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Welcome to the e-commerce marketing podcast today’s guest is Vishal Mahtani from the Pentagon account welcome to the podcast Vishal. Well. Thank you Robert. Thanks for having me so if you can just give us your background at the penny hoarder, and how you ended up at the pinata and any other things that you’ve done as far as online and e-commerce businesses.
I’m sure well that kind of dates me back so way back in the day right so. While those and University talking about late nineties started developing sites for customers people come eCommerce and branding sort of websites that will allow these clients to sell their products online. It was relatively new in 99.98 to be able to bring your catalog onto the more onto the web there were there were oh my gosh miva cart.
I mean there was some really again dating myself. There’s some really older stuff. That’s not around anymore now. Tell about their Shopify Bigcommerce woocommerce, so it was about getting your catalogs online and that’s kind of my entrance into the web development site, and it kind of went into about a year later.
What am I earlier clients coming to me and say well we have got this great site. What do we do with it, and can you help us Market it right, so I just kind of learned about it right that time. I mean it was new in Google, or I was more like a well searching asking friends networking and actually Came Upon some.
In Miami where it which is where I was doing at the moment at the time, and they they started school me into the way that they were generating leads and generating traffic and that time it was it was buying traffic from a CO registration sites and from sites that were that were some of them are giving away free things some of them were.
Selling stuff and had exit traffic so sort of tap into that and learn a bit more for my own clients really enjoyed it a lot so then got got further into the marketing side of things digital marketing and actually joined a company for a short stint under a year to help them grow their telecommunications business, and it went it was a traditional calling card business.
They wanted to start a web web acquisition side and the company’s name was tell three owned by radiant, and we helped bill. There what eventually became in termed as if their affiliate program. Where people would promote and and we pay them for for new customers, but then moved on from there and ended up opening my own digital marketing agency right many clients that we did this for right so.
Articles all business consumer lead generation customer acquisition multichannel, I mean there was at that point it was you know there was some search, but really it was about networking network of sites is about contacts who you knew at Tech was really small adtec show in New York, and it was really tiny and if you knew the right people you’d be able to tap into that sort of traffic and generate the traffic for your clients, so that’s kind of how I really got and dug into the the digital marketing space, I’ve owned many many companies since.
End like you said when was agency I was a publisher one point when I say publisher and not in the sense the terms of like a penny hoarder, or unusually publisher. It was more like owning media. Yeah, Tony that had had traffic and then I’ve also been an Advertiser where we were buying traffic all business consumer customer acquisition done online sort of thing my last one called Kinder meant.
We were it was a online Kids Consignment store, and what made it on line is that you request a bag would send to you your home? Bail would fill it up. They’d send it in we’d have praised it. We’d photograph it we give you a phrasal online send you payment online and then listed for e-commerce online, and that was a good part of almost two years and built it ended up selling it to the leader in the industry at that time the first mover was the name was threat up is thrown up.
So they’re still around that you e-commerce, and they moved from kids clothes to adult female and both now both adult female and male so that’s kind of. Point I saw that is when maybe a few months after that four or five months after that Kyle, and I met through a mutual friend and I was at that transitional stage, and he was like hey.
I’ve got this thing going. It’s a doing really well and write this content, and you know I could use your expertise and looked at what he was doing got it was really exciting and the way that we the type of content. We produce and the engagement of our users on social media was really enthralling to me and joined him.
And it’s it’s I tell you it’s been a whirlwind. It’s filmed by and every minute of it exciting a lot of fun wow so it’s it sounds like you’re ready to write a book because I made long-winded. Yeah, yeah, it’s like you’ve been through it all I mean the last 10 years a lot of changes first digital marketing and online marketing.
Just we did 10 years, but you. Been you’ve been here. You know from the get-go. You know the late 90s till right now, so I’m sure today is going to be a great episode and you can share some great things from everything. You’ve seen that’s what all these years, but before we get into it. Just explain to us.
