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Welcome back everyone to the e-commerce marketing podcast. I am your host Arlen Robinson today. We have a very special guest Omar. He is the co-founder of the $100 MBA the largest alternative business education online. So the host of an iTunes best of 2014 podcast the $100 NBA show the $100 NBA show has delivered almost 1,000 lessons and counting to over 70,000 daily listeners Omar is also the co-founder of webinar Ninja.

And all-inclusive easy-to-use webinar platform that allows you to create a webinar in 10 seconds flat. It has been known that Omar's biggest talents are actually on the Dance Floor. Michael Jackson would be proud. Welcome to the podcast Omar. How's it going? Good, man. How you doing? Darling? I'm doing great.

But before we get started, you have to tell me a little bit about this Michael Jackson being proud. Oh definitely man. You know, I'm I grew up in the 80s. I was born in 80, and so if. Didn't like Michael Jackson in the 80s or something wrong with you like mentally something right here. I grew up in the 80s as well.

So I know I know how this well I grew up on Michael, uh, you know, watch all his music videos and emulate his dance moves. I Like It basement and all that stuff and we'd have dance parties and during the birthday parties of you know, me and my siblings and so yeah a bit of an a big Michael Jackson fan all my life love his music.

I think he's a master at what he has done in the music and entertainment industry. Right. So, um, yeah, it's just a little fun. Fun fact people don't know I'm quite small. I'm like 65. Okay, when people see me on the dance, like wow, you could dance I was always taller. Yeah pleasant surprise.

Okay. That sounds awesome, man. Appreciate it. Yeah. We appreciate you coming on the podcast and you know before. Kind of get into the topic which is going to be about webinars. Wanted to find out a little bit about your background and you know kind of how you got to where you are today. Sure. So I got started in my professional career as an educator.

I was a teacher at the high school University level. I was like head of department at the University. That was my last stop for the last five years. But while I was in education as a teacher, I was really interested in Internet. I really interested in seeing if you can. You know create things and sell them online.

I didn't even think of it as entrepreneurship back. Then I thought of as just like an experiment, right and this was around 2002. So the internet still kind of young there's still you know, no WordPress. No PayPal things like that. It was just very hard to do anyting. So I think I got started on eBay and things like that and I think I just kind of slowly kind of understood that you know, maybe I can do this thing.

Maybe I can become an entrepreneur as things got easier as they got more experience. As I built more side hustles on the side when I was teaching but eventually I made the decision to take that leap into entrepreneurship and leave my nice cushy job and education which was a huge risk for me. But you know, I really needed to change.

I just felt like my frustration I grew my fear and I kind of just wanted to do it. I launched the hundred-dollar MBA because I believe that. You know a lot of people would like come and ask me. Hey, how do you start a business? How do you like, you know start a website? How do you sell things online and I would help people one-on-one, but then I started maybe I can scale this a little bit so I built which is exactly what it sounds like $100 MBA education which covers all the basics of how to you know, how to market sales Finance all that kind of stuff that you'd need to get started.

Right and that's kind of how the show kind of launched it as well after that the. The podcast 100 show. Yeah, so that's kind of my evolution in professionally. Okay. That's that's awesome. Yeah the and I think when you provide their on the hundred dollar MBA under your website, it's a platform that I know a lot of e-commerce business owners because I talk to Ecommerce business owners all day and most of them.

You know kind of always hit the ground running, you know, they have got an idea. They've got a product and they just get out there and so a lot of the unfortunately it can be good and bad, you know, a lot of Times They seized an opportunity and it works out but a lot of times, you know, as you as you know, when you kind of hit the ground running and you don't necessarily have you know, the big business background, you know, there's a lot of things that you know, you could be overlooking things that you can leave on the table and just things that you don't even think about.

Just because you don't have that background and I think you know, your platform is is uh is right on time, especially for the people that don't have the time to you know, enroll in the formal in VA program or the money, you know, so yeah, I mean a lot of people don't know this but when I left education, you know, I felt a little bit insecure about being an entrepreneur.

So I went to Wharton business school. Like I applied I was so happy it was going to warn him. So happy was going to be $100,000 in debt. Right, right, but after one semester, you know. Um, my professor pulled me aside and asked me, you know, like what are you doing here? Like you're a lot older than these students already have kind of a business on the side that you're building.

