Arlen: Welcome to the e-Commerce Marketing Podcast everyone. I am your host, Arlen Robinson, and today we have a very special guest  Jared Mitchell who is the co-founder of SkinCarebyAlana – which is one of the largest online retailers of organic and all natural skin care products. He started the company with his wife and is responsible for over 30 million dollars in product sales.  Jared is also the eCommerce consultant for the notorious Neil Patel and founder of BeefySites, which is focused on helping e-commerce founders scale up their businesses. Welcome to the podcast Jared

Jared: Thanks so much, Arlen. Great to be here man. 

Arlen: Yes, likewise. I’m glad to be here with you and I’m glad to be talking to you. And thank you for joining us today. You. I’m super. You know, in your intro you mentioned you worked as a consultant for the Notorious, Neil Patella is a notorious meeting that, uh, is that a good thing, or a bad thing? I know Neil and, uh, he actually has been on the podcast as well, and, uh, I, I guess you wanna say the notorious because he is, uh, I guess you could say one of the digital marketing guides, I guess.

Jared: yeah. Yeah, yeah. He’s so funny too. I consider him a, a friend. And, uh, what I would say is you hear about these guys like Neil and you think, oh, he seems really nice on the outside, but I bet if you’re working for him right. Or his friend, he’d probably be like, different, right. . Right. But the honest truth is he’s like, even cooler okay.

Jared: To have is like a friend or to work for. He’s like, okay, very awesome. And understanding and like mm-hmm. probably the only legit. Real genius that I’ve met in my entire life. He, he’s really, 

Arlen: wow. Okay. That’s, that, that speaks volumes to Neil for sure. Yeah. I got the impression from, you know, talking to him briefly on the podcast when he was on, as well as listening to all of the things that he puts out his daily podcast with, with Eric Sue, the marketing School podcast.

Arlen: Like, yeah, definitely got to feel that he is super down to earth or he kind of chilled, laid back, and super smart. Definitely a genius level. 

Jared: Yeah, got a really good sense of humor and my business name is called Beefy Sites because my nickname is beefy and I’m a big guy. Okay, now Neil and Eric, they’re small guys and one time Neil thought it’d be funny before I used to do anything like this.

Jared: To come up and feature me on some of his videos. Okay. Which I’ve never done anything like that in my life. So I go up there and he just thought it was hilarious. Put me out there and watch me fumble around reading a teleprompter next to Eric, who’s half my side . Okay. 

Arlen: Okay. I’m sure that was pretty funny.

Arlen: Yeah, I was wondering. Hilarious. Yeah, I was wondering how you got the name of Beefy sites where that beefy came from. So that’s a nickname of yours. Like, I gotcha. Yeah, I just tell everyone 

Jared: that I’m their bodyguards. . 

Arlen: Gotcha. Gotcha. Good stuff, man. Well, uh, you know, before we get into it today, we’re gonna be talking about how an e-commerce business can go from, you know, being the small business size.

Arlen: To scaling their business to the tens of millions of dollars in revenue, which is something that you did. So you’ve got, uh, pure, I guess you could say lessons from the trenches to how you do that. And so that’s why I thought it would be great to have you on because it’s, it’s often. You really get the most out of hearing, you know, testimonials and, and people that have actual, um, experience doing these things, and you’re definitely one.

Arlen: So, um, super excited to get into that. But before we do get into that, why don’t you tell us a little bit more about your background and, you know, how you actually did get into what you’re currently doing today? 

Jared: Absolutely, yeah. And I just realized we reran some numbers and it’s over 50 million at some point, and that doesn’t include Amazon.

Jared: So now that I’ve rerun the figures, There’s been a lot more volume than I realized, which is an honor to be a part of. And what I would say is most of us have a similar story to mine, humble beginnings. I did not come from a wealthy family. Everything I’ve ever built is bootstraps. I’ve never been able to like have the rich investor uncle or BC Capital Group and

Jared: I just don’t even know how that works. So my wife and I, I used to be a professional musician, paid to play music in a band on Interscope. Okay. And we were signed and touring and creating records and the iPod came out and I’ll never forget the first time we went up to Interscope records, up to the top floor.

Jared: You got, you know, some big wings up there and one of them, In particular, um, who was in charge of heart band said, Hey guys, the iPod has taken off. CD sales have plummeted. I’m actually not gonna be able to do a and r for you anymore. I’m gonna go start a headphones company with Dr. Dre. Okay. Wow. And that’s when they started Beats Audio.

