Show Notes

Welcome back to the eCommerce Marketing Podcast. Today’s guest is Stacey Herbert. Stacey is an authority ecommerce marketing strategist and founder of Brazen Profit Lab where she teaches online store owners how to get more traffic, visibility and sales using the power of content. She’s also the founder of Apothecary Seven, a holistic wellness website and lifestyle brand for women in business. Stacey is originally from London, U.K. but has been living in Berlin for the last 2 years. In this episode, Stacey and Robert discuss using content to position your brand as an authority on your niche topic and the importance of viewing this as a long-term strategy. Stacey shares some tools to help research and market your authority content as well as a number of ways to repurpose your content to get better bang for your buck.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What authority ecommerce marketing is and the importance of creating content with the customer’s buyer journey in mind
  • How ecommerce businesses can use authority marketing to build trust with their audience and therefore get more customers
  • Why you need to be clear on your ideal customers and the problem your product solves
  • The power of knowing what questions your customers are asking about your product so you can create content to answer them
  • Examples of ways to create content, break it down into micro-content and repurpose it to be presented across different mediums and platforms
  • The importance of knowing where your ideal customers hang out so you can focus marketing efforts in the right places
  • Ways to work with others in your niche to get more eyes on your content
  • How to use content not just to drive people to your ecommerce store, but make the content a cart

Where to find more from Stacey:

You can find Stacey at her website, or email [email protected] Don’t forget about Stacey’s offer of a website and content audit!

Keyword Research Tools Mentioned:

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