You know why you're getting your MBA and I was like, I'm just getting my MBA so I can be a great entrepreneur and he's like, that's not why you get an MBA MBA so you can get like a middle manager job at Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs or something and I was like, And I I just realized that the reason why I'm here is because I feel insecure.

I want the information and then you kind of just told me hey, we don't have a monopoly on this information. You can learn the stuff in books and courses and things around you and I just realized people need this curated for them. It's not easy to kind of find this information if you don't have any structure, right so and that's kind of what led me to call it the $100.

My education was gonna call it cost $100,000. So the NBA. Okay, so definitely and you know, one of those one of my bigger side hustles that I had when I was in as a teacher, I had a an e-commerce store. I had my own clothing line. Okay, so I was physical products online. And yes, definitely. I mean I made so many mistakes along the way especially when it comes to, you know, my costs.

I used to spend so much money on things. I didn't need to you know. And that's just comes from just not being aware not having a community around you. Right? Right. Yeah that totally makes sense. I mean everything that you mentioned as far as you know at the beginning just thinking you needed to sign up for an MBA and then, you know, realizing that eventually, you know, you really even need it at this point, but I mean you need the information but you know, like you said signing up to be $100,000 in debt, you know may not make sense initially especially early on so, yeah, so.

That sounds excellent. I mean, you're the let's say that you provide is I'd say in very invaluable resource. Now. How did you go from that to what you're doing now as far as co-founding webinar ninja the webinar class definitely so back in 2014. I was running webinars to grow our community at $100 MBA as well as doing like office hours in supporting the existing members of $100 and I just was really frustrated with the options out there when it comes to webinar platforms that were clunky.

They were ugly. They were hard to use. I couldn't just use one piece of software. I had also used a landing page software along with like email notification software along with all this other stuff and had a Frankenstein at all together and hope it works and do this every single week every time I would run.

So I just got frustrated. I was just like I want to just create something simple for myself. So I don't have to reinvent the wheel every week. So I teamed up with a freelance developer. I just basically when I say teamed up I hired this person for less than $1000. So I decided to reach out to a freelance developer to build a small version of what today is webinar.

Ninja. I mean I say Smalls like super super conservative. Okay. I just wanted it so I can make it. Easy for me to run webinars just myself and I started running webinars with this software. Okay, and I realize oh, you know, my customers were like hey, what do you what do you using for this and I was like, it's just something I put together and they're like what can I buy it?

Okay. I was just like, okay, let me put up a sales page, but honestly we. We decided to pre-sell it 250 spots if there's interest and we sold out in about 48 hours. So I realized okay. Wow, there's a big demand and that was back in 2014. And we've been iterating the software since okay based on user feedback based on what people are need what they're looking for.

And our goal is just to make it super easy and simple and clean for you to be able to run a webinar today. We have over 13,000 paid users, which is for us really great growth or I self-funded company. So yeah, it's been a great journey. Yeah, that's that's awesome. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. I mean I as a business owner on my end here and running affiliate software.

I know the importance of you know solid webinar tool and so most of our listeners that are out there that are Ecommerce businesses, you know, as a business owner running a business, you know, they're wearing a million hats they're doing a lot of different things and everybody that listens to podcast or reads marketing blogs.

You know sees the same thing do webinars do webinars, but I know a lot of what people don't really realize is you know, how do they get started? So I mean what advice can you give business owner? And he Converses Sona and getting started with the webinar? Like where did they even begin? Definitely?

That's a good question. So I I love to kind of break things down a little and simple steps. So, you know the first thing you need to start with when it comes to a webinar is the topic you basically just need to solve a problem of pain and issue. Something for your actual audience. So a lot of people kind of struggle with the stuff like I don't really know what people want.

Like, how do I actually come up with this? And one of the best ways to do this is to make your first webinar a Q&A webinar just to have a open question and answer webinar where you basically, you know, you invite people and say hey, I'm doing an open Q&A open Office hours. If you can ask me anything, you can get advice about anything I can consult with you or whatever it is.

And what you do is on that webinar because you're getting. Great questions, you know you're able to find out what people are struggling with and you can take one of the hot questions or some of the hot questions and turn them into the topic of your next webinar. You know, that's a great way to do that because you know with our software able to save all the questions that are asked and they can export them.

