Recart becomes a way for your online store to have more sales. It also comes with an Email, Messenger, and Push Marketing Msgs.

Mobile converter

This software can boost your mobile conversion rate for your store on Shopify. It comes with an add to cart bar on top of the screen and increases your sales.

Consistent Cart

Consistent Cart increases your sales by upto 30% through the help of emails for abandoned carts, push notifications, and others. You could also see your store’s shopping carts real time.

Also Bought

Knowing which customers bought this product also bought this is an intelligent feature of Amazon. This app brings that feature into Shopify in a very convenient way.

Judge Me is a review app on Shopify alone. They are focused on optimizing your workflow, the speed of your page, and the experience of users.

Yotpo Reviews

Yotpo Provides the most advanced solution for reviews, they also get their own reviews. Actual clients review them so everyone would know nothing but the truth.

Product Upsell

Upsell Increases revenue for all your orders by simply showing products that are targeted. They offer these products to customers during check out time.

Smart Upsells

Smart Upsells help you earn extra through upselling. They set different rules as to when to upsell different products.

Banana Stand

Banana Stand is a software that allows you to have urgency and builds your social proof. This comes with counters, timers, social proof feeds, and other tools.

Loox Reviews

Loox reviews have been increasing the sales and trust of different companies. Thay have handled and have been effective in different niches such as decor, jewelry, tech gadgets, apparel, homeware, and others more.