Jared: And that was kind of the end of my music career. Um, my wife Elena was an aesthetician and she rented her own spa room and sold some products on the shelves. This is kind of, uh, before E-commerce. And I said, Hey, what if I figure out how to build a website and start trying to sell some of these online?

Jared: She says, you don’t got anything else? Why don’t you do that? So I thought about it and I went down to Costco after I was surfing one day and they used to have flyers on the side, like, uh, or they still do like air conditioning, Disneyland, like whatever one of ’em was, how to build a website. . Okay. Yeah. So I grabbed it and um, I went home and I just, for like a week straight, I took some surfing breaks, but I just taught myself and just stuck through it and didn’t know.

Jared: Hal, but someone told me Google was a popular website and so I fired up ads and they were so expensive at 5 cents a click. Oh my gosh. But I started selling products right away and I looked at my wife, I said, Hey, um, if we can figure out how to build a shopping cart, and if we can figure out how to find more product lines to sell like this online, I think we can actually create a business out of this.

Jared: Mm-hmm. , 

Arlen: that’s awesome. Awesome. What a testimonial. I think, like you said, there’s so many people that have humble beginnings that are just kind of bootstrapped, myself included with uh, our OSI affiliate software, our main company, OmniSTAR Interactive, and you just, you figure it out, you get in there and you, you try to make it happen.

Arlen: And so it’s awesome to hear that you just kind of dove in there when you’re band. Um, you know, I was forced to kind of disband, I guess you could say. Yeah. And, um, yeah, had to figure it. So, yeah, definitely good story. Great to hear your successes and where you’ve come from. But you know, today, you know, we’re really gonna be talking about, so how can the average small e-commerce business really scale to that level?

Arlen: Cause that’s what really everyone wants to do. How do you scale the business from small, you know, maybe making a couple hundred thousand per year to tens of millions of dollars. So we wanna start out with is what are some things. That a business really has to have in place to be able to scale to that level.

Arlen: Cause I’m always a advocate of you gotta have that foundation set. Before you’re able to really grow effectively and then be able to sustain that growth. So what are, what are some things that really have to be in place that you’ve 

Jared: seen? So the first two things I wanna talk about then are removing the ceiling and basically creating a real business or a real brand.

Jared: And I’m gonna explain, but before I do, I have to clarify when I answer these questions, it’s coming from a little bit different per. My specialty is taking businesses that are currently selling products online and blowing them up to 20 or 30 million a year and then passing them on to the next guy.

Jared: That’s my sweet spot. Okay. One thing that makes me unique in answering these questions is I’ve experience on the retail side 17 plus years with skincare by Elena. We do also own a skincare brand that is rapidly scaling for the last five years. I have experience consulting through Neil and my own businesses, and I also own a software company, so I have experience from the agency software, like tons of different sides of the coin.

Jared: I’d like to say I’ve seen it all, but I feel like I learned something new every day. So, , if you own a business, let’s talk about removing the ceiling, okay? Mm-hmm. . So first of all, if you wanna scale to tens of millions in revenue today, which is post covid, hopefully world , does that mean that you go out and like franchise and start a bunch of brick and mortar chains?

Jared: Like right now, probably not. Mm-hmm. . Let’s make sure we position our business, our business plan, our vision, our mission, vision, values, so that it is scalable to that point. And that’s why we’re all here. Most of you that are listening are online, and most of you are, you know, selling products online or services.

Jared: And if you’re not, you need to be. And the next thing that sort of speaks into that after we remove the ceiling, is creating a real. And a real brand. Raise your hand while you’re listening in your car, wherever you guys are. If you own a business and you really have like one awesome way of getting sales, like Facebook or Instagram ads or Amazon or I don’t know, like email marketing, like most of you who are starting out, who are generating some sales, have one.

Jared: That you’re really good at, right? I was the same way with like Google Ads starting out like 17 years ago, and I don’t even dabble in anymore, but I don’t think I was that good. It was just that no one was doing it . But part of actually building a real business and a real brand is not being a one trick.

Jared: Pony. So how many of you that are listening got crushed recently with a little something known as the iOS update? So , right? So, so many people like were just so heavily reliant on Facebook and Instagram ads and they were one trick ponies and I started getting phone calls and emails and like, Hey, what do I do?