You can organize them and you can figure out you know, which ones are the ones that really uh, you know, kind of strike a nerve. And that's really the best way to start is just to start with just open QA enough to prepare anything, you know the sides there's nothing there to be to do other than just to be present, you know, so it's great to get started that way and then from there, you know, once you have a topic, you know, one of the things I love to say is, you know, break it down into five steps or five parts of five tips to get to that learning outcome and to get to that goal.

So if I'm a basketball coach or let's say, for example, I want to help people improve their free throw shooting right? That's my topic. Improve your free throw shooting by ten percent, right? So I have to figure out what are the five things I can teach them to get to that promise. You know topic is really a promise.

It's like well, I promise you'll get at the end of the webinar, right? So, you know, it could be things like, you know, I got a square up I got to make sure I visualize visualize I gotta make sure that I have my arm straight whatever it is and you know break it down to I like to say five steps or less because one of the most important things that I learned from as a teacher is that when you're teaching something you got.

Keep it short because in order for you to be able to repeat something to be able to gain that skill. You gotta be able to repeat it. So you have to remember it if they're attain it so you have to understand what's going on. But you also have to retain that information. If you remember back in the day, when you learn long division, you know, you would have to go through the steps to the teacher on the board, right?

You have to remember the steps, right? So. If you go too long-winded like 97 ways to like Market your eCommerce store and like then no then No One's Gonna. Remember 97 ways. They'll shave their steps. You gotta remember the order right? Definitely keep it nice and concise and I love to say keep it interactive and people are doing things on the webinar people answering questions.

I just like to get a pulse every five minutes or so. It could be just something. You know, I'm making a point. So if you agree with me say yes or hell. Yes, and the chat. Let me know what you think. You know it get people to interact because you want to keep them on the screen. You want to keep them engaged and I like to do this a lot in the beginning because it kind of sets the tone like, oh, wow.

This webinar is different. This is fun. I like this and they just get fully engaged. So. Interact as much as possible and those are kind of my tips for people that are getting started. Yeah, that totally makes sense. I know a large part of our audience and listeners are e-commerce businesses that are selling consumer products.

Maybe women's fashion. I know there's a lot of businesses out there that sell skin care products Cosmetics. I know a lot of our customers are in those different categories. They may be thinking okay, you know, you kind of highlighted some service type businesses where they we can kind of see a natural.

You know fit for a pot or a webinar, but what about the product businesses that are providing in product? How would they how would they effectively give an appropriate webinar? And you know, how would that work for those types? Sure. The funny thing is that when I first encountered what webinars and I saw them online.

I was like the first thing that came to mind was like wait a minute this things like QVC like I that's the first thing that came to mind is that it's like you have your own Shopping Network really write any time and you know. I had my Ecommerce store. I love this concept because it's just a great way for you to show off your products or Services get intimate show its practical use to model it for them, you know with a less than hundred dollar webcam.

I actually recommend the Logitech C920. It's a great HD cam with a Carl Zeiss lens and it's great for like demoing products. I you know, one of we have a lot of users that have e-commerce businesses and. Like to do and this is a great idea. Actually it's that they do a feature week. So like basically once a week they do featured items on their webinar.

So like they have like maybe 10 items for sale or something like that are featured on their homepage and they'll they'll do a sale or like basically like last-minute sales. So like the prices even dropped more on the webinar and they have a certain amount of time before the end of the webinar to grab that deal and during that webinar.

They're showing these products whether it's clothing. They're modeling it on camera or closer shots of iPhone covers or whatever it is that they're selling. Right and it's great because they can describe things. They could talk about the Practical use they can take questions. You know, this is exactly like a Shopping Network.

You're right. You're right. I never really thought of it like that, but that's correct your own Shopping Network pretty much. Yeah. So our users that have you come restores love the platform because it allows them to really, you know, answer. Lot of questions that they can't just answer immediately.

Sometimes people see things on a website on a web page they're interested but they can't really close the sale because they have like a really burning question and maybe they're too you know embarrassed to kind of email support about it and they kind of just forget about it. But on a webinar just so easy to chat.

So just type in. Hey, do you take AMEX, you know, does this come in, you know double extra-large or whatever so it's just easier for them to interact ask really quick. Questions buying questions really so they can be able to close that sale. So I love I love that that use of webinars. Yeah, that's definitely something.

I hadn't really thought about and especially what you mentioned as far as that last minute sale or I guess you could call it a flash sale just during the time of the webinar where you know, maybe you'll give up your heavily discount one of the products that are featured only during the time of the webinar.

