That’s the one metric that really everybody’s looking for, is it’s really cost effective. Zimmy is the time spent doing this. Is it going to pay for itself? And then when is a good outline on that? So is ultimately what it does come down to. And, you know, as you get ready to wrap things up, I wanted to kind of pick your brain since you’ve been at it for quite a while in the whole YouTube space, you’ve created a great channel with everything that you’ve done.

What would you say is the number one do with regards to YouTube influence and marketing, whether it’s, you know, any aspect of what you’ve done with YouTube, the number one do and then the number one don’t, something that you should definitely not do based on some experience or lesson that you guys learn.

I will say the number one do is to work with another company that’s already doing this because it’s a it’s a complicated and constantly moving space. So you have people who are hot and then not you don’t know which side you’re on. And when I say hotter than that is, there’s some videos that go like hyper viral that could be like one month and then nothing else happens ever again with that channel. And so if you don’t know that, then you can be on the tail in.

So you’re like, OK, we this person is hard on paying them this much money we’re expecting to get. And you don’t get it because it’s is trailing off. And, you know, that’s the reason why I said like use like a two buddy so you can sort of gauge just looking at the different videos, what’s going on. So that’s a I would say the number one. Do I say the number one done is not use those companies?

Because, you know, unless you’re diving deep, if you already have your business, because this because coaching was already a part of what I was doing, giving out. So it was already baked into what we were doing for a lot of people, you know, it’s like, OK, I’m already doing this. I just want to use this as a marketing platform to move more product also, along with getting if you want to dove deeper, if you had the time to dove deeper, there are plenty of people who, of course, is one of the folks our followers think media.

You could check them out on YouTube. And, you know, they not only there for people who are like myself in terms of content creators, but they also talk about also the influencer space. And there’s other different, you know, just going YouTube and people have different courses and stuff. You know, you may have to take a weekend dove and go through the course and everything like that to have a fuller understanding, depending on how deep you want to get.

But you don’t want to go into this thinking like it’s not like other media, because you’re not talking about in some cases, you have established professionals. People have the larger focus. They have agents. So you call them, they’re going to get back in contact with you because they want their money. And so they are and they’re going to charge you that. And if you’re dealing with smaller people, it’s going to take a little bit longer. So you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re thinking that, OK, what I can do is just hop in here and grab this person.

And, you know, we’re going to see results within the first two or three weeks. That’s the TV ad with this. It could be a month to month to three months. But once again, once your video is on there, unless the creator actually takes it off, it’s going to be on air for a very long time. And, you know, it’s like other things. You set up your marketing campaign. This is one of the few marketing campaigns, especially on the Internet, that you can do that can last for a long time.

It truly is Evergreen. And I’m glad you mentioned that, because not only will it live forever on YouTube, but you can repurpose that content in that video a number of different ways. I mean, if let’s say you’ve created a let’s say a thirty minute informational video with say something that you did with your particular channel, I’m sure there’s ways you can cut that up, playing clips of it on social media that are relevant to a specific topic. You can put clips of it on the.

Blog post, you can summarize it. I mean, you name it, there’s the list goes on and on on how you can just from a he doesn’t even have to be a 30 minute. I mean, even a 20 minute video, you can cut it up and repurpose that a number of different ways. And so it really, truly is. Even if you’re not getting any direct sales from that actual video that’s out there being viewed, you can then take it and use it other places to see if you can get a better return on some other platforms.

And also, the conversion rate is once again just kind of mentioned it is very much worth paying attention to because you’re going from blogs to video. We’re talking about double digit conversion rates, which the average Internet site is like two percent. You know, we were we were running around with 11 percent to 16 percent. And we can’t pay for that in terms of you get some people to go to the site and get people to go to the site, but the people are presold.

And that’s one of the main things that that we got out of it. So it’s like, OK, going to other platforms or doing it other ways. It’s like, yeah, you can see how you’re spending the money, but it’s not it’s not coming back the way you like to.

You’re so right about that, about people being presell. That’s usually the way it is for sure. Well, Brian, it has been awesome having you on today. I have definitely learned a lot. And as I mentioned earlier, it’s definitely a very timely topic because YouTube is just getting bigger and bigger as we speak. You know, something that I think really Indian e-commerce brand can take advantage of YouTube influencer marketing. You know, there’s a number of ways, as we mentioned, that you can get into it whether you’re going to produce your own content or whether you tap outside affiliate that has their own audience to create like a review video of unboxing video, you name it.

There’s a number of ways you can come into it. So that’s been awesome. And hopefully our audience or listeners have learned a lot. But what I always like to do is just switch things up at the of my final closing question just so I get to know you just a little bit better if you don’t mind sharing one closing fun fact with us that you think our audience would be interested to know about yourself. I’m a former rapper. I don’t think I do that.

But not many people know.

Not people. Not many people suspect at all. Whenever I say that people just run down a hallway, like especially after the videos on YouTube, of course. So for those people who want to check it out is in no description given the game in the player. The player.

Yeah, OK. That was way back we were in in d.g on YouTube. OK, I’m going to have to check you out. I did not know that, you know, we go way back, but that’s one thing I don’t know. Good stuff. Good stuff. Yeah, good kind of. Coming up there in the top list of my friends that questions. I’ve had quite a few interesting responses. That’s coming up as a former rapper. Good stuff, man.

Well, it’s been a pleasure having you, Brian. Lastly, before we let you go, if any of our listeners want to get a hold of you, check out some of your products, find out anything about what you’re doing on your end. What is the best way for them to reach you?

You can reach me at Beyer’s. This be a y e r s at Eyre’s Natural’s Dotcom a white e r. S naturals, plural dotcom. And also if you want to check out the product African flag and go to African fly dotcom. So that’s bears’ be a y e r s at Eyre’s Natural’s A. S Naturals dotcom or African fly dotcom.

All right, that’s awesome. Thank you for sharing, I definitely encourage all of our listeners to check you out and see how your products can be a benefit to them. Thank you again, Brian, for joining us today in the e-commerce marketing podcast.

I appreciate it all. Appreciate it.

Thank you for listening to the E Commerce marketing podcast.

Podcast Guest Info

Brian Ayers
Founder of Ayers Naturals