You can manage multiple YouTube channels, invite their team members, define the role specific permissions.

Once you have finished signing up, you will reach the welcome page that would ask you to authenticate your YouTube channel. 

To authenticate it all you have to do is click on “Authenticate with youtube” and it will allow youo to select which account. 

Once you have selected the account, they will ask permission to access your Google account in detail. Click on allow. 

Once you click on allow it would guide you through the first few things to do such as subscribe to their YouTube channel and there’s also a video you could watch to get started easily.

When you are done with the instructions above, you will then have to click on “continue”. Below is an image of how their admin dashboard looks like. Through this space you could see the demographics, the charts, overviews, and a lot more. Make sure that you check the video guide to understand how VidIQ works better.

Viewing Stats

Even with the Basic vidIQ extension, you would have access to a lot of metrics that would be able to help you with seeing the “Big Picture”.

It also has video tags and channel tags.

Monitoring Your Channel and Videos

Web App is your base of operations and it’s one of the best places to keep tabs on all your uploaded videos and also your competitors videos.

Changes in the number of subscribers VidIQ is a really good app that would help you get a lot of traffic, another thing that could get you a lot of traffic as well as sales is an affiliate tracking software.