The OSI Affiliate platform gives businesses that want to do affiliate and influencer marketing a complete solution. By using the OSI Affiliate plugin for Shopify, your brand advocates and affiliates will have access to a number of tools that will help them promote your brand through their dashboard.

Humanz Lite


Humanz is a platform that helps businesses drive traffic and sales to their websites using influencers. Its app, called Humanz, is a lightweight version of the full Humanz influencer marketing solution. It allows users to find relevant influencers and track their sales using the platform's artificial intelligence tool.

Social Stream

★☆ (26)

Increase sales and improve your website with a stunning Instagram photo gallery. Display images from Instagram to showcase products, reviews, events, or use it as a lookbook or testimonials gallery. The Instagram Stream feature automatically updates, allowing you to stream social media content from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, and more in a live feed on your website. Boost your followers, keep your content fresh, and increase the time spent on your site.

Social Media Icons

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Add social media buttons to your website with icons for popular networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Customize the appearance of your buttons by selecting the background and fill color, using square or round icons, adjusting the size, and adding animation and hover effects.

Ambassador Manager


Simplify the process of managing brand ambassadors with our automated system. The key features include: automatically linking forms on your website to import ambassadors into the app, a CSV import option to include previous ambassadors, one-click promo code creation and automatic emailing to ambassadors, customizable settings for promo codes and discounts, and pre-made email templates.


★☆☆☆ (12)

Minta is a comprehensive content marketing platform that streamlines the creation, planning, and posting of social videos and designed images. It is specifically designed to help eCommerce store owners with the challenges of daily content creation and social media management.

Outfy is a tool that helps you create and share a variety of promotional content, such as videos, collages, and animated GIFs, to effectively promote your store on social media and reach more customers. It is packed with features that are versatile, responsive, and cost-effective for small business owners.



VidyBack is a web app that allows you to easily create product videos for your online store. Simply integrate your shop with the app and it will download all of your product information to the dashboard.

Salesdish QRcode Poster

★☆ (43)

Salesdish QRcode Poster is a tool that helps you promote your products through influencers and bloggers by creating attractive posters and short links. Simply enter your store's domain name and the app will generate a shortened version of your URL that can be shared on social media or in person.

Facebook Like Popup

★☆☆☆ (15)

Improve your website's social media presence with a Facebook Like Popup that allows visitors to follow you with just one click. This can help you convert more people into Facebook fans and keep them connected to your business.

Facebook Feed

★☆☆ (44)

Increase your online community by adding a custom feed from your Facebook Page to your website. This feed will display your latest posts, photos, and videos and will stay up-to-date automatically. Adding your Facebook Page to your website is a great way to attract new followers and increase likes and shares.

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About Best Wix Social Media Apps

Wix social media apps offer an extensive selection of tools that help you effortlessly connect with your audience, expand your reach, and create a dynamic online community. Designed for seamless integration with your Wix website, these apps cater to various needs, from small businesses and bloggers to online creators and more. Discover the perfect solution tailored to your unique requirements in the Wix App Market.

Integration with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest is made simple with Wix social media apps. Effortlessly showcase your content, embed feeds, and add follow and share buttons to encourage your website visitors to interact with your brand on multiple platforms. These apps enhance your online presence and help you stay connected with your audience.

Wix social media apps also enable you to access powerful analytics and insights to monitor your performance, identify trends, and optimize your social media strategy. By understanding your audience's preferences and behavior, you can create targeted content that resonates with them, driving engagement and growth. Leverage these insights to make informed decisions and boost your online impact.