Jared: So what I would encourage you to do if you actually. Scale your business is actually create more sales channels that are generating revenue instead of just being a one trick pony. Now, the one trick pony thing also applies to other facets of your business. For example, does China or over some supplier overseas own your business in the sense that you only have one?

Jared: Of the actual products you’re selling. If so, you need to diversify that as well. So we’ve talked about different sales channels, sources, product. Now let’s also talk about your brand and building an actual real brand. Like do you actually have a real brand story or have you hired a marketing firm to like make so.

Jared: If you’re gonna scale to tens of millions of dollars, you really need to think about doing these things, right? Diversifying and building a real 

Arlen: story. Definitely the story part of it is, is huge. I’ve talked to other people that have been on the podcasts and we’ve talked about story building, the right messaging.

Arlen: I think we’re really at a stage in the world these days where there’s so many more people that are, that are educated. We have so many more educated consumers. I think it is where we’re. So, and specifically, let’s say we’re talking about the millennials, millennial generation these days, that’s really, it’s amazing to me cause I’ve talked to people, you know, several millennials when they’re talking about purchasing and they’re talking about certain brands and they wanna know.

Arlen: Really, what’s the story about that brand? You know, who are the founders? What causes are they behind? Where do they source their products? Are they environmentally responsible when it comes to getting certain materials? All of that is a big deal for, you know, not only millennials, but for a lot of people these days.

Arlen: And so if your story doesn’t include that, and people can’t easily find out about who you are, why you created the company, why you’re selling your product, And the whole scope of things, you know, you’re just gonna look like just the average company and the people are gonna gloss over it and move on to the next one.

Arlen: Yeah. So, yeah. Oh yeah. It’s, the story piece is, is really huge. You also mentioned, uh, as far as the diversification is concerned, you know, not being just a, a one trick pony, because especially in these days, in this whole age of covid where things are really unstable, you mention getting different sourcing, sourcing your products from.

Arlen: Countries, different locations because you never know. There’s, let’s say there’s a spike in Covid in certain places of China that slows down the whole supply chain where you’re getting your products from. So maybe you can think of sourcing it from other, other countries, other locations also. Just because you do well with EMO marketing right now doesn’t mean that it’s always gonna be that case.

Arlen: These days, more and more people are of course, tied to their text messaging, and so maybe you haven’t even tried that, but that’s another channel that you can do. And so yeah, I think it’s very key that you diversify or early on at the beginning, and like I said, at that kind of foundation level to prepare for your growth and be able to kind of weather all of these changes that we’re all a part.

Arlen: Now, next thing I wanted to kind of get into when you’re thinking of growth, because obviously you know when you’re talking about a small business growing to tens of millions of dollars, obviously when you grow, you’re gonna need employees. You’re gonna need staff to help you sustain that growth to be able to, to service all of these customers.

Arlen: So when you’re thinking of growth, what really should a small business staff or employee base look like at. Tens of millions of dollar revenue. I know it can vary depending on the type of business and you know, there’s a lot of variables there, but you know, what should be keeping in mind when you’re thinking about employees and staffing?

Arlen: What really should you have in place? 

Jared: My wife and I, we run the businesses together and we joke that, you know, HR is like the ban of our existence and Okay. I think if you have. If you have enough employees or have any employees, you probably can identify with what I’m talking about and the difficulty in answering the question Arlin is, is just that if you have a brand, you’re probably making better margins than if you have like a retail store.

Jared: And so you can afford a different type of structure and staff and mm-hmm. . So generally we use the Google machine quite a bit when we’re trying to answer this question for individual companies that vary in different verticals. But what we encourage you to do is what we’ve done, you can see our company org chart here that I have hung on the wall, um, in every single floor of our facility so that all the employees can understand what the hierarchy.

Jared: What their title is, who they answer to, and everyone that works at the company and what they do to help eliminate confusion. We built that from this ground up. But most commonly what I see is e-commerce entrepreneurs that need to hire an assistant first. , mm-hmm. , yeah. Yeah. To do all their busy work, like a really good admin.

Jared: And then we build out the team from there. And it usually involves replacing agencies. With internal employees. Yeah. 

Arlen: Gotcha. Gotcha. That makes sense. But yeah, the assistant role, is very key because that founder, that business owner, yeah. You gotta offload a lot of the busy stuff immediately before you can kind of get your head above water really.

