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Welcome to the e-commerce marketing podcast today’s gas is Laura Roeder. She is the founder of Edgar, and it’s a new social media automation tool. It’s designed to prevent updates from going to waste since 2009 Laura has been teaching entrepreneurs how to harness the power of social media social media marketing and create their own Fame.

LKR social media welcome to the podcast Laura how you doing, thank you Robert I am happy to be here okay, and for those people who don’t know about you could you just give a brief background and introduction about how you got into social media what you do, and yeah just a brief introduction. Yeah, so I’m the founder of Edgar where a social media marketing and automation tool, and I’ve been in the social media space for as long as it’s been around.

I’ve explored lots of different business models, but always stayed with it and social media marketing so I started working for myself. As a freelance web and print designer, and it was making websites for my clients and around 2007-2008. They started asking me about social media. You know they had heard about Facebook and Twitter and that you could use it for a business and to drive traffic to your website, so I was kind of giving them advice on that and then people kept telling me.

You know you could get paid just to give people advice about social media, and I thought that sound. A lot easier than building a website for that so I thought okay cool. I’ll go with that sounds like a great career so in 2008 I switched over to doing social media Consulting and that quickly turned into social media training putting together online courses teaching small business about how to leverage social media marketing and then in 2014 we took the ideas that we were teaching and built a tool to do them automatically which is Edgar ideas like repeating.

The same content so that it can get seen by more people getting a good mix of links back to your site and promotions and other people’s content so Edgar does all that automatically so I’ve been in the the social media software business for about a year and a half now okay, and since we’ve been in you’ve been in social media for.

I guess about seven years. No professionally what type of successes have you seen with or do you have any case studies that can just show why automating or what can with social media can actually help a business increase their revenue? Yeah, absolutely so first of all you know when people ask me about how to social media relate help a business.

I love 2.2. Shark Tank, so do you do you watch Shark Tank robbery? Yeah, I’m a big fan of shot. I’m always wanted every Saturday yeah, and yeah, I definitely enjoyed Shark Tank, and yeah, it’s a really really great show I showed that all entrepreneurs should definitely be watching. Yeah, so I love it too, and you know one of the cool things about Shark Tank is every so often a business comes on and you know the sharks are like I remember one wisdom baby moccasins, and the sharks are like alright.

You make baby moccasins. You know have you actually sold any and then people will come on, and oh yeah, we sold. You know five million dollars were the baby moccasins last year, and it’s like oh my God. How could you possibly do that? You know? You don’t have funding you started out of your garage and every.

And the answer is we did it through social media. You know we started posting on Instagram. We’d set up Pinterest boards. We started this Facebook account and people found us and people started buying from us. I mean social media is how you get exposure as a small business a business without a big budget to use for advertising so I always think those stories are are so cool and one of the our customers here at Edgar.

Is a company called wine tracker they actually make an app for sharing your experience with the wine you’re drinking and keeping track of what you’re drinking, and what you like and they signed up for Edgar back in February and they went from. Basically no Twitter followers to 20,000 Twitter followers in six months.

Well. Yeah a huge huge huge for them. They’re a small company, and these are all targeted real followers by the way, you know anyone can go buy a bunch of fake Twitter followers for 50 bucks or whatever that that’s not what they did these are these are real leads for their business. You know drives tremendous traffic to their business and the big change they did.

Was they started using Edgar to repeat content so before they were using Edgar? They didn’t have much time to come up with social media content because of course it’s it’s a big job to come up with content to post five or six times today, so when they got on Edgar. They used Edgar to start repeating the same things.

They had already posted. So he gave us one quote that he has social media posts that are getting retweeted 30 times even though they got retweeted 30 times just 4 days ago, so you can repeat a lot more than you think because most of your audiences not seeing your post and we see the same thing here at Edgar will post the exact same update on social media.

You know we try to space it out a little more than four days. We’re posting the exact same thing maybe a month or two later, and it’ll get the exam. Sometimes it’s funny because sometimes it’ll be like the exact same amount of retweets or shares and of course that means it’s being exposed to a whole new audience, and if it’s a link back to our site driving a lot of traffic back to our site, and and he really felt his following so huge by having great content.

