The Website Intelligence Platform is Visitor Analytics - a comprehensive, user-friendly analytics tool that is compliant with privacy regulations. It offers three categories of insights: website statistics, visitor behavior analytics, and visitor communication. Website owners, digital marketers, and demand specialists can obtain a complete picture of what is and isn't working on their websites. Over 2.5 million websites already benefit from the platform, which provides easier access to core metrics, a better understanding of visitor behavior, and an improved visitor experience.



Many people are uncertain if their website is performing optimally, and complicated analytics can be overwhelming. That's why we developed a simple tool that eliminates the noise and provides easy-to-understand data. With this tool, you can discover how people interact with your website, make informed decisions, and expand your business.


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Profitability is one of the most critical metrics in business. It's determined by subtracting product costs and operating expenses from sales revenues. While your online store accurately tracks sales revenues, it doesn't account for product costs and operating expenses.

Tired of manually transferring data into spreadsheets? Say goodbye to copy-and-paste with the help of KPIBees. KPIBees is a Google Sheets Add-on that simplifies the process of automatically importing data from your website and 20 other tools to Google Sheets. With just a few clicks, you can import data directly into your spreadsheet, eliminating the need for manual data entry

Visitors Map

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Proudly show off your website’s traffic on beautiful maps. See what country visitors are coming from, when they came in & more. Just add the Live Visitors Map to your site, choose your default center and zoom, a map style you love & you're set!

Wix Hit Counter

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Show off the popularity of your website with a simple hit counter. Keep track of the number of visits to your site, and watch the counter increment each time someone visits. With a user-friendly interface, it's easy to display the number of visitors and showcase the growth of your website.

Hit Counter

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Boost your website's conversion rate and increase sales or sign-ups by showcasing your site traffic with Hit Counter. Use it for website analytics and to keep track of your site visits

With the Pixel Conversion Tracking App, you can analyze and measure the performance of your Pinterest, TikTok, and Twitter ads. Once you've installed the Pixel Tag, the following events will be tracked: Checkout, Add to Cart, Page Views, Product Page Views, Category Views, and Search Queries.



Optimizing and tracking your store's performance has never been simpler. With zero configuration, you'll have access to informative charts and metrics that are critical to your business. Our platform offers daily and day-of-week aggregation of your store's vital metrics, providing insights into your store's performance.

Salesdish Visitors Counter

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The Salesdish Visitors Counter is an excellent tool for showcasing the popularity of your product. It displays the current number of real visitors and recent orders, providing social proof that your product is well-liked among your audience. This feature lets your visitors know that they are not alone in shopping at your store.

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About Best Wix Analytics Apps

Wix Analytics Apps provide a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help businesses and individuals gather valuable insights into their website's performance, user behavior, and engagement patterns. By offering a diverse selection of analytics solutions, users can easily identify and track key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to their specific goals. These insights enable users to make data-driven decisions, optimize their website's content, and enhance their overall online presence.

The user-friendly nature of Wix Analytics Apps ensures that even those with limited experience in data analysis can quickly gain a deep understanding of their website's performance. With easy-to-use dashboards, visual representations, and customizable reports, users can effortlessly monitor and analyze their data. This accessibility makes Wix Analytics Apps an ideal choice for small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs looking to leverage the power of data to drive growth and success.

Beyond just providing raw data, Wix Analytics Apps emphasize actionable insights to help users improve their website's performance. By offering recommendations based on data-driven analysis, users can identify areas that need improvement and implement changes to increase user engagement, boost conversions, and ultimately achieve their desired outcomes. This focus on actionable intelligence empowers users to continuously optimize their website, adapting to evolving user preferences and market trends.

Integration with other Wix products and services is a key strength of Wix Analytics Apps, allowing users to take full advantage of the Wix ecosystem. Seamless integration with website design, e-commerce, marketing tools, and more creates a unified experience for businesses and their customers. By combining the power of Wix Analytics Apps with the platform's other offerings, users can create a well-rounded online presence that drives long-term growth and success.