What’s the penny harder for some of the listeners? Who don’t know absolutely so the penny hoarder. It is a website that is about personal finance, but for the average. Joe or Jane we generated 2016 we generated generated twenty million dollars in Revenue. We are around 25 million page views per month and mostly social.
It’s a very shareable content right so it’s like something might look like you know nine apps that that can help you budget more efficiently and save save you a certain amount of money per month. Or per week right and and will we would have it’s different about us, and I think that a lot of other Publishers may not be doing is that we have a research team that goes out, and they check out the apps they experience of themselves, and they see how they work and the pros and cons and really pulling out that value properties proposition and differentiations between each one and sometimes commonality.
And will recommend you know and not we will review it, and I guess through by way of narrow narrowing it down to the most important ones recommend these nine right and what and give them our own take on it, and how we used it and what it saved us, so that whole idea of vetting and going through the process of.
Learning what that product does and how it does it and then communicating that to our users are users trust us because we’re honest about it that so that’s kind of what the penny hoarder is the publication of digital Finance okay, and now to get into e-commerce marketing. What are some of the top strategies that you think listeners should invest in to grow their e-commerce businesses sure it’s a broad question, and I guess so interestingly enough.
I just came out of a really interesting conference on digital publishing, and I think you see it everywhere now even in many articles that are written about this duopoly right Facebook and Google right and they they’re they’re going to an oral because they they they own the. They digital media the largest growing the fastest growing in the largest and revenue.
It was last year growth 15 to 16 is like 50 50 some odd percent growth of Google and and somewhere in the mid 40s for Facebook, but catching up really fast. Just exponential growth rates right so you know a suit. That said I think there’s no secret that these two are the trucks of traffic that that one can tap into if you can get it right and and really the strategy is about about how to get it right.
It’s not about where to go, and you know what we’ve experienced here at the penny. Hoarder. Is is honesty is probably the most important thing right because when you when you looking at something like Facebook, which is one of the fastest-growing of the group. Is that it since it’s social, it’s it’s completely transparent right so there’s no you have to be honest in what you’re offering and and not only honest what you’re offering, but very true to your value proposition right understanding what it is, and it sometimes just the the either the founder of the founding team or that understands their competition and everything about them, and what and and I use what problem you’re trying to solve at the end of the day, and how well it solves it right if you.
That right, and you can communicate it you can you can build off of that and start communicating it properly through your value proposition and to your consumers in your ad copy so going back to you know strategy. It’s if you’re choosing something like a Facebook or. Social media 2×2 to generate your traffic.
It’s about getting the ad copyright and many many sets of that coffee right it might be take thousands of of A/B tests to get that one that works, and then a thousand more 2004 to get another one, but it’s really about freshness of ads right and once you get that messaging right, and there’s no such thing as too many I think in this case okay, and so you’ve mentioned to thins the fossil noise honesty the.
Go on Lewis testing different art sets, but if you go back on honesty. Can you what do you mean by honesty? How can I business be popular business use being honest to to try and get customers and doing customers over? What are you? There is really a there many companies that use this one is guess misleading practices or misleading taglines or headlines, that’s one example another would be.
Another value proposition that really isn’t there or or saying you’re better than another particular product and not really substantiating that right. It’s about presenting correctly and and delivering and even better if you over deliver what you promised okay, and so I guess then some companies have to make sure this time that out in the crowd.
They have competitors and some of them might believe role as far as trying to make sure. They stand out so how can they still be honest? I mean, let’s say we’re looking at two companies. We’re looking at Coke and Pepsi. Let’s look back at Pepsi. I mean they both have their customer. I’m a cock person honestly.
There’s nothing Pepsi can do they can’t pay me abuser dollars, then of the day. I love Coke for every reason, but when Coke and Pepsi is advertising to me Pepsi if they’re coming to me. They know like a macaque parcel. There’s nothing they can do to. Convert me, but they still want to stand out they might make some crazy claims to try and get my attention so if a business is making a crazy claim to try and get attention while they’re still I guess you know you’re kind of getting into a gray area still being honest.