That’s being shared day in or day out so having things like interesting. Facts about wine inspirational quotes cool images of wine. He basically saw it as ok. I’m going to build really valuable content. I’m going to spend my time building less pieces of valuable content, and then using that content more in order to get those shares that really build out an audience.

Okay, so at this I mean at this point today. All businesses know it’s very important to have a social media present, but before they can get to that point as one call. That’s the name correct wine wine tracker doctor before they can get to that point like wine truck. What are the steps they need to?

Take as far as they already have the Twitter accounts created. They have the Facebook pages, but what are the next steps? They need to take to just to get started with the social? You know the social media marketing and automation social media is all about content, and you can’t just right. Visit my website and that be your update.

You know you want to share content that other people are going to want to share because that’s how these numbers start to add up right people sometimes just sort of find your accounts and maybe they’ve clicked on your accounts from your website, but how you really start to get new leads from social media is people that are already following you retweeting and sharing and going out to their audience right.

That’s where things really start to become a huge multiplier because you might have someone retweet you. That has 10,000 or maybe you get really lucky it has 500,000 people that are following them, and they’ve just shown your brand and your client owe it to a whole new audience, so that’s why social media marketing and content marketing really go hand-in-hand for an e-commerce business.

I think social media can actually be a really easy tool for an e-commerce business because you already have all these products that people interested in buying right so you can use social. Yeah to talk about those products and depending on your business often just photos of products can do really well if you sell jewellery for example posting beautiful photos of your jewellery those can often be a chair or just just on their own especially in these more image Focus tools like Instagram or Pinterest maybe you’re not in such a sexy Commerce industry like jewellery, and maybe you’re telling stories about your products your sharing interesting content on your blog.

Related to your industry. That’s the time of stuff you want to share on social media that that gets shared by others so the first place you start is is creating that base of interesting content. Okay, okay, so once you’ve already created your content, and you want to do some social media automation you probably want to look at a tool like Edgar, but even before jumping into the tool at this.

On best practices you have to keep in mind when you’re dealing with the different social platforms. Yeah, definitely. I mean it’s a big big question right because there’s lots of different platforms. They operate in different ways so obviously there’s just some sort of logistical differences. You know on Twitter you have the 140 character limit on Facebook.

You can do much more long-form content across all platforms what we’re seeing work really well right now is images and videos the data shows that your your tweets and Facebook updates. Particular it definitely get more clicks and more shares if they have an image to attach just helps them stand out a lot more on the platform, so that’s one best practice.

I would I would look at actually across platforms is how can you make your content more interesting with images and videos no good, and what about mistakes to avoid? So some of the common mistakes to avoid one you know we’re talking about automation because automation is a really valuable part of your toolkit for social media, but you can’t expect to just automate and never go in and engage because engagement is really important as well and engagement means interacting lives, so I haven’t really seen any businesses that just use an automation tool load up a bunch of content.

Send it out, and then just you know see all this traffic poor in like. White record they use that they used Edgar to make sure they have great content going out every day, but then they can use their lives time finding people to follow talking to people engaging in conversations, you know sharing other people’s content all of those social interactions on social media are really important, so don’t think you can ignore the live interaction.

You just want to use a tool so that social media becomes a lot less time-consuming because the live interaction is actually really quick. You know you can do that on your phone when you’re waiting in line or whatever spent five minutes kind of talking to people on social let that be how you’re spending your time when social media.

It’s pointless to spend your time doing things like manually scheduling or trying to come up with new content five times a day live every single day okay, and that does bring up a good point. I’ve seen I’ve read different articles online where some people argue against using tools like egg or buffer.

Just because they claimed that you know without using the tools and just doing life postings they had. A better rich, but I read that article a few months ago. I don’t know if that has changed as far as I argument or the different case studies, but what you’re saying is when you use Edgar even though you your your automating and your schedule in the post to go out.

