welcome to the e-commerce marketing podcast today’s guest is Ross-Simmonds. Ross is the founder of foundation. It’s a Content consultant and creation company he is also defined co-founder of hustle and grind and that’s a subscription service for entrepreneurs for coffee, and he’s also a Founder for crate accounted marketing software that he’s working on right now welcome to the e-commerce marketing podcast Rose.

Welcome to the e-commerce marketing Paraitners today’s guest is Matt Bailey. Matt Bailey is a best-selling author. He is a marketing expert is a trainer and is also a speaker mud is a digital marketing instructor for the direct marketing Association in New York City is a member of the digital marketing faculty for Market motive and an instructor for the online marketing certified professional program.

Welcome to the eCommerce Marketing podcast. Today’s guest is John Lawson. John Lawson is the go to authority when it comes to online selling success. He is the number one Amazon best selling author. He’s also a speaker. He’s an entrepreneur. Welcome to eCommerce Marketing Podcast John.