So, you know, you can you can kind of tease that also in the webinar in the promotion of the web. So let's say you're emailing out the your customers the webinar information or webinar subscription or sign up page. You can let them know, you know during the webinar. We will be doing a special flash sale, you know, you can get 50% off XYZ only during this time.

So that that can definitely help increase the attendance I'd say for sure. Yeah and definitely um, one of the things our users do is because we have these set email notifications that get. Prior to the webinar like reminders like tomorrow's our webinar and one hour starting and you can customize these emails before they get sent out.

So a lot of them they custom out customize them with the feature products on that are going to be on that webinar. These are going to be you know discounted during this time. So make sure you live and all that stuff so you can kind of like tease them and really get them interested to just make sure they attend live right right for sure.

And so, you know, we definitely see all of those being ways and which. Someone can kind of improve their sales by doing these webinars and you know, there's definitely a lot of obvious benefits to it. What do you think are some other benefits that people may not even realize, you know, when doing a webinar so I think webinars are a great way to do a lot of product research.

I do this all the time with our software itself, like before we actually release a new feature I'll and you know, invite a subset of our users and just say a lot of I like maybe like 1,000 people and you know, maybe like out of those. 300 can show up and I just basically say Hey, you know, I'm just this is not a sales webinars.

Nothing. We have a couple features that we're working on and we want to get your feedback and it's basically we're trying to refine it. We're trying to make a product better and it's great to just get a focus group together that's interested in what you're doing and they can learn and then you know as a reward I kind of just say hey you guys will get first access will release it to you first.

It also allows me to prioritize what my customers want. Maybe they'd be like, well, that's not really a feature I want. I have this and then I have I'll go back to my team and say hey, let's let's start working on this and said because that's really what people need and that's what they're looking for.

So in whatever business you're in even in e-commerce or whatever, they'll be like, you know what you know, that's a great product. But you know, you're always sold out in this color or I just saw this other product on Amazon and I would love to if you guys can come up with something that's similar, you know, it's just good to get some feedback from your customers and I love it because it's very interactive and it allows your customers.

A few little bit special like they're part of the process that hey this business actually cares about my opinion and I'm going to check them out frequently to see if they're implementing the things I suggest. So right I love I love webinars for Rd. Yeah. I never really thought about doing that as definitely something.

I just kind of jotted that down as a note because we here internally, we always going to struggle with you know, what are going to some be some of the best new features to put out there and you know, we've we've done the kind of the emails and the taking the. Of our certain key customers, but I never really thought about doing a webinar to kind of do a closed focus group that uh, so that's definitely yeah and what's great is like we phrase it as like you get a sneak peek before anybody else and it's kind of like a private invitation.

Like it's like Elon Musk inviting somebody to test you see the new car that no one knows about or something like that. So and it's great and you don't have to have a finished product like we we have like, uh, sketch mock-ups and some in division mock-ups so they have an idea they have a visual. Of what it's going to be but it does have to be completely coated in finished.

You know, that's too late then, you know, so we just like to show them like a visualization what it will do and show them how it work and and it's just a good way for us and you could do the same with the physical product, you know have a mock-up of what it would look like and things like that so they can understand what they're what they're talkin about or what they are giving her advice on right right?

Yeah for sure and I know one of the kind of million dollar questions a lot of the listeners are probably wondering is. You know, I'm sure they're like, you know, everything does sound great definitely sounds like an opportunity no matter what type of business you're in e-commerce, whether it's a service business or a product business.

We selling a product But ultimately it's going to come down to you know, it's not going to be effective unless people show up. So what are some effective ways to market the webinar to kind of get it out there and make sure you can bolster your. Definitely, so I'm going to say something a little bit maybe surprising or or may be controversial but I think the number one way to improve your attendance is to improve your performance.

You got to be good. You got to be good at what you do and it doesn't mean you have to be some sort of like swarming kind of salesperson. You just got to be good at presenting and being proud of what you have, you know, and in a way webinars are a form of public speaking and I invested a lot in being a better public speaker.

I've taken the. Classes have been trained one-on-one. I've taken voice lessons all that kind of stuff. Now, you don't have to go to that extent but you definitely should rehearse and here webinar before you actually get on live, right? Um, I always give this analogy, you know, we all have an Uncle Bob in our family and every.

