The word “influencer” is already conquering the world wide web. This is a difficult one to see or figure out because of the fact that not a single person knows what it is and the looks of it. For each brand and the campaign under that, there is a distinct image of an influencer.

This article will tackle my personal thought on what every advocate or influencer should be and where to see an excellent influence in promoting your business.

What is a brand influencer?

Let me start with a quote by Jay Baer which says, “True influence drives action, not just awareness.” We all know that some customer especially word-of-the-mouth referrals are just one of the good ways to promote your business.

These spread like fire on the dry field and through different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth. So basically, a person who is active on different social media sites and as much as possible, who has his/her own blog, who promotes your business and advocates to use your products is what you call an influencer.

These influencers have thousands or millions of subscribers. Having influencers promote and expose your product and brand to the followers will help you a lot in gaining a huge number of customers.

However, you have to make sure that these influencers are fit for the job and products you have. Since all of their tweets and posts can be seen by lots of people, having the wrong influencer can lead to criticisms that could cause a loss in your possible income.

Why do you need to have influencers?

Recommendations from third parties are more trusted by your customers than your own brand. This is because some huge companies tend to mislead people and lie about their products. For that reason, many people do not trust a brand easily unless someone else, who is not part of that brand’s company, promotes it. This is when having an influencer would be very useful.

When you team up with influencers, they don’t only bring with them their followers, but also their follower’s network too. Through their follower’s loyalty, influencers have an ability to increase your exposure in social media, direct subscribers to your site and create traffic and most importantly, sell your products through their stories about an experience and some recommendations.

With traditional marketing’s fall, influencer advertising is getting to be noticeably a standout amongst the best approaches to pull in clients and customers. Billboards and television commercials already being ignored by our consumers of these days. Nowadays, customers are becoming more self-reliant and do the initiative of researching a product that they would use that passes the standards of the influencers they follow and definitely trust.

Influencers will also do the job of inbound marketing for you. Through making excellent contents about your brand’s products, endorsing your company’s brand to the ever-supporting subscribers of theirs, joining conversations which your brand is associated with, your influencers are already stepping into inbound advertising. Therefore, having them before your rival company does can have a tremendous effect on the company’s success.

Consider your audience

As an advertiser, you as of now have a strong thought of the group of people you ought to be focusing on. To find the perfect influence, you have to make it one stride further and consider the sorts of blogs, tweets, and subjects that your target audience would subscribe to.

Who does it?

It may appear that a few companies would prefer not to relinquish their outbound advertising practices, web-based business sites especially in the fashion market, aim to team up with famous professional influencers.

Many are connecting with well-known bloggers and giving them accessories and attires to be assessed. The blogger, at that point, posts a tweet or blog and photos that are about the given garment, frequently connecting to the website where their subscribers can purchase the things being reviewed.

One of the companies using influencers is ModCloth. This site is a clothing website that features vintage attires. ModCloth is very active in posting (via social media platforms) the photos that their customers give which show themselves wearing their products. This influences their customer to feel exceptional, which empowers additional numbers of posts that tackles about the apparel.

There are many e-commerce sites that send their products to influencers. Some influencers create contests where their followers can join and receive the product that the company gave as a prize. Or, on the other hand, they send credits to active social media users in the fashion industry, magazine authors, or bloggers such that they can enter your web page, choose some dress, and assess their whole experience in using the product.

What are the things to consider in choosing an influencer?


As I have said before, an influence should not be the same for each brand since, above all and else, these people are contextual fits. This is far the most crucial feature in finding the appropriate influencers who you need to endorse your product and brand.

Let us take this example: Taylor Swift is known to standout amongst the most “compelling” social media influencers with millions of adherents and your product is a software. Be that as it may, would her single tweet that pertains to your product affect your sales? I presume not, on the grounds that young people are not hooked in programming. Thus, knowing the context is one of the important keys you need to consider.


Obviously, after finding somebody as a relevant fit for your brand, you would need to get in contact with them for them to give their excellent content or suggestions in a way that will really make an impact. In the event that your e-commerce site sold lots of attires for “tweens,” perhaps any mention to the millions of young people from Taylor would not be so terrible at all.


It is the influencer’s capacity to cause movement by their adherents. This feature would fall into place easily when you find people who are affiliated with your own brand and create a strong contact with them.

Influencers are not driving themselves upon groups of people. Their subscribers made their own decision read their tweets or follow their blogs. Therefore, their adherents are ready to listen about the topics that are being discussed by the influencers and engage themselves in the said conversation. For this reason, you need to make everything fit to the context.

Give Your Brand Influencer His Own Image

Type of personality

Determine the personality type you want your brand influencer to have. Decide whether to have an informer, an activist, an authority and so on, to best represent your product and campaign.

The Genre

Choose one to two genres for your influencer. Some of the genres include fashion, technology, travel, marketing, and so on. It is important for him/ her to be knowledgeable in this fields.

