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I’m to their e-commerce marketing podcast today’s guest is David Meerman Scott. He is the best-selling author of the book the new rules of marketing MPR welcome to the podcast David hurry. Thanks Robert. It’s great to be here. Can you please give us a quick background about yourself being an author writing being on the speaking circuit, and any other businesses, you’ve been involved in sure so I started off in a bond.Reading desk on Wall Street in New York, and I hated it and I was a bad Bond Trader, so then I moved into the real-time news business, and I was working for companies like Dow Jones and Reuters for a number of years and those two experiences in my career of working on a bond trading desk and working in the real-time news business gave me a really deep deep understanding of real-time business the.Engagement that people have because I was able to experience that even before the web because a bond trading desk is all real time if you’re making trades you have to trade instantly up to trade when there’s news you have to trade when there’s when the time is right same thing in the real-time news business.You know if a story is breaking the reporters have to write about it. So that was a great experience for me, and then in 2002 I was fired from my job, so that gave me the opportunity. Need to start and do my own thing so I started writing books. I’ve written 10 books so far the one you mentioned the new rules of marketing and PR is the 1 I’m best known for its sold 350,000 copies in the English language and is available in 29 other languages from Albanian to Vietnamese as well.I am I speak all over the world to all kinds of different organizations, and I’m I sit on The Advisory Board of a. Of different companies including HubSpot, I’ve been on their Advisory Board since the very beginning when they were just done no customers at all they just passed the 30,000 customer point so my whole thing is that I’m a huge huge believer in the idea that modern marketing works best when it’s real time in other words modern marketing works best when you are engaged with your audience when the moment is right.Not when it’s right for you, but when it’s right for your buyers. Okay, and we can get into more detail about that the first question. I had is what is the one thing that you would suggest and e-commerce business right now to be focusing on on their marketing to try and attract more customers than game ourselves, so I think getting back to this idea of real time.I think that it’s really. Central that you focus on creating really great content that drives people into your eCommerce store whether that’s video based content or text-based content photographs, it’s the content. It’s the images it. The information you provide that will be the difference between whether somebody pushes the button to buy the product or whether they just go away, and that’s really the best competitive Advantage for you is creating something interesting, but I go even further than that because that’s not a New Concept the further.I go is that the content that you should create is best when it’s tied to something going on the in the news. Great way to create real-time content that then educates and informs people when the moment is absolutely incorrect, so let me give you an example that I call this concept by the way news jacking and news jacking brief definition is the Art and Science of injecting your ideas into a breaking?News story and what the way it works is that you look at what’s going on in the news what’s going on in mainstream media, and what are those breaking stories that are interesting? How can you then tie your brand, and if you have any Commerce site if it’s in a particular type of focus e-commerce site on a particular product, that’s cool, or if it.If you have a particularly Agra fee that you sell into that school whatever it might be, but whenever there is a news story that you can tie to your brand, then that’s really awesome an example of that is a company called Cash. For purses what cash for purses does is an e-commerce site they both buy used Handbags and sell used Handbags, and so the the entrepreneurial founder of this company’s name is Trent silver and Trent has worked with me on this concept of news jacking and he understood it really understands it really well, and he ties his brand to news stories so for example.He learned that Lindsay Lohan. Was having money troubles and you might have seen that story when it appeared you know Lindsay Lindsay Lohan was all over the news because she was having trouble paying a rent, and she hadn’t gotten any movie deals in a couple of years, and she was somebody who was struggling so print created a blog post where he offered to buy Lindsay.Lohan’s used handbags now the reason that’s news jacking is because he created a piece of content that was focused. On a new story of that moment the idea that went Lindsay Lohan was having money troubles. He then sent a link to that idea of Lindsay. Lohan’s money troubles, and she and he would buy her used handbags to a number of different media outlets, and he got a whole bunch of responses so Radar Online wrote about it People magazine wrote about it Bazinga wrote about a whole bunch of different website, Huffington Post wrote about it.A whole bunch of different websites than wrote news stories mainstream Media news stories where they talked about Lindsay Lohan’s money troubles and that how selling her used handbags could be the key to her Financial Freedom, and this was cool because the the journalists who are writing those stories are always looking for a new angle on a story and here’s Trent silver providing them with a new angle on the Lindsay Lohan story.And then that drives people into trance business because every one of those news stories had a link to his business cash for purses. He told me that at the peak of these stories. He was getting over a thousand hits on the website every hour as a result of this, and he had 8,000 online leads from this, and he ended up selling a quarter of a million dollars worth.New business a quarter of a million dollars worth of new business on his online e-commerce say it just from this one example of news jacking so that’s the concept of news jacking you look at Google news and other places to find out what’s happening in the news, and then if the news story that is if there’s a new story, that’s breaking.And it’s something related to the business that you have this the type of product you sell in your eCommerce site. That’s when you can create content to tie your brand to that story. Yeah, and absolutely so an example of this recently when the whole United thing happened with the doctor. Yes, everywhere immediately.I think the next day had an ad they had a video ad talking about flying the friendly skies because they see. Oh had said something about the Gulf States and their Airlines. Yes, and Emirates the next day took a shot back saying Hey, Okay, so OK we are from the Gulf State, but we actually do live up to the standard of flying the friendly Skies exactly ok so that’s an example of Noosa.That’s yes, sir. That’s an exerts a perfect example of news jacking of course. That’s not an example for an e-commerce site, although. I guess it is because you can buy your ticket. On Emirates on an e-commerce site, but yeah, that’s the idea the idea is you have to be very aware of what’s going on in the media, and then it’s really important that you have to be quick right now as we’re recording this podcast.It’s about three weeks after that United Airlines incident. That’s way too late to news