Branden Moskwa has been working with creative e-commerce leaders and founders who love what they do but hate the parts they need to do. He has been a sought-after futurist and thought leader by IBM, SAP and Oracle. He writes for Hackernoon, where he recently won a contributor of the year award, for his insights and interviews with DTC-focused Inc 5000 companies.

Liam started his first business aged just 14 and ran a number of successful ecommerce ventures before co-founding Bidnamic, a marketing technology platform that helps retailers unlock the full potential of Google Shopping.

Richard Harris is the Founder and CEO of Black Crow AI, which delivers AI/ML infrastructure as a service to companies of any size. Black Crow uses machine learning to predict the future of key enterprise KPIs, in real-time, and activates those predictions in hyper-practical ways to improve profitability. Before founding Black Crow, Richard was the founder and CEO of <intent>, which grew to over $175M in annual revenue. Earlier in his career, he was an SVP at Travelocity, where he led Strategy, BD and Travelocity’s syndication business.

Ryan Kutscher is an award-winning writer, creative director, and the Founder of Circus Maximus, a branding, innovation, and advertising agency for any business that wants to build the king of brand consumers actively seek out.

Lamees Butt is the SVP Of Global Alliances and Channels at Zoovu where she spearheads strategic technology partnerships and relationships. She has over 10 years of experience in shepherding digital transformation efforts and forging partnerships at companies like Mercedes-Benz UK, Salesforce, and Zoovu.

Alessandro Bogliari is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Influencer Marketing Factory, a global influencer marketing agency that helps brands engage with Gen Z and Millennials on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

Allison Vernerey works as a Vice President of Product at Zmags. Previously, she held positions at The Home Depot and Decathlon. Allison graduated from Duke University and is currently based in Boston, United States.

Blake is an executive and entrepreneur with extensive experience in growth strategies, revenue lift, team building, strategic acquisitions, business development, sales processes, customer retention, brand development, ROI, ecommerce and AI tool management.  He is currently the EVP & GM of Proto AI’s eCommerce division, a first of its kind AI product, which helps online retailers increase revenue and conversions through auto optimizing product recommendations while personalizing the customer journey.