Arlen: I think that’s, that’s where you wanna start at. But then, yeah, the agency replacement is, is also the next step, which was the marketing agency. Accounting agency, you know, things like that. Those things you would look the individual employees to replace that and to be all kind of under your umbrella of companies.

Arlen: So that makes, definitely makes a lot of sense. Now, I know every story is really different. Every company’s trajectory. Is gonna be, who knows, some businesses can follow these, uh, you know, methods can go across all of these different channels, grow their business, and it could take them couple years. I’ve even talked to people that had ’em on the podcast that have had explosive growth in just one or two years and have reached these tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

Arlen: And, you know, you may be able to echo that same story as well. You know, is there really generally a particular timetable to make the goal happen that a business should actually strive for, so that they’re not necessarily just kind of. Spitting their wheels is there is like a, is there a target date where you should say, okay, we need to be at our tens of billions of dollars of sales at this point?

Arlen: What do you 

Jared: think? Well, I think this goes in a little bit to the last question, so I’m glad you asked it in this order. But first what I’d like to say is everyone just take a deep breath and relax cuz I know all of you are seeing these ads on your Instagram and Facebook that show like, A really buff dude with like half naked girl in the Lamborghini saying this scaled from zero to 10 billion in three minutes.

Jared: Right, 

Arlen: right. 

Jared: So like sure. That sort of story, not 3 billion, but you know what I mean, like the get rich quick scheme story. Some people get lucky. I’ve never been that guy, you know, and most of my buddies who are successful in the space, they aren’t really that guy either. I just want everyone to take a deep breath and be like, work at your own speed.

Jared: Okay? Let’s not give into these get rich quick schemes. Let’s build a real business and let’s do this the right way. It’s okay if you’re not growing as much as these guys that are advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and as quickly. So in general, if you’re listening to this podcast, you’re probably good at marketing and selling products online.

Jared: You might not be as good on the operational or finance end of things. Yeah, and just like Arlen said, you might have hired an external accountant or agency to help you in that facet. But after you hire your admin, I would like to suggest to you that your next most. Important hire is going to be operational financial because what they’re going to do for you is back into your numbers, clarify your numbers, clarify your inventory, and help you create a reasonable forecast based on both your margins, your revenue, and also your advertising statistics and ability to scale.

Jared: It’s all calculable. Okay? And we have all of our finances and for. Lay out for our own business accordingly. Now, do we always follow it to a T? No. But at least it can give you a good idea of what an appropriate way to scale your specific type of business will be. 

Arlen: Mm-hmm. ? Yeah, definitely. Great advice. I really agree with you.

Arlen: There’s most of the majority of the people that I know in the circles that I’m in. I don’t know too many guys that have been able to get that Lamborghini in a year or two. If you know anybody like that, let me know , but you know, I know they’re out there, but those stories are, are few and far between. You know, they’re people that can do that and you know, hats off to them, kudos to them.

Arlen: That’s awesome. You know, they’ve been able to have that explosion growth in just a couple years, but that’s not typical. So I think the problem where a lot of people get fall in the trap and, you know, start getting down on themselves and down on their business because they haven’t hit those levels, just like those people in those ads and you know, there’s no, it is not to say that they’re doing anything wrong, but they don’t know the full story.

Arlen: Also, those guys that have uh, got that money. We don’t really see the whole thing, the connections that they’ve had and you know, there’s a lot more to it usually than them just waking up overnight and then, you know, swimming or drowning in a MI in amount of cash. That doesn’t usually occur that 

Jared: easily.

Jared: Right. I mean, you know, those ads, they’re entertaining. People want and like to be entertained. Mm-hmm. . So if you’re listening to this and you kind of are feeling fo. Just do that mental check, do that self check. Make sure you’re in it for the right reasons, because if you’re not and you’re really just looking to reach that get rich quick scheme thing, you might end up burning out.

Jared: You might be in the wrong business. Yeah, 

Arlen: yeah, definitely. Definitely. For sure. You know, as we get ready to wrap things up, as I alluded to earlier, I’m a huge advocate to. Getting actionable, you know, lessons learned from companies that have kind of have done this. And I know your company of course, is a testimonial to having this growth, but if you don’t mind, if you can share some companies, either the things that you’ve done directly yourself for your business, the skincare line, or for some other business that have been able to implement certain things, to have this growth that tens of millions of dollars of revenue.

