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Show Notes

Welcome to the Eco McQueen podcast today’s guest is Nick Loper and we are going to be talking about content marketing and Nick is actually a podcaster, and he runs the side hustle show Welcome to the podcast Nick. How’s it going going well Robert? Thanks so much for having me. We occasionally talk about e-commerce on the side.

Hustle show is a great way to start a business on the side, but we could dive into the contest. You okay, so by talking about this. I pass or show if you can just give us some background about the show and also tell us more about yourself. You sure it’s all. It’s all about the part-time business ideas that you people can start with limited hours, and lot of times limited Capital to get something so I actually just recorded a show with a guy.

Who’s Like A Drop Shipping experts got this whole portfolio of e-commerce stores? But doesn’t hold any inventory like he set up these different Dropship relationships with all these suppliers. I thought that was a really really interesting way to go. We’ve talked to other people you know the Amazon FBA business is really hot right now, so of course talk to Lots people about that, but good running the show three years 180 episodes deep and really you know have a blast doing it because I I learned so much from the guests as well.

Just like oh my gosh. I’m that sounds cool. I want to try that and that’s it’s been a ton of fun. My original side hustle was in Footwear. I was it.

Okay, so just from starting with that as a side household that led you to decide how so show with all your side projects you have had experience doing content marketing yeah, that’s been kind of the main driver of the past couple sites that have done. The shoe business was more like database-driven and really relied on paid traffic like AdWords traffic and kind of neglected the neglected the blog over there for too long.

Yeah the podcast I would consider. 10 marketing the blog over at side hustle Nation definitely would consider that and it’s actually just writing a post on it before this call you know the myth is that content marketing is free and done right. It doesn’t cost a lot. It’s just a lot of time like to create something.

That’s like really really cool and shareable. Okay, and you also have experience with AdWords if you were to compare the two between content marketing and AdWords, which one do you think has brought you more traffic and sales right now probably about even but the AdWords stuff like is that I don’t do it anymore so the contents of will definitely overpass it soon.

The pay-per-click study is you know it’s that quick hit. You know you can immediately see if your page is going to convert. You can immediately see if it’s going to be a profitable campaign whereas on the content side is a more long-term strategy, or if they want to put this out into the world, and I’m going to attract the audience that I want to eventually serve and you know a percentage of those people are going to sign up to my email list I percentage of those people are going to eventually buy my products, so it’s like a much longer-term thing casting a much wider net than.

You know with the shoes specifically it was like very long tail keywords that I was Target was like you know if you want this specific model of you know Nike Shox green your women or whatever, and you know though that was very high converting traffic. Okay, right before we get into via. No content Marketing in general.

I just had this question hit me right now, and I want to run it by you in just see you what your response is going to be in the last 12 months. What’s the worst content marketing failure? To had to content marketing failures there that can be the frustrating part of it because you don’t really know like what’s going to resonate with with people before you publish it, so I had a post this spring of the run around tax time, and I was like really really proud of it was called.

You know here’s the most important number. You won’t find on your tax return, and it was all about like personal profitability like you know your Uncle, Sam doesn’t care that you know they want to know how much you make they don’t give a crap about how much you actually capped at the end of the year after all your expenses, but I think that’s that’s the number that really really.

Honestly, how profitable were you as an individual something we think about all the time has businesses not necessarily everything about that on a personal level 4 on an employee level, and you know I was really proud of this post and you had all these different examples about like the saving rates, and you know all this nonsense, and I don’t know it did not have the viral reaction that I had hoped it would have liked trying to time it right around.

You know tax day on April 15 and stuff, but that’s one of the challenges of its like you know putting a body of work out there, and you’re going to have some some hits you have some misses for sure yeah. That’s after you did like you got your friends and some influences to share it in like social media.

You did like some guest posts. Got some links pointing back to it and even after all of that. You still don’t get the goal you’re going after. Yeah, just never never really caught on like I like I wanted to do okay, I followed so what should businesses due to find like the right content strategy and not fall.

Or get into that situation that you just described right now like how can they look at the business look at the audience look at the customers and think okay? I think I found the right content strategy for them. How can I make sure that I get like Good Hits, and it’s just not a bunch of. The way I’ve heard this explained actually comes from Dan Norris who wrote a book called content machine or something like that, and he says you creating content for the community.

You know not necessarily about your business, and and I see companies making this mistake. I see people doing this like on Twitter all the time where every tweet is just like by my thing by my thing by my thing. I’m it’s like that’s not really very effective, but instead of like ok who do I want to buy my thing?

What might they be interested in like a couple e-commerce examples that come to mind number one? Do you know Travis Mariani? He runs? He’s co-host of like the build my online store podcast. Yeah familiar with yes.

Yes. Yes. Oh Travis. You know one of his businesses aside from the podcast is is a store that sells dance clothing and so their Target customer aside from individuals are like dance studios themselves I hey we can go you know B2B you if we can make you vocal orders and sell it to the Studio’s rather than individuals like that’s easier for us.

