10 Tools for your eCommerce business that can help you with Shopping cart abandonment problems  

1. CartStack [Editors’ Choice]

Cartstack offers a cheap email reminder that can be integrated with any site to help eCommerce businesses recover carts that has been abandoned.

2. ClickTale

ClickTale could be used to view the screen of your visitors through their in page web analytics feature. So you basically can relive the experience of your customer with your website. It provides an actual benefit of Improve Customer Lifetime Value. It’s somehow similar to Crazyegg’s feature (which we will talk about later on) but ClickTale can measure the keystrokes and mouse movement of your visitor. Here’s more about the benefits you could get from ClickTale: Grow your business with the best Best Wix Affiliate Plugins.

  • Watch a video of your customers experience you can see what your customers are struggling with when they are in your platform, you can also figure out what they don’t like and what page they actually linger on. You can also learn How to Grow Your Customer Base Using Live Video.
  •  You can see how people are interacting with your website: They offer different reports to make you better understand the interactions of your customer with your website. They also have a feature that would help you fix your form if it scares away visitors.

3.  Rejoiner

If you are looking for a tool that could help you in personalizing your remarketing email, that could help you in measuring the effectiveness of your web forms and could turn them into actionable data then Rejoiner is definitely for you. I’m sure you already know that people are abandoning their cart without even buying anything yet. But what you didn’t know is that majority of visitors like them are actually potential into being converted into actual customers who purchases. Why else would you add stuff to your cart if you won’t be making a purchase? There are a lot of different type of abandoned cart recovery tool, but we really included Rejoiner in this list because unlike the others they offer a 14-day free trial, and it all only starts when you have already converted a customer. So, what’s there to lose? It’s almost zero risk. It provides an actual benefit of Improve Customer Lifetime Value. Here’s a head-to-head analysis comparison of Surfer SEO vs Clearscope vs Frase.

The idea of Rejoiner is very simple, you could set up emails, yu could personalize them, you could even customize long after the abandonment should it be sent. It even works with other platforms, all you have to do is download the plugin and you could easily integrate it already. You could even measure how effective your campaign is through the data.  Find the right tool to improve your content marketing in the Surferseo VS Marketmuse.

4. Ethnio – Pop-up Surveys

If you want to conduct usability tests on prospects that are qualified then check out Ethnio. They could add a pop up survey into your site. Visitors would be asked if they are interested in joiing your usability test. You can also customize this test based on your goals. If you want more people to take this test then try giving an incentive for it. Offers great tools for content ideation with Surferseo VS Frase. The Surferseo VS Clearscope makes your choice in content optimization tool easy.

If you’re doubting that it would work, I could assure you that if done right, it definitely would. Why? Simply because we are humans, and it’s our nature that we want to get involved. In brick and mortar shops, there’s a relationship type that could rarely be found in online shops, and that’s making customers know that they are important. Once they fill in your survey, you could then decide whether you want to do the test with them or not.  Looking for the best optimization tool from Surferseo VS Page-optimizer-pro.

5.  Qualaroo

Next is Qualaroo. This software would really help retailers by increasing their conversions and revenue while at the same time decreasing the abandonment carts. So if you are one of those who asks “why are people abandoning their carts?” This tool is somehow different than others too because they believe that as much as it is important to check the analytics, it’s also important to talk to customers and know what customers would really like. You can make high-quality content with the Best Content Generators. With Quaraloo’s survey you could also identify problems like:

  • Which pages has high exit bounce rates
  • They also have exit surveys to figure what customers didn’t like about your website
  •  Why some customers linger on some pages for long

Quaraloo can also show you problems that your visitors experience while they are in your website like their trust, confidence, promotional opportunities, cart issues, and other reasons that prevent them from checking out. You also learn on How to Increase Sales through Affiliate Programs and Content Partners.

6.   Yotpo – Social Reviews

Reviews are important when it comes to eCommerce marketing . even studies that were done has proven that if your business has reviews from other customers then more people would likely buy from you because they feel like you are worth trusting. Also, remember that negative reviews are also important to prove that your reviews are actually reviews. Wouldn’t you doubt a store with just positive reviews? Who could be that perfect, right?

YotPo also send emails to your customers days after their purchase, you can also customize this. You can also customize the content of your email and ask if they are interested in reviewing your product, or share how they feel about it. You can offer incentives for honest reviews to encourage them to purchase from you again. YotPo also display reviews to your website through a widget, you can integrate it with Facebook and Twitter as well as others too. Find the right tool to improve your content marketing in the Surferseo VS Marketmuse.

7. AdRoll

If you need retargeting strategies, a lot of retailers are using AdRoll. It makes retargeting visitors through social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and websites possible. Big companies like Levi’s, Gopro, SalesForce, and ZenDesk are also using AdRoll, so I guess they’re really good. Their features also have dynamic Liquid ads, Retargeting, compatibility of Cross platform, ROI, segmentation, eCommerce optimization. Also, Retargeting to Increase Customer Engagement and Sales.