Arlen: What are the some specific things that they did to make it happen? 

Jared: Awesome. Yeah. Well, I’ll first answer from my business, and this answer kind of applies. This is kind of what I do for most the companies that come to me. But yeah, I can give some examples. So in general, like I said earlier, people will come in and they’ll get at one thing and it’ll be like either Amazon or paid either on social or Google something.

Jared: I tend to help them build out like 20 plus sales channels or sources of revenue. Some will get big, some will get as big as their original source. Some will get bigger, some will hang small, some will cut eventually, but they’re all written up here on my board and I stare at ’em every day. Okay. And it’s things such as organic seo, it’s things such as, uh, text marketing, email marketing, email acquisition, different types of, you know, some people aren’t on Amazon, so I had to convince ’em to get on Amazon.

Jared: You know, half the world purchases on. Setting up actual phone sales, Facebook groups. There’s all sorts of ways that you can create awareness, acquire customers, leads, and sales that you probably aren’t doing right now. Now I don’t, I’m not telling you to do them all at once. I’m saying let’s pick the next two or three that makes sense for your business so that if the next iOS update.

Jared: Shut down, hit ya. You’re gonna be totally okay. And not, you know, losing sleep every night. So when I started my skincare brand, I had already done all of that on my retail businesses and had all those sales channels built out, and it’s been the best thing ever because I started out the skincare brand.

Jared: All of these different sales channels. I, I see. And so it’s like super, you know, solid and real because one like Facebook and Instagram ads, we had to completely turn off. They just became a non-reality. But our YouTube campaigns are still doing awesome. We still have solid sales from email marketing and so on and so forth.

Jared: So for us, my own experience, my own brands, my own businesses, that’s been key. Okay. I’ve consulted hundreds of e-commerce brands over the years and I’d say one of the biggest success stories that I’ve been a part of recently is how much Neil Patel agency has grown. Mm-hmm. , I’m no longer involved because they , they just blew up.

Jared: But many of you’re running a business and there’s a lot of people that might be listening that are like an influencer. Whether you like it or not, like you’re an influencer, like my wife’s an influencer, you can make jokes about ’em all you want, but if you think about what Neil did, he was a massive influencer before influencers were influencers and he started businesses and this and that, but one way that he grew his agency was by sticking his head on like every single thing an ad if he followed him and seen it, right.

Jared: If you’re listening and you have a following, I’d like you to consider leveraging yourself a little bit more to help grow whatever business it is that you are running. Or if you have not done that yet, you need to start doing it. Because people absolutely love to be helped, not sold, and you already have a connection with this audience, and it’s a great way to scale a business.

Jared: Neil’s agency, I’m probably not allowed to say how much revenue it’s doing right now, but it is definitely in the tens of millions, if not more, 

Arlen: uh, area. Awesome. Awesome. Well, that is some great advice and there’s a couple, two main takeaways that I want to kind of, uh, elaborate on a little bit is, uh, you mentioned the diversification of those different channels and you, you mentioned that before, but you said one thing that’s really key is you have something on your wall that you look at every day, where you’ve got.

Arlen: All of these things listed there. The text messaging, the email marketing, organic seo, pay per click. I think we’re at a point right now that there are so many channels out there that, you know, like you said, you don’t have to blast out all of these things at once, but like you said, pick a couple to to focus on per month and.

Arlen: See what that does, because we’re at a point where there’s so many these days, if you’re not always, you know, if they’re not always in front of you, like right on your wall, you’re gonna forget about it. You’re gonna say, oh, wait a minute. I, I forgot. We never even tried the text messaging, uh, campaign. Or maybe we tried it several months ago for a little bit and we, we haven’t gone back to it.

Arlen: We, we did get some decent sales from it, but we forgot and didn’t go back. So, yeah, they always have to be right in front of you. So that’s really a key thing because there’s so many. So much you gotta do as a business owner. I mean, all the business owners that are listening. That is, it’s hard to juggle all this.

Arlen: So you gotta have that always in front of you. So definitely key thing there I wanted to mention, and then also what you talked about as far as Neil Patel and what he did prior to his agency blowing up, is he. Fully submitted himself as the, the guy when it comes to digital marketing. His face was across everything that they put out.