The Subject

Select a subject that your influencer discusses via blog or social media sometimes. You will use this subject as a reference when you already have a talk with him or her and state why both of you are a solid and strong match.

Reach (type)

Is it their followers and subscribers you are targeting or the site movement? Do you prepare or have an outwardly determined campaign and want your brand advocate to be active on Instagram and Pinterest? Is this influencer you have chosen an active blogger? Are you after the tweets? Think about the best reach for your very own brand. Limit the subscribers for each channel.

Where do you have to find the right influencer for your brand?

After giving your influencer their own image, determining the right person for the job would be easier. The question now is, where can I find this person?

Monitoring through Social Media

The most emphatic influencers that your brand could have are the Brand advocates. Their adherents do not only follow and subscribe to them because they are affiliated with your own brand but also actively and loudly talk about how they really like your brand’s company. By following and looking for blog posts that are pertaining to your brand and mentions, you will discover advocates and influencers you did not know you had.

Monitoring through social media likewise, enables you to discover influencers who may be a good fit to the niche you are practicing on. For instance, somebody posts and tweets vigorously about yoga equipment however not state your site as an amazing spot to purchase yoga gears. All things considered, this is somebody you need to reveal your brand to and connect in with.

Research about the hashtags related to your product. Determine the hashtags or anything that the influencers you are targeting, are utilizing. For example, your company is producing coffee, you can follow or search for a post containing #coffee or #coffeebreak. Also, if your brand is a well-known brand, you can search for “#yourbrand” to be able to see who are the people using your products and there you might find the right influencer.

Be Google Alert’s Best Friend. Set an alert for phrases relating to your very own brand to distinguish individuals who write about the subjects in your domain. You likewise ought to make alternative choices for your brand’s name with the goal to find articles and posts containing your web mentions and distinguish advocates who are already in place.

Have a Social Media Mention. What does this mean? Social Mention enables you to write in the name of your company to find mentions on various social media networks, for example, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Bloggers Outreach

Bloggers ostensibly are the front line in the name of influencers. A study from Technorati says that eighty-six percent of influencers likewise operate not less than one blog. What’s good about this is that choosing bloggers is an assurance that they are always active on numerous platforms in social media.

In finding influential and famous bloggers or influencers for your beloved brand, begin by looking for blogs with the same genre as yours and discover the niche by learning and reading the status updates, tweets, etc., they post to know whether they expound topics that are relevant to your brand. Write down all the possible brand influencer and choose who is the best person fit for the job.

Manually going through the blogger’s posts to see all of the qualifications that you created before you started may take a quite awhile. Fortunately, there are lots of excellent blogger outreach software and tools available today to make the process less demanding. If you have a not-so-big business and you would like to do some sort of a blogger outreach job, then I suggest you check out sites like BlogDash or Inkybee. Check out Buzz Stream or GroupHigh if your company is a high-level firm.

What to do after hiring them?

Encourage and Support your Influencers

A genuine influencer should have the passion about the services you offer and your products. This enthusiasm should appear through the brilliant clean lines that show up on PC screens. It also spreads to the individuals who has known their posts, which would help our company become so successful. You must have the goal to get as many positive contents from your customers. These are some approaches you can use to get contents from customers who like your brand.

Request clients to send photos and recordings of themselves utilizing your item. On the off chance that you offer them to show their content, I guarantee that their strong love for themselves will eat them alive thus, letting your brand have customers that are very happy.

Boost client created article with a gift item or by giving them discounts.

Request clients to answer a survey and guarantee them they may check the results and agree before publishing it. Bribe them by giving them gift cards or discounts because you will take some of their precious time.

Join forum discussions. LinkedIn discussions, Google Plus, and the comments segment of your posts are incredible places, to begin with. By taking part in discourses with your target market, you can utilize their social media posts or comments as blog entry inspiration or quotes.

You likewise can request that they compose a social media post relating to their remark and make it live on your site. I guarantee that when they read their words published, they will share it to their social media profiles like there is no tomorrow.

Give free items or a trial that is free of your product without expecting something in return from the advocate. On the off chance that they love it, chances are they may mention you or talk about your brand, suggesting to use the magnificent product. Swap posts when you find it relevant for both of you.

Do not forget to compensate your Influencer

In the event that somebody will gush great fortune about your brand and products, they should be well compensated.This does not really need to be money. However, if you have the budget for it, you can pay them with a generous amount.

What you really want to do is make your influencer feel acknowledged, rewarded, important and most especially loved. You can share their creations on social media platforms to add traffic to the sites they own, give them discounts for different products and services and commission for every customer they bring to your site.

Stay InformedMuch the same as some other advertising trend, targeting influencer will still transform and develop. Just as billboards turned into ads and into content marketing. It is important to make sure you are always informed.


Having a brand influencer will be very beneficial for you. This can give you an edge against the other competitors in the same market. Additionally, you can be able to rake in numerous customers which could mean possible income. Through the effort of your influencers, someday you can be a very successful entrepreneur.