If you are a content publisher on the internet, you will need to pay special attention to SEO. Doing SEO in the correct way will help you to increase your overall chances of securing better results in search engines. However, you will not be able to work on SEO on your own. This is where you need to get the help of an appropriate SEO tool. SurferSEO and Clearscope are two of the best options available out there to consider as of now.

What Is SurferSEO and How Does It Work?

SurferSEO bills itself as a SERP Analyzer & Content Editor on its website. The USP of the firm is that it analyzes over 500 parameters based on the principal word you’re needed to create content and combines them into a single user interface. You don’t have to manually collect data.

SurferSEO can help you figure out which sites have the top rankings and why. This implies you may focus on the most important information-related variables in the field of interest you’re in. SurferSEO was just a SERP Analyzer when it was initially released. However, in the years thereafter, a range of options have been introduced.

One of the primary reasons people like the SERP Analyzer is because it aggregates over 500 factors, as we discussed previously. Enter your search phrase, and you’ll get an evaluation in a couple of minutes. SurferSEO stands apart in this regard. Because the SERP Analyzer doesn’t really concentrate on highly ranked websites’ content information aspects. It may also tell you if the topic is making you uncomfortable.

SurferSEO employs artificial intelligence to assess how often websites that rank well for your selected key phrases use those keywords. You may read over these sites and determine which ones you want to include in your writing. This stops irrelevant terms from appearing in the text editor. You may cut / paste your documents into the editors, and SurferSEO will go through them for potential improvements. It is based on benchmarked information of sites that have previously scored well, i.e., the current online competition, rather than old recommendations.

Pros of Surfer SEO

  • It’s a cloud-based On-Page Optimization tool that evaluates your website’s performance against a variety of ranking factors.
  • It’s intended to help both big and small enterprises.
  • It may be used to operate both small and big businesses.
  • Surfer offers Google Chrome extensions that let you use Google Docs to write.
  • Money refund guarantee for 7 days

What is Clearscope and How Does It Work? 

Clearscope use artificial intelligence (AI) to give you the words you need to add in your content in order to boost your rankings. Clearscope generates a report depending on these criteria once you enter the main term, pick a location, and then choose the language.

It is considered to be Clearscope’s most crucial feature. When you utilize other SEO tools, you’ll see that they spend the majority of their time researching keywords or refining current content. Clearscope, on the other hand, allows you to produce optimal content in real time while also receiving a report on current material. There are two types of editors available with clear scope.

On the right hand side of this editor, you can see important information like the number of words, readability current grade, and content quality. Each statistic is unique. Clearscope makes recommendations based on a survey of the most popular SERP sites. With these tips, you can quickly change your content. The real results of such changes to the metrics will then be shown.

It’s difficult to identify and search data for each customer if you’re accountable for multiple clients. Clearscope offers “Report History” for this purpose. This is where you can see all of the reports you’ve made since you first started using Clearscope. Another handy feature is the option to name each report so that you don’t get lost in the future when looking for a certain customer.

Pros of Clearscope

  • It’s a keyword research tool as well as a content optimization tool.
  • It analyzes your website’s content using Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • It may be used by both professionals and non-experts.
  • In certain ways, it will only help big and small businesses.
  • The optimization process produces reports as a result of its findings.
  • It’s straightforward, with a user-friendly layout.
  • Installing Clearscope’s Add-on will allow you to access Google Docs.

Cons of Clearscope 

  • It is not the cheapest tool that you can find out there.
  • Beginners may find challenges when getting used to the interface. 

SurferSEO vs. Clearscope: Which Is Better?

You must examine the advantages and disadvantages of our particular business and your company’s unique demands, just as you would with any instrument.

SurferSEO also includes additional features that allow for greater cooperation and is substantially less expensive than Clearscope. While Clearscope is more user-friendly and appealing, we believe SurferSEO just edges it out.

What each lacks, though, is the ability to create material and test it in the actual world. It would be excellent if you could demonstrate that your hard work pays off, and that you’d want to learn how to apply these changes to various parts of your site.

Final Words 

They’re both great. Surfer offers simple features in its base plan, which is less expensive. Surfer is the best choice if you want to try out the basic functions like browsing. If you’re searching for a comprehensive tool, Clearscope is the way to go.

Clearscope provides a reporting system in which you will obtain a report for each inquiry. Many consumers find it difficult to comprehend a message and then act on the advice. As a result, if you’re not acquainted with the reporting system, Surfer SEO should be considered. In addition, as compared to Clearscope, Surfer SEO is more user-friendly.