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welcome to the e-commerce marketing podcast today’s guest is James shrank shmatko from Superfast business and James is proved that you can take solid business profit ideas and turn them into powerful online businesses. He left his safe a safety of. Intraday kiem Mercedes-Benz role in Sydney James started his online Korea to apply War he had learned renewal businesses, then he developed his online businesses by founding groin and sell in his seven-figure SEO and website development businesses.He knows plenty about building and scallion an online business especially creating recurring income from scratch skilled in leadership profit generation and lifestyle Design This father of four. Suffering business Builder will reveal repairable Frameworks and ideas for you to apply in your own business.He is super approachable and coaches online business owners at Superfast business that come welcome to the podcast James. Thank you for having me rather So today. We’re going to be talking about how e-commerce businesses can grow from small businesses to big businesses and. Before we get into that why don’t you just tell us about how you’re coaching businesses and what you’re doing at Superfast business that town right now.Okay, well last year I sold my SEO business and my website development business, which I’d grown from startup to mature and I sold those because I really wanted to continue focusing on working with business owners to help them go through this stages of growth in particular. When they go through the 6-2 seven-figure range now some of the people that I work with in Services businesses and information products, so don’t need as big of a revenue as an e-commerce store to be making good profit as you know an e-commerce stores generally going to have a smaller margin and a lot more logistical nightmares than those sort of businesses, but for the e-commerce business owners that I’ve worked with I’ve seen a lot of them scale from quite small.Not under a million dollars to tens of millions of dollars in a fairly short period And what I have noticed is that the business owner needs to undergo some changes to handle that kind of change because if it’s your first time to grow a business at a large scale you’re going to encounter many challenges along the way especially when it comes to understanding your numbers and building a team because can’t really do this by yourself.OK, and how do you pick when businesses come at Superfast business is their criteria that you’re looking for when you’re looking at this businesses before you take them as clients. There is for example. I wouldn’t recommend anyone join unless they’re already making at least ten thousand dollars a year on line and up to $200,000 a year profit tend to 200,000.They’re going to be in a really good Zone 2. Get exposed to ideas that will speed them up if they’re making more than $200,000 a year profit which a lot of the people that I work with are then I recommend Silver Circle for them. Which is a more intimate group of pretty Heavy Hitters some people in there are doing e-commerce.And they’re doing it on a good scale and they’re really at the more advanced stages where they got their own teams. They’re doing very good content and paid advertising campaigns. They’ve dialed in their supply and sourcing they’ve got a little spot in the market. That’s going well and for some of them.It’s a matter of you know buying as many ads as they can and working on their video conversions and email automations, but for Superfast business someone would generally be making already. Least $10,000 per year profit, and they’re willing to invest $1000 a year and their education okay, and once they come to you and you start coaching them walk us through how you’re going to help them get that next level, and how you’re going to help them double and generate more revenue for their businesses well something.I offer that I’m not sure many people do is personal customized coaching. They open up their own private discussion, and they tell me what their challenges are and I help them work through their challenges, so there are a certain challenges that keep reoccurring and attend to be spending a lot of time on those and I could they sort of break down into about four categories, and maybe it’s worth outlining what they are and seeing if we can recover some of the things that I would help them with you.Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, why don’t we go through those for what are the four challenges? One of them relates to their business model and how their pricing and packaging things so for a lot of them they might be able to move to subscription model which is awesome if we can do that another one is within that category is you know which products with Jessica are they selling a lot of which ones too.They get stuck with which ones make the most profit which ones can they get better Supply, so we sort of data analyzed, and we find we build what’s called a a product Matrix. Simply work out where they should be focusing in we stop focusing on the things that shouldn’t be focusing on it’s pretty common especially in a Commerce that people are trying to stock way too many things, and they have obsolete items.They’re having trouble maintaining their listings and course if they want to rank. Well. They got to customize all of the descriptions and stuff. It’s it’s hard if you’ve got too many products so the business model pricing and packaging is an entire category where I spend a fair bit of time. This seems to be pretty common with e-commerce okay, and once you’ve gone through that your allium mentioned something about Tim’s.What do you tell them about hymns and how can looking at the other infrastructure that the business have surrounding the people who are helping run the business how does looking at that and making some changes to that eventually lead to more actually need today business growing. Well as we mentioned you can’t do this by yourself so one of the other categories of the four is the this growth category of hiring and training a team so people get stuck at every step of the way.They usually leave it too late to hire people. They have trouble finding out where to hire people from when they do hire people they don’t know how to pay them that I don’t know how to train them. They’re not sure