What is VidIQ?

Showcase your video marketing potential and build your loyal audience with consumers through tools that would ignite your fan base and strategy to make sure you are on track. We have reinvented the way that your brands would engage your consumers through videos. 58 percent of the viewers would reach your videos because of the search of Youtube videos as well as the related videos. We will help you increase your library of tags by as much as 10% in less than 10 minutes as well as discover opportunities for content which you are missing out on. You can build brand awareness and also improve recalls. Your advertising can’t really buy you love, the path from paid upto earned and even owned starts here. You can build a loyal following of fans, drive your word of mouth, you can even partner with the influencers and maximize the affinity of your brand with the development of organic audience.

The views are only a single part of the story because VidIQ makes sure to reveal the metrics that matter right from the engagement across social media channels like Facebook and twitter, some brand mentions, and the best time to upload to YouTube, how you stack up against your competition, up to how you show up in search engines. They have a team of strategists that works with you on developing a successful programming and content strategy that would fit your business best. You will perform regular channel audits that can help you connect with your influencers and make sure that you reach your video marketing goals.

Some of their Features include:

  • An easy implementation that connects to your existing YouTube account.

  • An SEO tool which searches for the best keywords for your content which is based on big Data analysis and YouTube search trends.

  • It provides personalized attention at a scale that has advanced comment moderation tools, it identifies the reach of your channel’s biggest fans on twitter and YouTube.

  • The analytics dashboard provides an at a glance understanding of your channels performance across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

  • There are listening tools you could use to perform sentiment analysis and measure brand affinity, it can also track the brand mentions, and the engagements across YouTube, Facebook, and even Twitter.

  • There are listening tools to perform sentiment analysis and measure the brand affinity, track the brand mentions and also the engagement metrics across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

  • It lets you identify the keywords that millions of potential viewers are looking for, yet no content actually exists and fill the gap with the content.

  • You can manage multiple YouTube channels, invite their team members, define the role specific permissions.


There are a number of packages offered, the enterprise plan is said to start in around $2,000 a month and you can range and scale from there. The pricing really depends on what you have planned and the services that you want to opt in for.

Use VidIQ to Grow Your Channel

VIdIQ is great for the individual publishers who are like you and myself or even for digital marketing agencies who manages the YouTube channel of their clients. Most of us here are aware of the basic YouTube video SEO tips like how you should use descriptions that are detailed, how you can make the video engaging, and how you should be using keywords in the post title.

Let’s talk more about their plans, let’s start with the pro version which is only $10 per month, it might sound too much for an entry level YouTube publisher but after you learn about its features you would feel that $10 is a small price you are paying for to get amazing features. VidIQ is basically a video analytics and marketing tool for publishers on YouTube. This tool analyzes your account and then gives you insights that are meaningful and could help you make decisions that are actionable.  It’s more than just your regular SEO tool and it offers you the analytics of your videos so that they can learn how the users interact with other users.

You can get started with this easily, all you need is to make sure that you have connected your YouTube account. It’ll import all your videos to your dashboard and from there the magic begins. You can sort the columns based on the shares, the likes, the views, and other parameters too. This allows you to have an idea of the popular videos from your YouTube channel. The fun part here is that you can click on any of the videos and make the changes in the descriptions, the titles, and the tags. This is really handy when you are optimizing your complete YouTube channel or the channel of your client.

Getting started with VidIQ

When you go to www.vidiq.com, you would be able to sign up for free right away:

Once you have finished signing up, you will reach the welcome page that would ask you to authenticate your YouTube channel. 

To authenticate it all you have to do is click on “Authenticate with youtube” and it will allow youo to select which account. 

Once you have selected the account, they will ask permission to access your Google account in detail. Click on allow. 

Once you click on allow it would guide you through the first few things to do such as subscribe to their YouTube channel and there’s also a video you could watch to get started easily.

When you are done with the instructions above, you will then have to click on “continue”. Below is an image of how their admin dashboard looks like. Through this space you could see the demographics, the charts, overviews, and a lot more. Make sure that you check the video guide to understand how VidIQ works better.

Viewing Stats

Even with the Basic vidIQ extension, you would have access to a lot of metrics that would be able to help you with seeing the “Big Picture”.

It also has video tags and channel tags.

Monitoring Your Channel and Videos

Web App is your base of operations and it’s one of the best places to keep tabs on all your uploaded videos and also your competitors videos.

The vidIQ Web app is the main dashboard which is comprised of a number of modules which could be added, moved, and removed in order to be tailored to match your preference.

The modules which are blue bordered are the ones which display data from the range it’s selected on. Gray bordered ones are the display LTD only. We recommend that you log in to the web app on a regular basis to make sure you are on top of any developing trends which you might be able to capitalize on. Some of the things you should be looking out for are the following:

  • Dramatic decreases and increases in engagement or sharing

  • Changes in the number of subscribers

  • Shifts in the top countries or embed location

Once you are done looking through your dashboard, make sure that you check out the competitors tab as well. You can add the competitive channels to your list and take note that the limit is based on the package, you can also track your progress against your competitors.


VIDIQ can definitely help you grow your business through video marketing because it showcases important analysis that would help you better understand what needs better improvements. Knowing the right places to reach your audience and engage them will always be good for your business. Have you tried VidIQ? Let us know what you think about it on the comment section below!