Jack that particular story you have to do it very quickly you have to do it the same day that news story breaks or possibly the next day, but it really. It does need to be quick the faster you get it out the more people who will see it because the more interest it will it will generate the other thing is that not every time that you news Jack a story.It’s going to have an amazing result because you never really know what’s going to interest members of the media and what’s going to interest your potential customers, so you have to give it a bunch of different shots you have to try again and again. Again in my own case. I’ve news Jack to number of times to generate business for me, and so I want to sell books.I want to tell sell speaking engagements. I want to sell my online courses, and so I’ll give you an example. I’ve been writing about Donald Trump’s the use of so his marketing skills. I’ve been writing about for almost two years now the first time that I said Donald Trump was the best marketing marketer within the presidential election.Was in August of 2015 that was even before the primaries, and I basically predicted that because he was the best marketer. He was likely to win, and I wrote about Donald Trump on my blog a number of times so when Donald Trump did in fact win on Election night November 8th. They predicted that he was going.I mean they. They forecast that he was going to win and two and then I immediately started writing my blog post in two hours later. I published my blog post at four Thirty in the morning and that blog post ended up getting tons of attention because Donald Trump was not supposed to win, and and so the media was like I meet them the reporters wanted to have somebody they could quote.About why Trump one and why it was predicted that Clinton was going to win, and I said well Trump was the best marketer, and he was using marketing techniques especially Twitter that the other candidates didn’t use and the media and the pollsters misjudged. How important Trump’s marketing was and then they ended up a lot of different Publications ended up quoting me.I was quoted in seeding that I was quoted in marketing magazine. I was quoting a whole bunch of other public. Asians and that then drove speaking requests because as people were reading the articles about me and quoting me about why Trump one because it was great marketing. I was invited to speak at conferences and in fact last week.I spoke at the public affairs Council in Washington DC in front of several hundred of the largest companies in the United States public affairs vice presidents and that. Can gig was generated exclusively because I news Jack Donald Trump’s winning the election and so that’s what it takes it takes following the news and then creating a piece of content instantly.It could be a video. It could be a blog post it could be a tweet, but putting out a piece of content instantly when the moment is right, and what are some of the tools. That you use for news Jackin that you think people should be using for news Jack and so things like Google a lot Etc. Yeah, sure they’re the main thing is I actually do not use Google Alerts the reason is because the best kind of stories you really cannot be prepared for you know who would have thought that United Airlines would drag a passenger through the aisle and you know break his teeth and make him.Can bleed and that somebody would shoot it on video? You could never have an alert set up. That would give you information about that so sure there’s no problem using Google Alerts, but you also have to be aware For What I Call Serendipity or the happy accidents that you never thought were coming so what I do and what I recommend everybody does is on a regular basis two or three or four times a day check Google news.That’s news Google com but turn off all the personal. Malaysian so you’re just looking at the basic news feed to see what the hot stories are of the day the other thing to use is Twitter moments so go to the main Twitter page, and then you’ll see a button for a moment, which is Twitter’s algorithm driven assessment of what the most popular stories trending on Twitter are those two things will give you some really great real-time real-time focus on what’s Happening the other thing.I do is very. Very old school, but I read a print Daily Newspaper every day when I’m I live in the Boston area so when I’m at home. I read the Boston Globe. It’s delivered to my house and when I’m traveling. I read whatever the local newspaper is in the place that I’m visiting and what that does is it gives me a chance to just take a deep dive into what’s going on in the world so I can be aware if there’s something going out that going on that can do some news checking about okay, and you also have the website news Jackie.So yeah when people visit the website. What are they going to get so I news There’s a bunch of free content on there. I have some free information on how to get started with news jacking. I have some some graphics that show how a news story breaks that you can download, and there’s also on there a course that I built.Called Master news jacking, and it’s an online study course where you can learn all of the details about how to do news jacking and the example I shared earlier when we were talking about Trent silver Trent is somebody. I taught how to use news jacking and all the things I taught him are in that course and as I mentioned earlier.He made a quarter of a million dollars from news jacking using the ideas that I taught him so it’s a great way to get noticed. It’s a great way to drive business to your eCommerce sites other than. Jacking com what are the other ways that people can reach you so on Twitter. I’m DM Scott. That’s the MSC Ott, and if you Google my full name David Meerman Scott.You will only get me I used my middle name Meerman for me for my professional work because there are very there are a lot of David Scott’s out there. There’s a David Scott who walked on the moon. There’s a David Scott who is an Ironman. Up one Champion. There’s a David Scott who’s a member of Congress from Georgia when I first started my business 15 years ago.I said hey I need to be unique on the web, so I started using my middle name, so I’m David Meerman Scott, and I’m the only David Meerman Scott on the web, so that’s actually an important lesson for everybody if you’re starting a new e-commerce site make sure that if somebody enters it into Google that they don’t get something else.They only get you and. And branding of that site such that it’s easy to find on the search engines as essential OK leaving your website. You use the full name David Meerman Scott. That’s yeah, it’s David Meerman Scott, but if you google David Meerman Scott. You’re going to get tons and tons of stuff that points to me.You know there’s hundreds of thousands of hits, and they all point to stuff that is about me or my sites are articles that are written about me or whatever. That’s David for being of the podcasts and teaching us. Out news Jack and do have any final thoughts here the thing that’s really cool about this Robert.Is that in some it’s fun. You know a lot of people who run e-commerce businesses say that they don’t like marketing because they don’t you know just boring. It’s it’s not fun. It costs money. Well news jacking is free number one and number two. It’s fun to do. It’s really exciting when you get noticed because of something like this, so that’s what I would leave people with this have some fun with your News Junkie.Okay, David. Thanks for being on the podcast. Thank you Robert take care. 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