Venchito Tampon is the Co-founder and Marketing director at SharpRocket, an agency focused on quality link building, outreach and strategy. He specializes in link building, content marketing, and client acquisition. He and his local team works with different clients of different sizes and types (small to medium brands, SEO agencies, and Fortune 500 companies) in the US, Australia, UK and Canada.

With a background in Web Development, Marcus now leads the award-winning Technology Department at Space Between, based in the UK. Marcus is responsible for coordinating the Biometric Research Team, and CRO implementation team. He is also responsible for conducting and publishing original research insights. Marcus has worked with some of the world’s leading eCommerce brands, including ASOS, ghd and LEGOland, has partnered with the likes of Adobe and Dot Digital.

Adam is the founder of The CFO Project that’s made up of “Chief Financial Officers” who works directly with small business owners and shows them how to make their business profitable.

Casey Carroll is the founder of Action Advertising Agency – a digital advertising agency that focuses on generating profit instead of just leads – and that includes holistically consulting on every step of the conversion process. He is an expert in leveraging Facebook offline Events data to make informed decisions to improve campaign ROAS.

Arlen Robinson is the co-founder and VP of Business Development at OSI Affiliate Software

He is also the host of The eCommerce Marketing Podcast where he discusses marketing strategies with experts from all over the world. In this episode Arlen will be sharing the audio from a presentation he did on how to do a content audit for your ecommerce site.

Susana Yee is a marketing expert and a pioneer in the field of social media and influencer marketing. Her Guess “Color Me Inspired” campaign went viral and Mashable named it one of “5 Interesting Pinterest Marketing Campaigns.”

Jesse Ness is the Director of Growth Marketing at Ecwid E-commerce. Ecwid Ecommerce is a freemium e-commerce platform that is the fastest way for new merchants to sell on the web and on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and everywhere you want to sell. He has been in e-commerce as a merchant and working for agencies and platforms since 2006

Brian J. Greenberg, aka The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell, has founded businesses in e-commerce, marketing, and financial services. He has generated over 50 million in revenue from his businesses and collected over 10,000 reviews and testimonials from customers. Brian is the founder and president of True Blue Life Insurance, whose mission is to be transparent, honest and helpful to their customers without ever bugging or pushing them.