Show Notes

Welcome back to the Ecommerce Marketing Podcast. Today’s guest is Bart Mroz, the founder and CEO of Sumo Heavy, a digital commerce consulting and strategy firm. Bart is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of business management and technology experience, having advised and executed on ecommerce strategies for both established retailers like Nicole Miller and younger upstarts like Stadium Goods. In this episode, Bart explains what conversational commerce is and how it can benefit your business. He also shares his top tips to use Facebook to engage your audience and increase your sales. Social commerce is a growing trend and Bart is here to explain how ecommerce sellers can get started.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How and why Bart started Sumo Heavy
  • What chat bots are and how they’re being used right now
  • The benefit of Facebook message bots compared with other chat bots
  • The ways chat bots can be used other than just customer support
  • How ecommerce businesses can use Facebook live to engage their audience and increase sales
  • The logistics of doing a Facebook live stream and the value of targeting certain concentrated demographics to increase your percentage of sales
  • What to avoid when doing a live stream
  • The difference between YouTube, Periscope, SnapChat and Facebook, and the benefits of starting with Facebook live streaming
  • Other forms of social commerce to look at and the importance of testing
  • Why you need to know where your market is and go where the attention is at all times
  • One thing an ecommerce business can do today to get more traffic and sales

Where to find more from Bart:

You can get in touch with Bart at [email protected] or connect with him on any social media @BartMroz

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