I mean perhaps. You can’t come come to me and say we know our sawdust. You know you don’t like the taste but. With your better than coca. I guess you know how can they make themselves stand out well still be known as to me so ticular hearing you correctly. You’re talking about like the shock and awe I sort of sure.
It’s great right right right. I think that definitely belongs in its own category right. There’s that’s more like you know you’re trying to get its friending. You’re trying to get attention in a lot of the environment that digital marketing lives in especially in the size of a lot of these organizations.
It’s all over Roi based is. There’s not they’re not spending a lot of time on branding therefore a lot of it has to do its very factual in many cases or there might be some shocking on it. I’ve seen them for sure when you actually go out and buy media. You’re looking for it dollar spent a dollar out and I get a dollar ten back or a dollar twenty back whatever your number might be and it’s almost immediate.
That’s the beauty of digital media right and think it a lot of cases like this to be able to get that immediate Roi. It’s a direct message, so we’ll start like Direct. Response yeah, and so the other thing you’re mentioned was creating hundreds of different access to try test and optimize you have any tips as far as doing that but still like cheap affordable price because you know some companies are not at that level where they can spend thousands of dollars on testing yeah absolutely there.
I guess it’s so you’re absolutely right. I mean it does it definitely takes money. It would say extended. Or is as far as your budget can go and testing it maximize it. It’s think the tactics were all using are very similar. You know setting a cap in the amount you’re spending per day making sure you you don’t you know who’s all your push all your budget out in one go without proving anything the point.
I’m trying to make here is just just spend as much as you possibly can in testing even when you have some really successful campaigns use that use that opportunity to take the excess funds and throw it back into more testing is that you usually? You more more fun since it’s a lot of elbow grease.
It’s a lot of work, but that’s usually where you see yourself where we’ve seen our success and what should people be testing in this ads is is it the cop is it the headlines teachers, or should they be testing so they do this is not what you would you probably want to hear of it, but it’s all of the yeah, it really is I mean and it’s not and you know what’s crazy.
Is that it might not even be. A specific it might may not even be a specific combination it might be the time you run the same combination and not you know it that it actually takes off. It is so it’s just it really boils down to multiple multiple tests across coffee headline tagline and an image.
It’s just excess testing okay. Thanks for being on the podcast. We shall if people wanted to reach you how can you reach you? I sure they can email me at Vishal at the penny hoarder calm now. OK are you on Twitter or short and Linkedin Twitter my LinkedIn is is the matani? That’s a v Mah ta ni, and they can reach me there as well.
Just /b mitani and message me there okay, and the last question I have for you is what is one thing. An e-commerce business can do today to get more traffic and get more customers. I think this this really boils down to product and communicate back to communication a product right.
It’s not just about the value proposition and communication value proposition, but it’s it’s looking at it from many angles right so maybe from for instance at influencer and influencer angle right so, maybe you know us as an influencer the penny hoarder. Might might take a status a financial stance on it right, but there might be another influencer thats some sort of sports star that would take it from a different angle right it is finding the right influencers, and maybe even across several different verticals or or areas of influence and working the correct angle of your product to them and having them endorse it or write about it so that you have.
So you have a voice a third party that people trust and most of these I mean at least with us. We wouldn’t write about it unless we believe in it, and I think a lot of people on the web that are searching and see something with our brand on it and many other Publishers are in the same boat that if you have somebody writing about it and something positive about it.
You’d actually and sometimes even bringing out some some cons they can write poems, but when you have some cons in there too, and it’s fine. It’s honest and and having that sort of backing. Allows you to gain that sort of a good reputation and help you get through the funnel and its conversion pass will be on the part of the song we welcome.
Thanks for so much for having me Robert. Thank you for listening to the e-commerce marketing Partners join the e-commerce marketing podcast Facebook group to learn connect collaborate and grow with other e-commerce marketers at e-commerce marketing podcast Ford FB e-commerce marketing podcast. 4th FB subscribe to us on iTunes by searching for e-commerce marketing podcast and please leave a rating and review.
Thank you for listening. See you next time.