Wix is the eCommerce website that you must learn about if you plan to start an eCommerce business. With time, many eCommerce businesses are emerging, and there are top-notch applications and websites available to help you with the eCommerce business. If you are looking for the best eCommerce Wix app for new sites, you might need to do a little research. 

Below we have compiled a list of the 10 best eCommerce Wix apps for new sites that you must check.  

1. OSI Affiliate Software

OSIAffiliate is a well-known Vicks E-Commerce application that can help you a lot with your new E-Commerce business. Whenever you plan to start a new business, you must keep in mind the various aspects and requirements that need to be completed. Email marketing, along with affiliate marketing, is essential that can be done with this application. Moreover, you also need to think of some other features, including influencer marketing and various marketing strategies that will work incredibly well for your business.

2. WIX Stores

The following application is the Wix store known for providing super high-quality features, including minimal pricing. They have custom product pages along with a shopping cart that you can use. The secured online shopping feature is also provided. You will also be able to use various channels, including Instagram and Facebook, to promote your business and grow your business even more. Keep in mind that there is a unique feature to manage the inventory and the orders. You can also control the invoices easily.

3. 123 Form Builder & Payments

123 form builder and payments is a well-known application that is popular because of its customized form creation. It will help with easy payment methods, and also it will provide you hundreds and thousands of templates that you can use for easy creation of the forms. There are other features, including SMS alerts and other dashboard notifications. You can easily connect with a third party as very when you are using this application.

4. Visitor Analytics

Visitor analytics is an application that will help you to keep track of the application and performance of the visitors. You must have a strong Idea regarding the understanding of the visitors and the behavior. This application will provide you with all the information regarding the conversion funnels, surveys, and other polls. You can get a lot of insight regarding customer behavior when you are using this application.

5. Social Media Stream

The social media stream is a popular application that is easy to integrate with Facebook and Instagram. You can also use several other blogs and boards to integrate. There is exceptional support and easy customization available, and you can use the pictures and videos because this application easily supports all media types.

6. Wix Chat

Wix chat is another famous application that will help you chat and provide you an instant notification. For anyone who visits your website, you will be getting a notification instantly. Also, there is a chat form when you are using this application to get all the information you need. This application is also great for creating automatic messages and capturing the forms to enhance and improve the customers’ experience. The good thing about this application is that it is available at minimal pricing and offers you many more than just basic features. The basic plan requires you to pay $10 every month. However, there is the option of adding the chatbox to your website. This option can be added without any cost.

7. Wix Logo Maker

The logo maker is another one of the E-Commerce applications that can be integrated with your Wix website, and it can be easy to use. It does not cost you a lot of money; however, for commercial use, you will have to pay $20. This application will help you to create a match native and intuitive Logo. When you are creating a custom Logo, you will have the liberty of changing the color and the font, and you will also be able to integrate it with various E-Commerce websites that you want.

8. Photo & Video Gallery

Photo and video gallery super essential and required for every E-commerce website. When there are no photos and videos on your website, it might not be intuitive and attractive to the customers. This application will provide you various layouts, including the collage and slider layout. You will also be getting better engagement with the search bars and call-to-action buttons available with this application. However, the monthly plan will cost you 2.5 dollars, but a basic gallery is free of cost.

9. Site Booster

The site booster application is another top-notch choice that will provide you better integration and management for your business. You can use your phone number, and you can add photos and other important information to your website when you are using this application. You can easily list your website on the various popular search engines. These famous search engines include Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

10. Get Google Ads

Google ads are the famous application that you must use whenever you plan to start your e-commerce business. It will cost you around $75 every month, but it is the perfect choice for beginners to rank their website and grow their e-commerce business. This application will also help you get better results from the ad campaign and help with better engagement and revenue generation. Besides the pricing, that can be a little Over the Top for beginners, but the results are impeccable. You will be getting better results when you are using this application integrated with your Wix eCommerce store. Make sure you are putting a little more extra effort to make sure that you have loyal customers.


Now that you have checked the 10 best Wix eCommerce applications that can be integrated with your E-commerce website, you can easily decide which one of the above websites and applications you must use. Keep in mind your E-Commerce business needs to grow more and have more revenue when utilizing the perfect application. Maybe you do not require all of these applications, but it is also essential to consider adding a few of the above applications because it will boost your website and result in better sales. Make sure you research a little more rewarding the pricing and other features before using the particular application. It is also essential that the application is easily integrated with other E-commerce website and help you with a better ranking of your website on search engines. If your website is ranked on the search engine, you will be getting more sales, and your revenue will increase immensely.