And more profitable to so you know one tactic that he used a couple tactics actually I thought would really smart number one was interviewing like the owners of dance studios say he calling these people up. Hey. We recognize you have this really successful dance studio. We’d love to interview you for our podcast or for our blog actually and it was like you know very flattering for these dance studio owners could no one ever contacted them for an interview before and it’s very subtle way them getting their brand in front of these dance studio owners who like also their Target customers they.

Never even heard of them before and of course they’re going to share it with all of their moms, and you know everybody else who’s you know going to the studio because hey these guys just featured me on their blog. That was one thing. He did was really smart the other thing that he did was really smart was creating a list of like here are the top 50 or 100 dance studios in the country and of course everyone who made the list you know shared it with their Facebook audience here to what their friends, and you know it was like oh, we’re number 39 like this whole debate started over like oh, you know who you know what this person should be ranked higher, and so you end up getting a lot of attention from that.

Other example. I actually just met this person at podcast movement or weeks ago, and she has a business a store that sells like DIY wedding like Place cards and invitations or something and one thing that she started doing is she hosts a DIY wedding podcast and every show could be sponsored. You know by her store in a sense.

It’s like you know she’s providing. You know useful content for her target audience and brides-to-be who are planning their dream wedding. Oh by the way like I have this store on the side, so I thought that was a pretty smart way to go about it too. So really when it comes down to it as fast finding the right content strategy is forget about your business forget about selling and forget about yourself and really focus on.
Your customers and Their audience and what they really need and just provide that to them without selling and just by doing that you should still be able to get your brand in front of them. Yeah, I think so I think that is kind of the I mean I wouldn’t stop doing any direct advertising anything, but I think this is kind of an interesting channel to to pursue as well as especially if you on a lower budget, then you know if if the budget doesn’t.

Allow dumping a bunch of money into AdWords or something like that then or the product listing ads is really hot for e-commerce, but you know it’s another Avenue of Discovery right and what us some numbers that businesses should be looking at to try and measure their content Effectiveness the number is the most important metric that I track is an email subscribers, and if you have you know a store any trying to sell products like product sales is ultimately the number that.

Care about so don’t really matter. You know how many eyeballs came to this thing like how many people stuck around am I going to be able to talk to them again in the form of an email or in the form of late do they buy something and now I can retarget them on the retargeting side, so that would be an example like if you did get a post that in generated bunch of traffic make sure you have your Facebook.

You know pixel firing or your AdWords like pixel referring so you can. Retarget those people. I hate you know they were interested in this content. Maybe they didn’t buy today, but now I can get in front of them again. You know while they’re out while they’re not surfing need the Internet, okay, but you brought up emails so should the eventual goal for the content marketing.

I guess it varies from the from business to business, but surely be collected the emails or should they be you mentioned emails you mentioned retargeting from Facebook or a Droid? So do they have to decide that as part of the content strategy, or would you just suggest that somebody collects the email so if you’re driving somebody to a blog post obviously having the remarketing pixel on that page would be would be really valuable to to be able to you know get in front of that customer again.

What’s been effective for me has been like doing content specific like bonus offers to get people to sign up for an email list so instead of like one site-wide. Thing like you know here are the five things you need to know to have a perfect. You know DIY wedding or so, I don’t know what her example would be you know would be an example so the you know one post I’ve had that did really well recently was like you know here are two hundred different ways to make extra money outside your day job.

He’s like. This is my perfect protocol tent for the audience that I want to sort of people who want to make money outside of their day job like that. It’s like what that’s what they’re all that’s what they’re all after and the.

In offer on that page was just a PDF of that post like hey, this post is seven thousand words long.
It’s kind of a lot to read in one sitting if you want to download it for later. You can hear and you know several hundred people have have opted to do that and so there’s different ways to do that like I’ve seen people do I’ve checklists and action guides and a bunch of different options. You could do.

I’m trying to you know. It sounds. Yeah. They’re on e-commerce especially. That’s like. Oh you know get 10% off your first order when you sign up for our. Butter that’s that’s a pretty popular one or you know we’ll we’ll send you your first coupon within the next 10 minutes, so you know you keep keep breathing, but hey, you know if you want to save money sign up here, so I like that you called us bonus offers because I’ve seen different names out there.

I’ve seen Optimum pride of seeing lead magnets, and I had us bonus offer so we can do like it’s just so funny. Everybody has their own. Name for it yes the content upgrade the elite nity you have to subscribe bribe I mean, but the bottom line is when you do offer these and have those as part of your content.

It does work, and it does you know you do collect emails yeah, I was reviewing aside yesterday. That was a store selling furniture, and you know as soon as you load the page. There was a popup. That said you don’t join our mailing list and my feedback to. Was like that’s not that’s not very compelling offer like I don’t I don’t want to join anybody’s mailing list just for the sake of joining mailing list, but I what’s you know what’s in it for me.

It’s all. You know you could tweak that to be like you said hey get 10% off your first order. It could be like you know be the first to hear about you know new Styles when they come out just something something to say like okay. There’s going to be some value at the end of this rather than just a barrage of pitches.
Yeah, I agree about it’s also good to see that as far as that business and you know. Just been in business you. Do have a lot of stress saying you are trying to you know you’re trying different strides is and sometimes people do get overwhelmed, but at least with you do see even though some businesses might have an offer like that you still appreciate the fact that they’re making the effort or down the right path and like for you to give that you provided them that feedback telling them.