how to communicate with them. They’re not sure how to have them start to think for themselves.It’s a very common one. They’re not sure how to. Building reporting systems or management, and you know to manage this thing dealing with people is quite a difficult task for people who have no experience with it. So that is probably by Far and Away the most popular topic that we’re talking about is people because it never goes away.It’s like even if you solve it. They’ll still be niggles for a long time just because of the nature of working with people that they’re not robots. They’re not black and white they are complicated. Things so that one is a popular topic and we we talked about Building Systems and creating an environment where you can actually step away from doing all of the tasks yourself, which is where most people start and especially if they’ve got a garage full of boxes, and they’re trying to manage The Courier update their website figure out how to run Facebook campaigns, and you know this can get very overwhelming so when you start hiring people it can.A double-edged sword it’s extremely difficult at the beginning, but over time it just gets it gets better and better because you start to let go of the tasks that you used to do okay and a lot of these things that you’re talking about listeners can actually visit Superfast business that come and you probably have resources out there that they can use to help them and cover most of this before we continue.Let’s just. Back a bit. Why are you interested in helping businesses and working with businesses like it just said a couple of moments ago. You know what can with people can’t be challenging if you’re not used to working with people so what attracts you what it comes to trying to help other businesses succeed.Well. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the expression Nikki guy, but to Japanese phrase, but it. Of talks about whereabouts you happy it’s like finding your you know your happy spot your purpose and for me helping businesses. Do well. I mean obviously I do it because I get paid really well, and I want to have a great life and from the very selfish perspective.Let’s be honest. Yeah, I’m not doing it to give back or because I have a mission to serve a thousand businesses or whatever. I think those platitudes usually false and then. Really addressing the core of it, but yes beyond having wealth and a great life for myself. I’ve realized I can do this in an area that I really enjoy like I like working with people because I enjoy seeing their success.I like seeing the transformation if you think of it like being an artist like you take a blank canvas, and then turn it into something beautiful if I can help a business owner who is really struggling. Have a great business. I feel a sense of pride. At work, so I really love that and turns out. I’m really good at it is important.I think if you’re going to do anything you should be good at it. Otherwise you shouldn’t be in it. There’s definitely a huge demand for it that the business Market is not going away. The bulk of businesses fail so everyone wants to not fail and that means there’s a huge demand for people like me and I can definitely get paid for it because there’s actually limited choices as to we can go and actually get help and this was something that really frustrated me when I started was no one would sit down with me and show me what they’re doing or how it works.It was all smoke and mirrors and pretend wealthy instant riches. Make stringing tropical island all streams it when I discovered that though they were misleading and deceptive. It was really disappointing, but I’ve felt that if I could provide this service. It’s something that that would be good to do.I could definitely be paid for it, and I could really get people results so I actually deliberately Target a market of people who already have something in play. I’ve generally not talking to startups or people. Who are wanting to start from scratch? That’s not my market. You could really burn a lot of energy in that market and still have a small percentage of success just because there’s so many factors that could stop someone from being successful.It’s kind of leads to the other two categories in that list that we were talking about you know one category that I spend a fair bit of time on is this whole getting overloaded and routine side of things. It’s it’s this self-organization and self. Some ization aspect of being a business owner if you are out of control.There’s no chance you’re going to have a successful business because it will all become too much. It’ll get on top of you, so I help people set up structure and get organized and to create some leverage back in their life in that regard and then the Final Phase is I help people figure out how to sell and convert because some people have a negative connotation of what selling is a lot of well.Inning highly service-oriented people cannot sell to save their life, so they’re handicapping their ability to grow most of the people with successful businesses are good at selling and that that either they’re good at it, or they’ve set up a sales system or a machine that can sell for them. This is a crucial part of growing a business you need people to buy what it is that Yer selling and it’s always a good place to start with that one is with your prospect and figuring out what challenge.They have if you can solve those challenges with your product, then. They will willingly pay for it, and then you have a business if you can keep doing that then it grows and that’s what we’re talking about okay. Thanks for being on the pocket gems. Can you repeat those four things again that e-commerce businesses are just any business in general that before selling something online?What are those four items that you really need to be focusing on to help your business get the next level you need. Focus on yourself and get yourself in order you need to learn how to sell and convert build a machine that does that you’ll need to hire and train a team so that you can have an actual business and not a job and you’ll need to have the right business model that is essentially the vehicle that delivers you the result okay again.This is James from Superfast business that com thanks for being on the carcass James. Thanks for having me. 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