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Show Notes

Welcome to the e-commerce marketing podcast today’s guest is Tom Schwab and we’re going to be talking about podcast interview marketing Tom sure knows how to build an online business and marketing at its height is really about starting a conversation with someone who? An ideal customer Tom built his Economist business from a regional player to a national leader with this strategy now.
He helps small business owners entrepreneurs and solar produced under listeners into lives by getting their featured on leading podcasts that Prospect already listening to Tom is the author of podcast gassed profit grow your business with the targeted interview strategy welcome to the party Stone.
Are you doing hey Robert? I am thrilled to be here. For being here, and I’m excited about talking about podcast interview marketing, but before we get into it. Why don’t you give us a background about your online business that you’re walking on that eventually used podcast interview marketing as a marketing strategy for yeah, so we started a e-commerce business in 2008-2009, and if anybody remembers back that far.
That’s when the the Great Recession was hitting and actually we were. Should get and the state of Michigan sort of led the country into the recession there so one of the things we saw was we wanted to build this business, but we had to find creative ways to do that and we were at that time just a regional business more brick-and-mortar, and so we thought well.
Let’s go online. Let’s do it more e-commerce, and this was direct to Patient durable medical equipment, and one of the things that we saw was that you know we didn’t have. The funds to Dubai the attention with all the ads, and I actually I went through a phase where we built it with pay-per-click, and I said this just isn’t isn’t scalable and so with that had read a book by two smart guys out of MIT called inbound marketing and what they were talking about is using content to get the word out there.
You know using using content to attract visitors and engage leads and really to like customers, and so we use that to take our e-commerce business from a regional player up to a national leader and at then and then we sold that company, but one of the things we looked at is that content is king, and you know content used to be just blogs.
You know now content is all kinds of things. It could be social media posts. It could be videos or one of the things that. Find it works out best is using you know podcast and podcast interviews because ultimately we’ve all got a great product or service right it could it could help somebody no matter where you are right now.
There are people that you could help the biggest problem that most of us have is that those people don’t know about us, right? We’re obscure and so you know changing changing something isn’t going to help if they don’t know about you sometimes. I use the analogy of you know you could you could have the best store, but.
Puts in the sphere of desert, you know nobody’s going to find it and changing the sign on the store or anything like that isn’t going to help because you know you’re obscure so really you’ve got to find a way to get your message out there to go from obscure to acclaimed and that’s one of the things we’ve seen that’s so possible to do with podcast interviews.
Okay, so why don’t we jump into it? And you can just lead us and show us how businesses e-commerce businesses can start I’m assuming start getting. Interviewed on different podcasts, and then eventually they can use that those interviews to start getting customers, but you have the expert, so why don’t we jump into it?
And then you just let us know how you use podcast to get more customers and grow your business sure so podcast interview marketing is really broken down into six steps. It’s it’s prospecting pitching preparation the performance progression. And then promotion, and if you don’t remember all these don’t worry.
Just there’s a infographic that explains all of them, so if you’re if you doing different things you can get this infographic. I’ll just put it up at interview Valley Ford e-commerce and everything that Robert, and I talked about will be there, but the first step is really prospecting right there’s 400,000 podcasts out there.
You just want to focus on the ones that your ideal customers are there so from that standpoint. You don’t need to be. Every podcast you don’t even need to be on the biggest podcast you need to be on the podcast that your ideal customers are listening to so for example somebody though that they told me about pickleball.
I had never heard of it before it’s some it’s something like tennis, but inside in like a squash court, but whatever if you were if you were selling pickleball equipment on e-commerce. There’s right now 8 podcasts dedicated to pickleball. So you would want to get on those podcasts and start to talk about your products how you can help and the same thing if you’re selling dog equipment.
You’d want to get on pet lovers shows things like that so trying to prospect and find those shows that your ideal customers already listening to so prospecting is the first step pitching is the second step right, so how do you get that host to notice you? And none of us like a cold call so you want to to find a way to make a warm introduction and Robert is a podcaster.
You know this if somebody just comes up and says I want to be on your podcast probably not, but if they’ve already reached out to you on social media if they blitzed some podcasts, maybe if they shared some stuff left a rating and review, and then they reach out and say hey Robert. I’ve got this information that could help your audience.