You still want to encourage life engagement to have just to have better rates and better engagement. Exactly, and it’s all about finding that mix on for what’s realistic as well some people anecdotally say that they get a better response for example posting. You know live through Facebook instead of using a tool although all the studies knowns actually been able to show that numbers across accounts, but Facebook is also very secretive about their algorithm, and how they rank thanks, so so we don’t really know, but even if that were true that you always saw a higher rate of.

Eat your engagement with live posts. That’s great if you have a social media team. You know that has time to be on Facebook all day creating content posting at live small businesses. You know are often doing the social media themselves right the business owner is the one creating all the content doing all the engagement social media if that’s the case for you.

You don’t have time to sign on to Facebook all day right. It’s just not going to work for your business you have to be smart about automating it so that. Just is getting done every day okay, and so what makes what makes Edgar unique compared to the other tools out there. Why should users choose Edge over the competition?

So what’s really unique about Edgar? Is that we store your content in a library and then automatically cycle through it over and over again, so other other tools don’t do that so the problem with other tools is that you can create a queue for example, but then it always runs out. You know maybe you add if you spend time on social media you come up with 50 posts and you add them to your queue, but then the tool is going to run through that q and then you have to start all over again, and they also don’t.

Save your updates in a library which is one of the main reasons. I created Edgar that seemed so odd to me that I was creating all these social updates, and the tool doesn’t save them. It just sends them out, and then they’re gone, and I knew looking at the stats that you reach, maybe like five to ten percent of your audience actually sees any given post that you send, that’s just the nature of social right you sign on to Twitter you see what it in your home fade in the five minutes that you’re there, and you don’t see anything else, and then you log off so.

It’s really a waste of time as a small business owner if you’re spending time creating all this content. Why would you just send it out once for five percent of your audience to see you know you made the time to write that date put together the image write the blog post you know record the podcast you’re spending a lot of time creating this content.

Why would you waste it by just sending out once which is kind of what other tools encourage you to do, and it’s the only thing they allow you to do so with Edgar. You say okay here all my podcasts. I’m going to put them all in a library. And then I purchased Cycles through them over and over again depending on the schedule that you determined, so you know that your social accounts are just filled up with great content day in and day out, so yeah, that’s a really really great idea.

How you came up with that. Maybe we’ll see you in an episode of Shark Tank selling the company man. Maybe sir if you decide to go that route with social automation. What are the key numbers that businesses need to be to be looking at? See whether their campaigns are a success. So the biggest number to look at is your traffic and how that traffic is converting so something to understand about social media marketing is the sales are not happening.

On social media, and I think this is something that a lot of people don’t understand about social media marketing. You know you’re not going to sell we talked about a jewellery company earlier right you’re not going to sell your necklaces directly from Twitter the way that it works is Twitter helps to drive traffic to your website.

You know either straight to the product page or more often to like a blog or some sort of content. You’ve created then maybe you get them on your email list you know you’re sending updates basically social media is a way to drive traffic, but then you still need to create your marketing funnel from there right you can’t expect just to post a link to something on social media someone just clicks it and buys anyone who’s you know who’s run a business World file knows that it’s not really that simple, so you want to look at how much traffic your.

From social media. And then look at how it’s converting compared to other mediums and both these both of these things are really easy to do with Google analytics. You know you don’t need any kind of fans to look fancy tool analytics. Actually has really Advanced social breakdowns that show you exactly how the different social media channels are performing, and then if you set up goals within analytics.

You can see exactly. How those social channels are converting compared to other sources of traffic so that’s what you want to keep your eye on and and the easiest way to increase your traffic from social media is just a post more. I mean it is kind of obvious, but it’s funny because so many of our Edgar customers.

Tell us I started using Edgar and in just like instantly my traffic from social doubled overnight. And it’s not because we have some sort of secret sauce it’s because I drew make sure that you’re sending out those links every single day without you having to lift a finger so of course if you start sending.

You know double the links back to your website. You’re going to see it double a traffic to your site, so luckily. That’s really simple. That’s really easy to do the most important way to drive up your traffic is just to make sure that you have links to your site going on and social media every single day.

Yeah it is. Very unique how how how you came up with Edgar, and it is helping a lot of businesses. I mean it does seem obvious right now that just having reputation would increase traffic, but a lot of these. Platforms and other tools out there weren’t built with that in mind exactly. It’s just really hard to do you know so before we had Edgar what we were doing at my company as we had this giant spreadsheet because we’re like okay.

