One of my most often requested videos recently seems to be one in which I demonstrate the distinctions between Surfer and Frase. There’s a lot less both to tools than that, and one article wouldn’t be enough! However, we are going to share two of the most prominent content marketing tools available out there in this article. They are nothing but SurferSEO and Frase. 

What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO has been here for a long time, and its searching keyword research tool is well-known. When compared to rivals, you may utilize this tool to evaluate where your content is performing well or poorly. It allows you to properly display this data in order to optimize your whole domain.

But, if you’re looking for a tool to help you write optimized material on a regular basis, check out the Surfer SEO content editor. Surfer SEO is one of the most innovative cloud-based solutions available. It generates real-time recommendations to help your sites rank better in search results. The tool is easy to use just type in your target keyword to obtain a thorough guide that includes other keywords, essential questions, and subjects to include.

Our authors will optimize your material correctly, while keeping the reader’s interest in mind, if you provide a Surfer SEO guidance with your purchase.

  • Modeling a Topic

Surfer SEO features a sophisticated and user-friendly tool for modeling and content creation. When you enter your target keywords, it displays a list of rivals along with their ratings for you to compare. It then generates appropriate keyword ideas for you to use in your text.

You’ll also be able to view a sample of each keyword’s use in the editor. Then you may polish the ones you don’t want to retain that aren’t relevant. You may also include questions from Other People’s Questions in your paper.

Surfer SEO is particularly useful since it has a Google Docs plugin. You don’t need to make a separate document to enjoy all of Google Docs’ useful editing and sharing features. If you’re working with an outside content writer, this may be useful.

  • Content Planning & Strategy

Surfer SEO has just included a useful new feature for longer-term content planning. Simply enter a keyword and you’ll be presented with a selection of content ideas along with their major and secondary keywords.

You’ll be able to create new content clusters using inbound links around any subject this way. This will increase your domain’s topical authority and attract more visitors to your site.

  • Usability

Overall, the content editor in Surfer SEO is simple to use when creating a set of keywords and queries. Those keywords will guide you as you write your article. However, you’ll need to do further research from outside Surfer SEO to ensure that you’re providing value to your target consumers. It also doesn’t provide much in the way of content organization.

You’ll also have to manually build a content brief for another writer on the Surfer SEO document. Your content writer will have to erase it to produce the material since there isn’t a separate tab for leave the material short. Either you accept this, or you’ll have to create the short on another platform.


  • Affordable 
  • User-friendly
  • Provides a clear content marketing strategy
  • Keyword research is effective 

What is Frase? 

Although Frase is a newer software than Surfer SEO, it was designed specifically for content generation and is fully suited for that purpose. By utilizing your web content to answer business visitors’ inquiries, Frase enhances SEO and boosts conversion. Frase’s technology is used by marketing companies as well as by marketers all over the globe to guarantee that prospects never exit a website before finding what they’re searching for.

  • Modeling a Topic

Frase is fantastic for speeding your content creation process, creating content briefs, and doing research on your subject. When you enter in your target term, you’ll receive a set of keywords to add as well as question suggestions.

Frase is beneficial since it gives you questions from Google’s People Also Ask, as well as Quora and Reddit. These are gold mines for discovering what real people are saying about a subject, not just what you’ll see on sales sites.

Frase varies from Surfer SEO in one important way that will help you create content faster. When you click on a term, you’ll get a fuller excerpt of how your rivals are using the same keywords and content. This lets you easily import material from other websites to build a framework, which you can then change to make your own.

When utilized carefully, this may be a terrific method for making subject research simpler. However, if you just follow Frases recommendations, you’ll wind up rewriting the identical content as your competition.

You’ll need to go above and above in terms of research to offer value and stand out among competing websites. You’ll get a better understanding of the user’s purpose and requirements this way.

  • Content Planning & Strategy

The Frase Questions tool in Frase offers a content planning option for finding subjects. You’ll get a list of queries and their sources if you type in your keyword. You’ll be able to view the search volume with the Search Engine Marketing add-on, but it’ll cost you an extra $35 each month.

  • Usability

Frase isn’t the most user-friendly program at first appearance. Everything you need can be found with a little digging. It works fine after you figure it out. Simply move your mouse over the tabs to see your subject score, commonly asked questions, and related material that includes your goal keywords.

Adding material to your content brief, as well as amending content, is usually simple. Frase also has distinct tabs again for brief and the content, which is a clever feature. You may construct the brief, secure it, and the copywriter will work on it in a different tab.

Frase has a tendency to count fragments of a word as entire keywords, which might be inconvenient. If you use the term ‘blog,’ for example, the word ‘blogs’ will appear every time, and your result may be affected. It also appears to be a little slower, although it normally just takes a few seconds.


  • Makes your life easy with keyword research
  • Rich usability features
  • Content rewriting is effective


  • Not the cheapest tool 
  • User interface can be complex for some 

What is the Best Content Marketing Tool Out of These? 

The decision between Surfer and Frase SEO tools is based on your priorities. Surfer excels in ease of use, planning, and SERP analysis, but Frase excels at providing writing inspiration. Because they each analyze material differently, you’re unlikely to obtain the same keywords from them. They may also compare slightly different sites, but the variances aren’t significant enough to make a difference.

Also, keep in mind that each of these content optimization tools will need some work from you. You’ll need to read through the rival articles and choose the ones you want to compare. If you choose the incorrect sites, your blog article will fight with a merchant site, which will almost certainly result in negative results.

You’ll also want to check the keyword ideas to see whether they’re appropriate for your subject. This will provide you and your material team with a precise content score.