Dylan Kelley is a sought-after ecommerce expert who helps top Shopify stores stop leaking revenue with done-for-you email marketing. Dylan is the founder of the ecommerce email marketing agency Wavebreak and host of the Wavebreak Podcast: Grow Your Shopify Store.

After 4.5 years of running the agency, she realized that many brands would prefer to build their internal Amazon capability rather than relying on outside agencies or consultants. So “The Marketplace Institute” was born – a platform to help ecommerce managers and practitioners to stay atop of Amazon best practices. Kiri is also the host of the podcast, Ecommerce Braintrust, and a contributor to Forbes retail.  

Ryan McDonald is the Owner & Operator at Shade Digital – Online Advertising Agency for Small Businesses. At Shade Digital Ryan helps small businesses increase revenues through online advertising. He also assists businesses with their entire web presence by providing done for you website building and management services.

Tim Cakir is the COO of Carts Guru, a multichannel retargeting platform aiming to convert abandoned carts for e-commerce businesses. He joined the company at the beginning of this year because he was impressed with the level of growth and potential Carts Guru has. He took the opportunity to be a part of it all and is currently focusing his work on evolving the team and helping the business reach new heights of success.

Amazon selling isn’t new. But doing it well and profitable has been out of reach for a lot of people. Mike Zagare (zuh-gary) and PPC Entourage have flipped that script, and they’re helping sellers around the world not just make money… but make a profit. Mike is a serial entrepreneur and recovering physical therapist who now helps other entrepreneurial-minded people turn their selling gig into a serious money maker. For anyone who is sick of the 9-to-5 grind, Mike feels your pain. 

Allison Roy is a digital marketing consultant at Capgemini. She helps brands tell impactful stories through digital media and expand their reach through influencer marketing. Allison has provided strategic content marketing advice to B2C brands like Intermix, Havaianas, True Religion, Wilton, Radio Flyer and more.

Darcy is the founder of Propel Marketing & Design. Propel is a full-service marketing agency located in South Florida that works with companies of all sizes. She is a recognized public speaker and educator on topics related to traditional marketing, content marketing, SEO, social media, WordPress, PR, and other digital marketing strategies. Over the past few years through online and in-person trainings, she’s taught over 17,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Venchito Tampon is the Co-founder and Marketing director at SharpRocket, an agency focused on quality link building, outreach and strategy. He specializes in link building, content marketing, and client acquisition. He and his local team works with different clients of different sizes and types (small to medium brands, SEO agencies, and Fortune 500 companies) in the US, Australia, UK and Canada.