We don’t want to waste these old blog posts. We want to keep sending traffic back to those blog posts, and that’s exactly what we see it. I’d grow week. Get when we look at our traffic patterns on our blog we get these regular spikes of traffic because Ivory time you send out a post on social people are going to share it people are going to click on it, so I felt really frustrated.

You know. Why can’t I just send the tool all of all of my stuff in the tool just keep sending it out, so so that’s exactly what I’d Goethe. Is it too late to get a patent on the reputation? Well we have we have a. Yeah, because I can just see the other tools your competition. Just I did that feature you know in a few months.

It’s definitely always possible. Yeah, I mean anytime you build software someone else can just build the same thing yeah, so other than add go which we’ve already established is a great tool for social media Automation and just get in traffic for website. What are the tools? Would you recommend for businesses to use with Edgar or just for social media?

I’m you know it really depends on your needs, and how you’re using social like the the case study that I mentioned wine tracker, and they’ve had great success using a tool called tweet. Be that’s Twee pi to track potential leads on Twitter potential Twitter accounts that might be interested in one so that they can follow those people and engage with those people so I know there are a big fan of that one.

KO schedule is another tool. That I like that integrates with your WordPress site to automatically send out your your blog posts on a certain schedule. We also have RSS integration within Twitter. Thuy riod is a tool that helps you find the best time of day to post on on Twitter, so you can go to thuy riod find your best times and then use that.

To craft your your schedule on Edgar, so there’s a lot of there’s a lot of cool tools out there, okay, and if if those just one Thin, maybe maybe a listener just probably with how our attention spans walk. If there’s just one thing that you would give any listener right now that they can actually.

Used to help the business when it’s on social media. Just something else your business owner yourself, so if there’s just one thing one action that can actually take right now to to move the needle. Yeah business what what would you tell them? So I think the most important thing is to get started on your idea so most business owners the problem is not a lack of ideas right you know if I ask if this NE sonor.

Okay? How could you drive more traffic or how could you sell more? Can you think of five things most people can think of five things that they could try? They’re just overwhelmed overwhelmed by everything. They have to do you know which is one of the reasons I wanted to build a tool or it’s like okay at your can just handle your social media for you.

It’s just one last thing you have to do so I think the most important thing is just to get started in a small way and not be afraid to do things badly and then improve so if you are struggling with social media. You know if you use Edgar or another tool and just start linking to your blog. Once a day every day most people actually aren’t even doing that consistently you know making sure that every day on social media.

There’s just one post that goes out linking back to their blog now would be a great step and then and then you can build on it from there, right if you’re using it tool like Edgar that saves a library you can go into your Edgar librarian and add an image and that will get you even even better engagement on that.

Or maybe you’ve been wanting to do better email marketing and you’re like OK. I know that if I added an option box in my homepage. I should do that, but I don’t know what it should say like even if you just add a box it says sign up for our email list and that’s all it says a few people are going to sign up and then you can improve the headline, and then you can test it.

You know so whatever it is for your business. Just take that imperfect baby step, and then then you’ll start seeing real action that you can build on OK and. If people wanted to reach you and find you and sign up for Edgar. Where should I go yeah, so go to meet Edgar? You can also find us on Twitter.

It meet Edgar Facebook meet Edgar, and my personal Twitter is LKR okay, any final, thoughts Laura. That social media is such a powerful tool for small business. You know people get intimidated by the time that it can take but it really doesn’t have to take that that much time so again. I was just really encourage you give it a shot.

You know start small trial Edgar to automate the US and save yourself a lot of time on social media OK Laura. Thanks for getting on the podcast. Thank you. Thank you for listening to the e-commerce marketing Partners if you have a question for us email us at questions that e-commerce marketing podcast.

Subscribe to us on iTunes by searching for e-commerce Motley importers and please leave us A5 star rating and A Brief Review visit e-commerce marketing podcast where you can also find a full transcript, and show note of each episode. Thank you for listening. See you next time.