Thanksgiving Uncle Bob says the same joke and we all laugh even though it's the same joke. He's been saying for 30 years and it's not the joke. It's just his delivery. Right? We all laugh because his deliveries are so on point because he's been saying it over and over and over and over. It's not the first time he's said this joke, so.

The same thing goes with the delivery of our webinars. Now, you might be saying well, what does that have to do with marketing? Well, you know, once you start doing webinars people will talk about you people will share your webinars. People will say hey, I just was on as webinar and it was like really fun.

It really interactive. I got a lot out of it. It wasn't just a pitch Fest, you know, and I'm just sharing with what happened to me. That's how I became somebody that people register for or you know, check out my webinars and I I I do very little kind of paid Market. Because I really focus on my craft and I think that's the the number one thing you can do to improve your attendance rate.

The other thing you can do is a lot of people don't utilize their actual website like you're getting organic traffic to your website. Anyway, right people are finding you through Google searches referrals, whatever. Right, so you should definitely be putting on your homepage with like a hello Banner or a little thing on the side and image that I run a webinar.

Here's my webinar by doing every week or this is the next day or whatever and Link it to your registration page. It's just the easiest way to get like, you know, a lot of registrations to your webinar that you don't expect normally because people are just going your website finding a different ways.

So that's that's number one. You got to do that super simple two seconds, right? Uh, the other thing I really highly recommend is that. You try to you know, get on other audiences or other platforms as much as possible. I like to guest post as much as possible. So it doesn't have to be another e-commerce site.

It doesn't have to be another site that is in your actual Marketplace. If you're in again, like iPhone accessories don't have to go to another iPhone accessory. Website and blog for them. Uh, you can get outside the niche like some of the most effective blog posts that I've written on other sites were things that are completely irrelevant.

Like I I went to digital photography school. It's like a digital photography blog very big blog by Darren Rouse over a million subscribers, right and I went to the blog and I realized that they don't really have a lot of blog posts about. How to go pro as a photographer how to create a business at a photography how to get gigs and things like that and there's got to be a lot of amateur digital photographers over there that want to take that step.

So I wrote to them and I said, hey, you know, I'd love to guest post. Or your blog I read every blog post on this topic. It's kind of you know, missing a few things and this is what I would like to present. In fact, I wrote the whole post already attached. Okay. I love provided beforehand, right because it allows them to make it easy to say.

Yes, you know if they already have the material and they really know the okay. This is a well-written and it's worth publishing. You know versus hey before I write it, you know, this this really helps a lot and then people really got no. No, thank you. I don't know who you are. But if you have a good blog post already written it's easy for them to say yes, and if they say no no problem.

I can publish on my own blog. I can rework it for another blog whatever it is. But the point is that the end of the blog post, you know, I wrote this blog post 2,500 words images everything right advice and at the bottom of the blog posts I said, hey, You made it to the end of the blog post. You must be serious about this topic.

I'm going to be running a live webinar on how to go pro as a photographer. If you love to attend, I'll you know, I'll show you around and show you the tools I use to run webinars and I just give a link a little button a link of like the registration page for that webinar and you get tons of registrations on people that you would normally not have access to those are just a few tips.

Gotcha, you know, that's that's great. I mean, there's so many different ways to. Promoted that I think a lot of businesses don't even consider and you know, I've done several webinars and there's a lot of things that you mentioned that we didn't really even take full advantage of so, you know, it's always a learning process.

Uh, no matter what you do. Yeah, all of those things like I know we're definitely help out, you know in to wrap things up one of the things we always asked our gas. On the podcast is you know, we talked a lot about webinars and promotions, but I know you're you're I guess you could say definitely an expert in e-commerce Marketing in general.

What do you think is one thing an e-commerce business can do, you know today right now to help their business grow and get traffic and get sales. You gotta do something that is going to attract people with the value of information you give you got to have some sort of content marketing strategy.

People are more interested in getting the most. Out of what they get or by then just buying it, you know, like for example, if you're going on a trip, you know, you do tons of research to find out what's the best hotel. How can I I'm gonna book a hotel but I want to know what the best hotels on TripAdvisor.

I'm gonna read all this information. I want to know where the hotel is located. So I'm going to read blog posts about the different cities in that country. I want to find out you know where the best spots to eat. So I'm going to find out how far that is from the places. I want to eat. So information is gold and you know a lot of people have.