Arlen: Neil Patel, anytime you think about digital marketing, you think of Neil Patel, you think about seo, he came up so he focused a lot of attention on his personal branding. You know, all that was intentional prior to him really creating the, his whole bonafide agency and. That’s one of the things that I think really helps, and you talked about people and influencers being able to connect that and you know, with your personal branding, when you do focus on it, it helps because it’s easier for people to connect with a person as opposed to just a plain brand that is, they don’t know anything about, there’s no personality, there’s no human behind it.

Arlen: So very key there for sure. 

Jared: Absolutely. And I think a big part. The question that people want to want to ask right now is, okay, well where do I start if I want to like not be a one trick pony? And what I say is, first you need to really profile your customer. I also hang these around every single wall in my office, and we give ’em a name.

Jared: How old they are, how many dogs they have, so on and so forth. So we know what kind of communications our target customer persona wanna receive, and we know where they’re hanging out. So if you’re asking the question, what do I do first? I would start by seeing who the customer is and really submersing yourself into what sort of life they live and where you’re going to effectively reach them.

Jared: The. 

Arlen: Very important, very key. That’s that customer avatar. Persona creation. Yeah. It’s really something that you have to do. Really. It hasn’t been done already in your business running. It’s something you gotta go do immediately. I mean, it’s something that needs to be done right away so you can figure out where to reach that type of person.

Arlen: Where do they hang out? How do you connect with them? What messaging is going to resonate with them? So very important. I’m glad you mentioned that. Well, uh, Jared, it has been awesome talking to you. You’ve definitely imparted and dropped a bunch of different gems out here for our listeners and our viewers, and I appreciate that.

Arlen: So some great takeaways and. Lastly, and I learned a lot myself, as I always do. Lastly, before we let you go, I always like to kind of switch gears here and, uh, just so our audience can get to know you a little bit better, if you don’t mind sharing One closing, uh, fun fact about yourself that you think, uh, people may be interested to know about 

Jared: you.

Jared: Fun fact. Do you know what this one is? Cool. Cuz it relates to business and I’m not trying to be braggy, but I can hold my breath underwater for four and a half minutes. Whoa, . 

Arlen: Okay. Wow, that’s a long time. How did you develop that skill or that talent? 

Jared: Well, the reason I bring it up is, uh, it shouldn’t sound braggy because everyone can do this.

Jared: I just didn’t know. I already thought like, you know, you can hold your breath for like two minutes and then you like die. Yeah, 

Arlen: yeah, right. Basically, right? 

Jared: Yeah. So I have a passion for free diving and spear fishing, and I took a class I, and there’s different, once you learn how the body works and the mind works, by the end of the week, I was holding my breath for that long.

Jared: Wow. Underwater, and it was like a crazy good life lesson and business 

Arlen: lesson as well. Okay. Good stuff, man. I appreciate you sharing that. Yeah. I’m trying to think how long I think I can hold my breath now. Yeah, I’m, I’m definitely at the couple minutes mark, I think, and then, um, I have to tap out. But yeah, you’re right.

Arlen: It’s, it’s a matter of using the, buying the body. We can all do things like that. It’s just a matter of just kind of unlocking, you know, the potential for sure. Yeah. Yeah. Well, well, Jared, thank you for sharing that. I really appreciate that. Uh, lastly, before we do let you go, if you don’t mind letting our listeners and our viewers, uh, know how they can connect with you if they wanna pick your brain anymore about, you know, growing their own 

Jared: businesses.

Jared: Yeah, absolutely. Uh, thanks for watching and listening till the end. If you did just Google beefy sites, my come right up. Uh, very unique business name. That’s why I went for it. It’s my nickname. Mm-hmm. . And, uh, you know, my website comes up social. You can just reach out to me anyway. And a lot of people just hit me up with random questions.

Jared: That’s cool. And let’s be in touch and would love to just hear your. 

Arlen: Awesome. Thank you for sharing that, Jared. And that is a cool name. I don’t think people will forget that Beef site’s very unique . And so I definitely encourage our listeners and viewers to check you out, check out your website and uh, you know, see how you can help them out.

Arlen: And uh, of course, thank you again for joining us today on the eCommerce Marketing Podcast. All 

Jared: right. Thanks so much, Arlen. Thanks everyone. Thank you for listening to the e-Commerce Marketing Podcast. 

Podcast Guest Info

Jared Mitchell
Co-founder of SkinCarebyAlana