How to Run Profitable Paid Ads Campaign?. When you want to re-engage your visitors, LiquidAds are really good for that. You can show off catalogs and products without other resources. You can also personalize them depending on what you want it to show.

8. CrazyEgg

This one is one of the most effective and is a lot of people’s favorite. It shows you what your visitors do on your website, but it’s not the typical way of showing because it shows you exactly where they click and what they click on. If Google Analytics show you the links, CrazyEgg goes as far as showing you the parts of the page your visitors actually click on. You can make high-quality content with the Best Content Generators. It becomes displayed on heatmaps like on the picture below. If you aren’t happy with this yet, here are other advantages:

  • It shows you parts of the pages that get attention most, and this is really useful if you aren’t used with wed analytic tools yet.
  • It also shows you parts of pages that isn’t clickable. This could be parts that should be made accessible. Maybe people would want to know more about a picture and you weren’t able to properly describe it?
  • It would also show you the links that point to the same thing, and which one is more used.
  • You can also view how much your visitors scroll down through the heatmaps.

9. Conversions on Demand

Cart Recovery tools can come in different appearances and COD (conversions on demand) takes a different approach when it comes to this. It doesn’t just help you prevent cart abandonment from happening, it also keeps your customers from abandoning them in future purchases. Offers great tools for content ideation with Surferseo VS Frase.

  • With their Daily Deal Bar you can make deals as easy as possible
  • They have an email based cart recovery called email catapult
  • They can detect a possible cart abandonment and show a popup to persuade the customer from abandoning through the cart closer.
  • You can compare different performances through the CrowdWisdom
  • You could test the difference of having the tool and not through the EZ test
  • They have analytics
  • You can motivate customers that aren’t sure to purchase with their Time2Buy
  • Lastly their interface is really easy to use.

10.  Olark

If you want to know what your visitor dislikes about your page, there’s no other better way from actually hearing it from them, right? Olark can help you by asking your visitors about what they didn’t like about your page or what needs improvement. A lot of customers wouldn’t want phone conversations for a lot of reasons like because they’re busy, they’re at their office, or maybe they just don’t really like it. Looking for the best optimization tool from Surferseo VS Page-optimizer-pro. Good thing Olark has their live chat to help you with:

  • Knowing which pages are a headache to people who visit your website,
  • Which products need more description and information,
  • What your customers would actually want to know, ask, or say about your eCommerce website.
  • To say what you can to persuade your customers to make a purchase.

There are studies which prove that live chats could make a good difference in increasing the conversion rate by using Content Marketing and Seo. It happens mainly because you are engaging with your future customers. List down question that you would want to ask your customers so that you can know what they want and make your platform match what your target audience desires. Click here to discover the  Best Shopify Affiliate Apps

How to choose a good shopping cart abandonment software

Shopping cart abandonment happens more often than not, especially today. Sometimes people really abandon their carts cause they really don’t want to buy, but sometimes they got distracted. Good thing, it doesn’t mean the shopping cart has been abandoned, it’s the end of the line. There are a lot of amazing shopping cart abandonment software that could help you out. Find out a little more about Best Shopify Affiliate Plugins. From what’s listed above, you could choose from the best of the bests. But how do you know it’s a good one, right? here are some features every good Cart abandonment software must have:

  • First of all, it should allow you to send the emails whenever you want it to be sent.
  • Second, you should be able to customize how it should look as well as what it should say.
  • There should be automated ways of sending emails but it should also be customizable.
  • There should be a given pre-set frequency for sending emails based on practices used for increasing conversions (if ever the user is still new) but it should also be customizable.
  • Subject lines and content should be 100% customizable.
  • You should be able to add a coupon code to the emails because it would motivate your customers.
  • It should include all of the features above as well as other more features including analytics, optimized themes, coupons, faceted search and others more. It should include all of the features above as well as other more features including analytics, optimized themes, coupons, faceted search and others more.


Shopping cart abandonment is something that could be turned around, and not everyone know that. Using Influencers, Creators and Celebrities to Become Direct Sellers of Your Brand People think that when a person abandons their cart, that’s it, there’s nothing that they could do but accept it. Now that is very wrong, mainly because people placed those items in their cart because they want to purchase it, also, there are many reasons for shopping cart abandonment to happen. Good thing we have tools to prevent as well as turn an abandoned cart into a successful purchase. Go ahead and check these tools to know that you can prevent people from abandoning your cart and you can turn things around as well. Promoting Your Brand across Amazon and Other Online Marketplaces is a great advantage.

Good Luck! You can listen to this podcast “Why WhatsApp is the Ultimate eCommerce Marketplace” – with Cesar Martin.