When you run content marketing campaigns, you will need to pay your attention to multiple factors. Focusing on those factors on your own can be a real challenge. That’s where you need to seek the assistance of a proper content marketing tool. Surfer SEO and Marketmuse are two of the greatest options available out there to consider. 

Keywords are, of course, just a minor part of SEO. MarketMuse and Surfer are two software platforms that analyze competitors’ publications so that you can produce even better content. While not as comprehensive as SEMRush and Moz software when it comes to getting into the dunk of SEO, these programs may be quite useful for on-page SEO and SEO strategy. Continue reading to find out which platform offers the most value for your money and time.

What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer, a data-driven SEO tool for on-page and beyond, examines your search engine results pages and those of your rivals to provide data-driven, actionable information you used when creating content and copywriting.

Keyword Surfer is a free SEO plugin for Google Chrome that helps your perform keyword analysis inside the search query. SERP Analyzer Content Editor Keyword Analysis SEO Audit Keyword Surfer is a free SEO plugin for Google Chrome which helps you do keyword analysis within the web browser.

The SERP Analyzer analyzes 500+ elements on 50 competing sites to help you put out a plan for creating high-performing content.

The Content Editor ties everything together by demonstrating how you should use the data from the analyzer. The interactive editor may also operate as a light project manager, allowing you to communicate with authors about the scope of work and deadlines.

The number of SERP searches allowed each day, the number of articles you can put thru the content editor, and the number of links & visibility checks you can run are among the distinctions between them. Natural Language Processing (NLP) research is included in the Pro, Business, and Business+ plans to assess page sentiment. You can also produce white-label reports for customers with the Business and Business+ subscriptions, as well as get live chat assistance and on-demand training.

Is It Worth It To Get Surfer SEO? 

Surfer is intuitive and simple to use from the writer’s and SEO marketer’s standpoint, making content creation seem like a game. As you utilize the proper keywords in the right frequency, add headers, hyperlinks, and images, and split your material into easy-to-read paragraphs, the meter in the Editor will turn green.

By looking at all aspects of SEO as a whole, the scalable software takes the guessing out of content preparation. You might do a manual content analysis, test your material, and update it. Using the application, however, saves time. If you’re a content marketer, it may also help you communicate your expectations to authors so that they can develop material that ranks high in search results while also engaging readers.

Writers must remember to write clear, compelling material and to integrate keywords into the post organically. When the Content Editor offers irrelevant or uncomfortable recommendations, they will have to use their judgment to overrule the program.

Surfer does not remove the human factor from Web writing; rather, it gives a road map for authors to follow to verify that they’re using semantically linked keywords to express information. It may also generate ideas or subjects to address inside the post via its keyword recommendations.


  • Offers assistance with keyword preparation
  • You can identify correct keywords
  • Offers some intelligent features

What is MarketMuse? 

MarketMuse is an “AI Content Intelligence & Strategy Platform” that creates full content briefs including word counts, subheads, internal and external connections, and, of course, keywords. The program may be able to employ Natural Language Generation in the future to produce text that only requires little human modification.

Each finished article’s “Personalized Difficulty Score” evaluates how effectively you’ve covered the subject in comparison to rivals. The figure offers authors a target to shoot towards as they seek to generate the greatest material possible in a certain field.

Competitive analysis and an assessment of the material and subjects offered on your site are included in content research. Strategy provides customized analytics to aid in the discovery of chances for high-performing pages.

To assist the link-building parts of SEO, content production provides writer briefs that provide a full, thorough plan based on the keywords, subheads, queries that visitors may ask, and suggested internal and external links.

The last component of the jigsaw, content optimization, generates a score that indicates how well the final draft compares to the competition. MarketMuse provides four packages, as well as the option to buy “credits” that may be used to purchase a range of studies, ranging from a content short to an SEO review. With the two higher tier packages, you’ll also get credits. The upper-tier plan is an entrepreneurship plan with customization options.

Although MarketMuse’s costs begin substantially higher than Surfer’s, the program’s higher tiers are more comprehensive overall. Optimize, MarketMuse’s entry-level bundle, is the most popular, according to the company. The Optimize Text Editor & 25 queries each month are included in this beginning application. 

If you upgrade to the Plus plan, you’ll get all four apps described above, as well as 50 monthly inquiries, 500 cataloged pages, and five credits per year. The Pro package doubles your monthly query limit to 100 and provides you with 12 yearly credits. Finally, the premium package can be tailored to your specific requirements, with unlimited questions, functional inventories, as well as 60 or more credits.


  • Effective competitive analysis 
  • Assist with link building
  • Assist with keyword research


  • Pricing plans are confusing 

What is the Best Option? 

If you want to produce content that nearly writes itself, MarketMuse is a more powerful software option.

MarketMuse appears to be more effective in its keyword creation in real-world use, producing less irrelevant or poorly written terms. The template provides authors with a clear blueprint for how their material should appear in order to get better SEO results, including the optimal headlines & subheads for your subject.

Surfer’s appeal stems from its inexpensive cost and ease of usage. The inexpensive monthly package may help agencies, SEOs, and content creators make sure they’re utilizing the ideal keywords to get their material ranked on Google.

Of course, these tools are only as good as the content writers who develop it. These programs can help you design content and include keywords, backlinks, and themes that are pertinent to your articles. The job of the writer is what makes your marketing efforts come to life.