There's so much information out there. It's hard to kind of you know stand out. Well, actually it isn't that hard to stand out because so many people are not really putting the effort into creating great content really putting the effort into the building some great content for their actual blog for their actual podcast for their webinars, you know webinars are a great way to actually.

Run regular content on a regular basis like a like a show like I mentioned before where you can show people how to apply their products or services and make the best use of it. The funny thing is that most people don't do this. So therefore you sound like your product is better, but in fact, you might even be selling the same product, but people just don't know how to use it.

People don't know the benefits of it. They don't know. All the different, you know uses of that actual product. So content is really really key when it comes to actual running any kind of business, but especially e-commerce because you know, they don't a lot of people have so much choice and they don't have any kind of guidance and if you can guide them you'll be the person that will trust you'll be the person that.

They will want to come back to you know, I I think that when it comes to any kind of business, you know, the only way you can differentiate yourself is that you insert yourself into it. And the best way to do that is to give your take give your opinion give your advice through content. Yeah for sure and that's what a lot of is don't really.

I like you said there's so much out there people need guidance, you know when they're looking to make a purchasing decision. No matter what it is. If you have your like you said put your kind of personal attention to that particular content your feedback here opinion and your authentic about it.

That um, you know that you're gonna win people over because you know, they you know, it's just like yeah, I think about this every time we go to the grocery store here in the US were so fortunate that you know, we have so many options but having so many options can actually be bad thing sometimes because Ryan get overwhelmed, you know, sometimes I go to the store and I'm looking at all right what I want to eat for dinner tonight and then I'm like jeez, I'm gonna frozen food aisle and my god.

Do I want to do that? You want to get yeah. I wrote a chicken what I want to do you. So it's it's best if you if you understand the landscape, like you said the fact that it's a lot out there and people are going to have a hard time making a decision just because it's cluttered. But if you can, you know, make your content stand out and you know, kind of put your your personal stake and opinion behind it.

I think that definitely will will shine people. Yeah people just want to know what to do like what to do. I love this analogy because it makes it so clear and then analogy is think of. Travel writer think of like one of my favorite Travel Experts is Rick Steves, right? This guy's like such a lovable guy.

He has a great YouTube channel. He's got the best selling like travel books and he caters her like an older demographic an affluent demographic, but I just love him to death because he he just puts everybody at ease. Because he specializes in traveling to Europe and that's a think about it going to Europe.

There's so much to consider. Well, there's different currency there in this different ways. And where do I stay and one of the best cities I only have two weeks all this stuff and you just boils down. Hey, where do you want to go to Europe? Here's a book to do Europe in two weeks. Hey, you want to you want to go to Italy?

Here's my Italy guide and it tells you exactly where to go and everything and people just like yes, I need an expert to tell me what to do because. I don't know if I'm gonna make a mistake. I don't know how to best utilize my time. I got two weeks. It's an asset just like money, you know, it's just like a purchase your purchasing to your spending money to on this trip and they just need a guide.

They need somebody to show them what to do and that goes with any offering any product people. Just want to know hey, what's what's my best choice here? What's my best option here? Right. Can you just tell because I have my own life. I got my own job. I got my own thing I got to do. So I love that that kind of example or parallel.

It really clarifies it for me. Yeah, that totally makes sense. You just you've got to tell people what to do and just guide them to you know, the decisions that you know, you want them to make and that's going to be you know, purchasing your product or services that yet. I can't be said any clear.

Well, oh my well, I definitely appreciate you joining us here on the e-commerce marketing podcast you gave a lot of valuable nuggets and that I know our listeners will appreciate and if anyone wants to get in touch with you, how do they do that? Best way to get in touch with me? Actually via email.

I love just kind of talkin to people on email. You can check out webinar ninja if you just go to the content link the contact Link at the bottom, or you can go to our website for 101. Same thing contact link, and be sure to check out our podcast $100 MBA show on iTunes Stitcher or whatever you listen to.

All right, that sounds awesome. We thanks again and you have a great day. Thanks for joining us here. Thanks Arlene. Really appreciate it. Thank you for listening to the Commerce marketing podcast to access the eCommerce videos and other resources to help your business. Grow. Please visit get forward slash videos subscribe to us on iTunes by searching for e-commerce marketing podcast, and please leave a rating and a review.

Thanks for listening. See you next time.

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