That’s the right way to do it. The Next Step really after you get the host to say yes is the preparation right this is your time to be in front of your ideal customers, and you want to prepare yourself, so you want to have listened to a couple episodes of the podcast so you know what the flow is what questions they ask what the tone of it is and then the other thing is preparing the host right the host is busy, they’re not going to spend hours researching you and your company so make it easy for them get them everything.
They need to do you need to know about you your job as a podcast guess is not to go there and sell your product. It’s really to make the host look like a genius for having you on right because that will get people to know like and trust you and get them back to your site. Now really the fourth step is the performance and we even tell them of all of our clients that this is the one step that you can’t Outsource right so we work with clients, and we say you’re the guest will take care of the rest, but they’ve got to do the performance and so the performance is doing things like you know getting on and telling stories, not just trying to sell something and it’s also giving them more resources, and I’m going to pull back the curtain here, and show you exactly how it’s done.
You’ve got to do something in order to move people from just being passive listeners to active visitors to your site, and if you remember back Robert what the things I said at the beginning was hey. There’s an infographic that it says all of this and you can find that back the website now. I could also say that you know.
We’ve got a checklist. That’s the six secrets to get on your first podcast well. That’s all so I can put that back on that on the web page, so these are things that add. Value that help move people so if you want that you know the six secrets to getting on your first podcast. I’ll put that on that same page that I’m making for Robert interview valet Ford Ecommerce and like what’s the goal with went when you when you try to turn them from passive listeners to two active customers by you pointed them to that web page telling them to go here.
What was the goal with the? Action right and that’s really. It’s too. It’s to progress them along in the relationship and the sale, and we’ve done a lot of testing with this. We’ve had over 3000 different podcast interviews over 200 different clients, and what we’ve found is that when you’re on a podcast.
You just don’t want to send somebody to your welcome page or to your homepage right because that’s going to change with time. We’re recording this in 2017, but chances are there’s somebody now in 2020 this listening to Robert and I for the first time now if the homepage has changed on your Ecommerce site.
You’re going to lose them better to send them to a dedicated page and not just go for the sale from the very beginning. You know, but give them other ways to say yes sometimes in the progression we. About our clients to give them three ways to say yes, you know a small yes a medium. Yes, and then heck yes.
I’ve got credit card and hands. I’m going to buy something so like here. You know. I give a I talked about you know the the checklist to the infographic. Well. You know the heck. Yes, could be if you want to work with interview Valley if you want to to download the free book or go to Kindle and buy the book having all of those things on the page, and you’re trying to get them to move.
From listeners to visitors to leads and ultimately customers, and so that’s sort of that progression. You don’t want to just say go to my e-commerce store and buy don’t give them a reason to go there, and then also we call it a welcome page because. It’s not like a typical landing page, or a squeeze page where it’s you know by this do this or or just leave now we want them to get there get in involved, and you know if you want to see what would a page looks like just this will be a great example.
You know interview Valley Ford e-commerce, and I’ll tell you what you’re going to see on that page when when we make it you have no idea who Tom Schwab is you’ve never seen me. You’ve never been to my website, but you know you know who Robert is. And you know what the podcast e-commerce marketing podcast looks like so the first thing that you’re going to see there is going to be trust seals right not Better Business Bureau anything like that, but Roberts picture because you know like and trust him it’s going to be the e-commerce marketing podcast logo there so you’re going to be extinct.
Oh ok I’m in the right place, and then it’s just going to go through and talk about you know if you’re on this page is because you heard Robert nigh talking on the podcast you know here’s the. As we talked about on the podcast so it’s really moving them along in that progression okay, and yeah, go ahead and then finally is the promotion you know podcasts are evergreen content.
You don’t want to just record them once and then forget about it, and I’ll share that out with your community when it first goes live, but then also you know throughout time because as people find that is going to bring value to them ok so I have a couple of follow-up questions, what? Some tools that e-commerce businesses can use for this strategy sure and really you’re right.
This is a strategy, so it’s an overall light arching thing then you’ve got the tactics of how to go into it and really it doesn’t need a whole lot of tools from the standpoint. You’re communicating back and forth with the host via email. You are searching for the podcasts. Just through Google through iTunes looking for podcast there.