Hey, okay. This is good that you’re doing this maybe. Need to do it like this. I can understand as a business. How you may end up. You know you might hear these strategies good, but maybe you don’t have the time or maybe you don’t have the staff to perfect it or just to invest the time requires in seeing that Channel all the way I will you put out this podcast that’s content marketing you have you found that an effective channel for your business.

Yeah with the podcast it is mainly it for me it helped build relationships. It’s helping build relationships, and do online network network Queen with some influences, so you know like how I have you on here. Just just from this we can just slowly build our relationship, and that’s that’s amazing that.

The main benefit of God from the podcast we do collect emails from it, but my main goal with the podcast and I always have this not when I’m recording the podcast is I always say this is for the listeners. That’s my goal. I want to make sure the listeners are getting value out of it. I’m not necessarily in motivated by just you know trying to think about our business Etc.

I want listeners to get value out of it, and I only. By myself done because one thing that I do have all like I might think of it in myself as a negative thing is the fact that they do have an accent, and I’m always thinking you know I listeners like struggling with this, but I always have to remind myself is for the listeners, and I just want to provide value for them.

That’s what that’s what it’s all about. I think you know putting those. You know trying to serve that Community First, and I think that you’re doing a good job of that so let’s go back to the content marketing what if a business for you know they. The right content strategy, and they know what metrics to look at and when they look at the numbers they like hey man.

What’s up? What was happening? How come my content isn’t working. What do I need to improve it? So do you have a case or maybe a strategy or ticket and give businesses that trying to improve their content marketing because it’s not here in or it’s not. Becoming us viral just like the example you provided with your own content for the taxes well the common human the common advice is you know see we see what else is out there, and then create something.

That’s 10 times better, or you don’t really aim to create the best resource for you know whatever problem. You’re trying to solve and it’s probably pretty cliche, but I think it’s I think it’s true because you know that’s the kind of stuff that gets noticed and we do go into the the marketing portion of it.

You know where you doing kind of your email Outreach to say hey, I wrote this thing. I think you’d like it like you have something that you’re really proud to share versus some of the and I’ve been guilty of writing these posts to their like you know it’s there kind of self-serving or they’re just you know a 500-word piece about you know you know what it wasn’t anyone anything remarkable writes like kind of the Seth Godin Purple Cow thing which I you know to stand out you got to do something?

That’s that’s outstanding. I see, but I agree and lastly what are some tools that people should be using for Content marketing tools tools to WordPress and pretty monthly for the primary to actually WordPress than the podcast I have my you know podcasting mic here. That was 50 bucks on Amazon the other tools like as far as like Social Media stuff.

I’ve found Pinterest in the last eight or nine months to view really really effective and the secret sauce There was joining or requesting to join because you kind of have to message the the moderator the owner of these groups, but requesting to join these different group boards that are related to your Niche and then pinning your content to those board that has kind of the the interesting effect like it doesn’t matter.

How many followers you have on pit like I had fewer than 100 followers when I started this and you know. All of a sudden you know if this group board has 5,000 followers, and you pin your content their office on you got out in front of 5,000 people in didn’t matter that you only had one hundred followers.

So that’s been working really really well. I can actually did a whole episode and hold what kind of recap on that so I’m happy to send the link over there if you want to link that one up in the show notes definitely any final thought on content marketing. I’m have fun with it. It’s like it really really time consuming to do.

Well sewed one thing that I kind of have had to get over is feeling the pressure to come out with something like every Monday. I get out of this new post every Monday. It’s got to be amazing. It’s like. Oh, you know just want you to slow down create something. That’s really really good and doesn’t matter.

You know when you when you publish that and of course you know if you can do that consistently awesome, but you know don’t don’t create more noise on on the internet video for the sake of creating more noise if that makes sense. And if listeners wanted to reach you what’s the best or the best players to reach you?

I’m just over at side hustle Nation com if you’re looking for some part-time business ideas stop on by would love to have you okay, and at the end of my podcast oldest ask this question. What’s the one thing at the Commerce business can do right now to help the business growth or get traffic on get sells just one thing that they can do right now as a listening to this.

Soon as they’re done with the podcast other than go to decide how so she’ll check out, but also show what’s the one thing? You’d recommend. I will focus on building your email list and so that’s been that’s been the biggest driver for me, and so the content Drive is traffic back to the site and traffic is the site.

Drive signups to email list and the email list Drive sales, okay Nick. Thanks for being on the podcast. I would really appreciate you coming on and just sharing some of their content marketing experience and look forward to having your own soon Eubanks for having me, okay. Thank you for listening to the e-commerce marketing Partners join the e-commerce marketing podcast Facebook group to learn connect collaborate and grow with other e-commerce marketers at e-commerce marketing podcast Ford FB e-commerce marketing podcast for FB subscribe to us on iTunes by searching for e-commerce marketing podcast and please leave a rating and the review.
Thank you for listening. Into next time.