Do you want more people to see your brand and products? Do you want to grow more stronger following that consists of customers who could relate to your brand? Is it a yes? Then Instagram is definitely what you need! As of now Instagram has more than 300 Million users and a lot of different brands are looking for ways to interact with Instagram’s community in order to earn customers that would eventually become loyal.

The word “influencer” is already conquering the world wide web. This is a difficult one to see or figure out because of the fact that not a single person knows what it is and the looks of it. For each brand and the campaign under that, there is a distinct image of an influencer.

Video advertising continues to be a necessity in the world of business. Research shows that watching video is a standout among the most widely recognized activities by people who use smartphones. This strategy is a good way to boosts company sales.

Shoppers are presently purchasing huge numbers of things online than they do in physical stores. As indicated by comScore and UPS on their research, customers make 51% of their shopping online. This rating is 3% higher from their 2015 survey. This is incredible news for businessmen that own e-commerce shops.

When aiming for traffic that converts you want to look at three metrics. The total conversions per source, the total revenue per source, that’s if it is measurable, and the conversion rate per source. You want to make sure that you are doing more of what is actually working and stop putting in effort into anything that isn’t working and giving you results. But remember that if the absolute numbers are high, very low conversions could be tolerated.