Probably the easiest way to automate a lot of these things is just on the promotion and the social media so that once you’ve been out of podcasts to load it up into something like we use meet Edgar, and you can also HootSuite does the same thing where you can get the promotion out of the bout about your interview and put that out there, but there’s other Tech tools that you can use.
You know content is king, So if you have a hard time writing blogs. Well. You could do podcast interviews and then transfer transcribe that interview $4 or minute with something like rev com and now you’ve got the basis for a Blog and so you could repurpose that audio interview into into a Blog OK and the goal I’m guessing with podcast interview marketing.
As a strategy the goal is to get the listeners into that progression progress them into the final get them to the final and then from there eventually leave that to the heck yes credit card, but the goal. I’m not only is it to expose your brand, but it’s to just start setting up and filling up the funnel for your business.
Very much a Robert one of the things that we’ve seen with our clients is that after they’ve heard on a podcast interview marketing that the traffic converts much better than other mediums. You know blog will convert one to two percent. We’ve seen with our Experience Podcast interviews converting visitors to lead some customers and about 25 to 50% right, which is understandable if somebody is heard you for 20 minutes.
They get to know like and trust you and really if you think about you know how our grandparents did business how our grandchildren probably will who do you buy from you buy from somebody that you know like and trust and really for somebody hearing your story hearing why you chose to do the economy shoot business you did really focusing on that they get to know like and trust you and that makes for great traffic back to your site, and what are some mistakes that people should avoid.
That doing podcast interviews yeah, one of the the biggest things is thinking that bigger is better on a podcast that if I get on a bigger podcast it will do better for me and really. This is not a shotgun exercise. This is really targeted. You know I always tell people there’s more fish in the ocean than there are in a barrel, but if you can find that barrel of your ideal customers man.
Those are the ones that you want to talk to almost the example, would you like to talk? A to everybody that’s watching the Super Bowl for five minutes, or would you rather talk to you know your ideal customers a conference room of your ideal customers for 30 minutes well just talking everybody on the Super Bowl chances are none of them care what you have to say, but if you could get a conference room an auditorium filled with your ideal customers boy.
That would be you know that would be like fishing and a barrel so from that standpoint one of the biggest things is bigger is not always better. Okay, thanks for being of the Pakistani sharing on this strategy podcast interview marketing you had shared the link again. Can you share you again sure so you know everything that Robert, and I talked about I’ll put back at interview Valley Ford e-commerce, and I’ll put that checklist.
I’ll put the you know six secrets to getting on your first podcast. I tell you what even that podcast guests profits if you want the pdf version make that. For the listeners here, and if there’s any way that we can help you with interview valet to allow you to be the guest and us to do the rest. We would love to work with you.
We we work with a lot of e-commerce companies getting their message out there and really starting to turn listeners into customers, okay, and can you quickly I know we’re running out of time, but can you quickly talk about the book your book podcast guess profit? Yes, it’s all the secrets and all the strategy and the steps that we’ve used in order to grow our business.
I like I said we’ve been doing this for almost four years, and it’s the system behind that I openly share this with everyone because I really think podcast interview marketing five years from now Robert is going to be common as email marketing people will say yeah, of course. Why wouldn’t you go on to to podcast to get your message heard, and there’s no better place to do?
That with interviews because you know doing a podcast as a lot of hard work Robert. I appreciate all you do so really it’s our Playbook that we use to tells you exactly how we do it at interview valet and from that standpoint. It’s almost like the best chef giving you as recipe book. Well. This is our recipe book knowing that a lot of people like to cook themselves other people just say hey do it for me, and that’s what we do at interview valet, so it’s really a guidebook that tells you exactly how to do it step by step with a 30 day plan and.
Like I said if you want the the free pdf download on it. You more than happy to go to interview valet e-commerce, and it will all be there, or if you want to buy it the the hardcover on Amazon. It’s there to okay again, Tom. I really appreciate you coming on. Thank you. Thank you Robert. Thank you for listening to the e-commerce monthly particle joint the e-commerce marketing Partners Facebook group to land on that collaborate and grow with other e-commerce.
Get all P subscribe to us on iTunes by searching for e-commerce marketing partners and please leave a rating and review. Thank you for listening. See you next time.